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Publication numberUS2440062 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 20, 1948
Filing dateSep 25, 1945
Priority dateSep 25, 1945
Publication numberUS 2440062 A, US 2440062A, US-A-2440062, US2440062 A, US2440062A
InventorsLini Allen
Original AssigneeLini Allen
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Pictorial display device
US 2440062 A
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April 20, 1948. ALLEN PICTORIAL D ISPLAY DEVICE Filed Sept. 25, 1945 N .T my L l A H I n m L H Y I B Patented Apr. 20, 1948 UNITED s TATE s PATENT OFFiflE, 2,440,062

PICTORIAL nrsrnar nnvlon Lini Allen, Berkeley, Calif. Applicationseptember 25, 1945, Seria1'NoJ6-l8503 The present invention relates to a pictorialdisplay device, and more particularly to a seasonal novelty for children by which interest, anticipation and surprise in certain coming events may beprogressively built up.

An object of the invention is to provide a novelty for use during seasonal periods of the year .to-stimulate a childs interest in a coming event.

Another object of the invention is to provide a-pictorial display device having manipulatable 'partswhich, when operated, will successively reveal material in the form of pictures 'or script that is symbolic of a particular date during the period covered by the device.

In the development of a childs education, one of the most satisfactory methods is to associate an idea with a picture or verse pertinent thereto, andwhen the idea of time and events is involved, a better understanding of the significance and spirit of a holiday season or historical event may be eifectively presented in an interesting manner by association with particular dates. It is, therefore, a further objectof the invention to provide a calendar-like novelty having manipulatable parts in association with pictures, verses and/or other intelligence-conveying means in a manner that will stimulate interest and impress the mind of a child.

Other objects and advantages of the invention Will be in part evident to those skilled in the art, and in part pointed out hereinafter in the following description taken in connection with the accompanying drawing, wherein there is shown by way of illustration and not of limitation preferred embodiments of the invention.

In the drawing;

Figure 1 is a fragmentary view showing the front face of a pictorial display device constructed in accordance with the invention,

Figure 2 is a fragmentary view showing another portion of the device of the type contemplated by Figure 1,

Figure 3 is a slightly enlarged fragmentary view showing in more detail a-portion of the device illustrated in Figure 1 of the drawing,

Figure 4 is a fragmentary front view of a device constructed in accordance with the invention and embodying a different design, and

Figure 5 shows a novelty of the latter type, completed and having a suitable supporting frame by which it may be hung from a wall or other support.

Graphic displays made in accordance with this invention may be associated with any particular season or.historica1 event by merely arranging the physical features to conform with the ornamentation or design which may be reproduced on the face thereof. In Figure 1 there is illustrated a seasonal display device which is particularly adapted for use during its Christmas season, and

"member- -l2 may be in l'conformity'therewitli itherornamentatien upon the :face' 'includes-rthe soutline :rof :azchaletzhaving balconies :and a? plurality ofshuttered :windows. The chalet is pictured-upon a'melatively stiff member f cardboard :oriothenlike material which will form the-front ;of:a 1display.-.umt; With such a design, where'the windows .of 'llhefchfltlfit appear, the member rlzfl is rout iisoias' tosform hinged portions ll that may-ibe'rturnedputwardly'to expose to view -=any-illustration or; other matter which may bein'register therewith; In'nddition to being hinged, the porticn'srl 1, whemclosed; :are

adapted to carry :numbers on their exposed :sides corresponding with ithe .datesvof ai-particular month or season. In the :lpnesent instance :the device is designed for the echristmasaseason and, therefore, the dates warehnlyicarried up to and including .thei25th of thesmontmwh-ichzis Christmas Day, Arranged behind; the'f-ront portion it there is avsecond'sheet like memberizlz upon which there are provided spaced-rzareasrls having symbols, pictures or articles-and/onverses *which are positioned thereupon inf-such -.a :manner that they Will'each register with a-Window of the chalet and thus flcome intoview-mas ;.the dated hinged portions 1 ate successively turned :outwardly during the course of th'e period involved. In this showing the member i carries illustrations of articles that might be consideredsuitable presents for different members A of a -family. In this connection it might be added'l that in this manner the displays-maybe made np for acceptance "by different age groups merely by varyingthe natureof theillus'tration or-verses carried by the areas 13" of "the member [2. For example, the member I 2 may carry illustrations of "presents that *would -b'e-de'simed by bcys -orgirls and of different-ages. *Likewis'e;if the device is to cover the Easter --season, the areas I-3 of the provided w lth appropriate biblical verses:

As is more clearly-indicatedinFigure- 3 of the drawing, when the parts "i 0 and +2 have been assembled in this manner, it will bepossible for the-child to turn out-the hinged'portions l l of the front portion in "on the dates "of the month 'carried thereby andthus dailybring into View the symbols, illustrations and/or other "material carried by the areas 13 of themember 1'2 and thus bring to mind gifts desired by the individual or which may be given-to another. For example, in the instance illustrated, byonening the hinged portion H 'carryingthe first dated the month, here sh0Wn as applied to the door'of a doghouse, the child will expose .to view a pair ofiska'tes as a possible Christmas present. Inth'e same manner, by opening the hingedlportions vll carrying the second "date of the month; there we Id be revealed a bookcase with books, or a comparable article that might also be a present in contem- -dividually inserted thus to effect a change in the nature of the picture or the like which will be exposed upon a turning out of the hinged portions l of the member I.

While I have, for the sake of clearness and in order to disclose the invention so that the same can be readily understood, described and illuswhich a front cover portion, designated by thenumeral I4, is colored and ornamented to depict a conventional Christmas tree upon which there is blocked out twenty-five rectangular areas that carry the respective dates of the month up to and including the this instance the portion I4 is cut at these several rectangular areas so as to provide outwardly swinging hinged door-like portions l5 that may be swung outwardly to expose pictures, symbols and/or verses carried by'a second member l6 which is positioned therebehind. The pictures, symbols or other matter upon the member 16 are likewise arranged to register with the datecarrying rectangular areas of the member 14, as above indicated in connection with Figure 2 of the drawing. In this instance the hinged doorlike portion l5, which carries the 12th date of the month, when opened, is shown as exposing a spinning top which may be suitable as a gift for a small boy. Likewise, the hinged members l5, which carry the 23rd date of the month, when swung out as here shown, will reveal a different toy, here illustrated as a scooter. In like manner all of the hinged portions 15 will reveal different toys when opened on successive dates.

From the above it will be seenthat the size and shape of the front and back portions of the device will be such as to conform with the ornamentation appearing upon its front portion Ill of the calendar, andto complete the assembly, if desired, these two members, when properly associated with each other, may be firmly secured together with a suitable adhesive or, in a more elaborate arrangement, the device may be provided with a frame 11, as indicated in Figure 5 of the drawing.

As a further modification it is also contemplated ,that the completed novelty, having sunlmanner appropriate to the Christmas season, several separately usable back portions 12 may be provided, each with illustrations that will be appropriate to the different ages of a growing child. By the same token, if a number of the back portions I2 are provided, each having illustrations in different categories, it will be possible to produce displays that may be rendered appropriate at any one time for either a boy or girl, and of varying ages, by merely substituting one for the other of these several back portions l2.

If it should be desirable to impart a toy-like characteristic to the device, the arrangement illustrated in Figure 5 of the drawing might be provided with a box-like frame I! having a slot 18 in the top or the side thereof through which any one of a number of the. members l4, carrying different symbols, picturesor verses, might be in- 25th, or Christmas Day, In

trated specific devices and arrangements, it is to be understood that the invention is not limited to the, specific forms disclosed, but may be embodied in other forms that will suggest themselves to persons-skilled in the art. It is believed that this invention is new and it is desired to claim it so that all such changes as come within the scope of the appended claims are to be consid ered as part of this invention.

Having thus described my invention, what I claim and desire to secure by Letters Patent is:

1. A pictorial display device, intended for'the progressive revelation and display of graphic representations over a pre-selected period of time in a manner combining the elements of surprise and suspense, which comprises: a planar backing element containing upon a surface thereof a plurality of divisions of graphic material of varied substance and form; a cover sheet superimposed upon said backing element so as to conceal the graphic material'contained upon the confronting surface of the backing element; a plurality of viewing apertures disposed in said cover sheet in number and orientation corresponding to the underlying divisions of graphic material contained upon the backing element; a closure for each of said apertures arranged to conceal the underlying graphic material, respectively, of each of the divisions when in closed position, and to reveal said material when in open position; suitable indicia associated with each aperture and closure by which it may be identified, and by which, in

' relation to each other, a progressive sequence for the consecutive revelation and displayof the underlying graphic material might be established; and a pictorial design upon the outer face of said cover sheet in which the apertures and closures thereof are artistically accommodated asarepresentational part so as to become integrated thereby into a logical association.

2. The invention recited in claim 1,,in which the backing element and cover sheet are separable to allow for the substitution and association, respectively, of other conforming backing elementsand cover sheets therewith to renew the displays and to vary the presentations thereof.


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