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Publication numberUS2440112 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 20, 1948
Filing dateDec 12, 1946
Priority dateDec 12, 1946
Publication numberUS 2440112 A, US 2440112A, US-A-2440112, US2440112 A, US2440112A
InventorsStanley Nellson
Original AssigneeStanley Nellson
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Sanitary bottle spigot
US 2440112 A
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April 20, 1948. s. NELLSON SANITARY BOTTLE SPIGOT I 2 SheetsShet 1 Filed Dec. l2,' 1946 2 R. 0 WM m {HYDRA/FY April 1943- s. NELLSON 2,440,112

SANITARY BOTTLE- SPIGOT Filed Dec. 12, 1946 2 Sheets-Sheet 2 IN V EN TOR. Shula A/zzsm Y ATTORNEY.

Patented Apr. 20, 1948 Stanley muses, NeWY m Continuation of aii lieatie seiiatffi strait;

June 2;, rent.- zr qsa piitafitn 12,. 1945; Serial ms. 715,665

1 oiaiirii (c1. er)

This invention relatesto eweiid A gtwt waiien vaccine rass cent-alter I 2 movements in abottlespigot'; V thereiir;

Thisis acontinuationofimyformer applicatl container is aged-{provided with a spigdtj filed on June- 23, 19445 serial Number 1117903 Iiie w ni ni -ind eittd Qtfrizally byt-he reference which has been abandoned; y A ani's ii i includes a gasket More specifically, the present invention proteriai suc sruhlcen cork, etc. 14'

poses the construction of afspigot for a; Theiiii'tis" iig tli tbpifo fi'th ontainer Aplate {5f bottle or other container, chara'cterizedhirliasiihg c g e s if? means of a flange- It. a spigot mechanism of never construction for tfi lfialie" HFlia depressed cj p H in; the quickly filling and-discharging the container 1 1i botto n wall 9 *secured a spigot 21) in Still-further it is 'proposedto pniv'iife igo't e h ch fa conicarvalyeseat l8 lfl openingdnto'thecontainer for Thermos bottle as aforesaid in'whiclrth spigot'is'provi'ded' with avalve. v i v, i

Still another object of the nvention-preteen a spigotfor a; Thermos" bottle as" a sai n which the spigot an'dwalv'xnechanisni can removed from the container of the' Bottle fer cleaning andrepair. y r i For further comprehension of't'he"jir i\ 'e'ntioii* and'o f the objectsand-advantagesthereof, erencewill be had to thefollhwihg' desciiptlo'ii and accompanying "drawing," and tot efiapliendefd" claim in whichthevarious'novelfeatures of the invention are more p'articul'arly set forth. U In-the accompanying" drawingfoirnihg smete 3R rial artof-thisdisclosure'z I,

Fig. l is a side elevation o'fa sailitairi spigot constructed in' accdrdance with" thi in venti-on. v i v Fig. 2 i-sa' perspective viewhf the 'spigot'showrf in Fig. 1'.

a; Thermosbottle'bein'g indicatediniidotaiid dasir 3 m n "itnthe a ahdfeachis open through lines; I a itseritn e side bym aii's dr er-slot 2a as'is"b'e'st Fig. 4 is an invertedenlarged"foreshortehed' #Figfifi and-fife? perspective viewof the'valve." H Va eimdre slida 13; disposediiieiiiuesizs Figi 5 is an enlargecl inilerted foresh ortened anism. pression snri g-3I- engaging .at one ndth head Fig. 6.15 anenlargedside el'evaitionofthetdfi wjaiidfa 'tli'ef' endtlie-"adja steamer-e. portion of' the spigotmechanism. 'rire'stem"3'2"or'tfieve1i e"is the sameaiameter as Fig. 7 is an enlarged section on the line 'I--'| the slots 28 so that it may be slid through the of Fig. 3. 45 slots into the guides. It is held therein by two Fig. 8 is a View similar to Fig. 7 showing the integral bushings 33 secured to rod 29 (Fig. spigot thumb piece and its push rod unlocked for dispo e n h guides he tt m f th disassemblage. stem is bent at a. right angle forming an operat- Fig. 9 is an enlarged section on the line 9-9 ing arm 34 disposed over the end of the tube 2!. of Fig. 1. V 50 A push rod 35 is disposed in tube 2|. It has Fig. 10 is an enlarged section on the line [IL-I0 a head 36 at its lower end having a conical face of Fig. 3. 39 in engagement with the seat 22 and an oppo- The container is shown in the form of a site conical portion 40 provided with a. groove 4| Thermos bottle, which comprises the usual case in which is disposed the arm 34. The rod 35 is I!) having a, cap ll screwed on the top thereof provided With a bushing 42 which is grooved for upper end of the rod 35 is provided with an an-.

nular groove in line with a slot 41 formed in the disc 43. A key 48 is disposed in the slot and is Pivotally secured thereto by a pin 49 The key 48 has a release edge 50, a part of the key 48 bein circular and fitted with a depression- 5| on its j upper face fitting over rod 35 and a portion 52 of the key 48 extends beyond the disc 43 so that it can be engaged by a persons finger. 48 when it is in a position so that a portion of its curved edge 5| prevents rotation by engaging the side of groove 46 under pressure of spring 44 as shown in Fig. 7, secures the disc to the rod.

4 the spout after the Thermos bottle and the spigot 3 are assembled. In the latter case the head is separated from the seat I8 for filling the bottle by pushing the thumb piece 5| downward.

When it is desired to discharge the contents of the Thermos bottle, all that is necessary is to tip the bottle upside down and push the member 5| inward, pouring the contents out through the spigot l3. As the tube 2| extends to the vicinity of the bottom of the container, no liquid will run through the tube when the bottle is turned upside down as the bottom of the tube 2| will be out of the liquid before the push rod face 39 leaves the seat 22.

It is to beunderstood that this device may be 1 used in any type of bottles or other containers The key However, it may be turned as. shown in Fig. 8,

whereupon the disc 43 and the rod may be separated. A thumb piece 5| is secured to the disc 43 for providing a guard to prevent contact of ones fingers with the hot or cold spout tube 23, also to provide a one hand operation in discharging the contents of the bottle.

As gasket |4, p1ate I5 and cover 23 have no connection with each other, they may be lifted apart when the cap H has been unthreaded and disc 43 plus spring 44 removed from push rod 35 for cleaning and repair. l, a

The operation of the device is asfollows: To assemble the spigot, the'rod 35-is disposed in tube 2|. Cover 23 is placed on' plate l5 and the assembly of disc 43 and [spring 44 assembled on the end of rod 35 so that the spring 44 rests on cover 23 around'the end' of the tube 2|. When the end of rod 35 reaches the bottom of the hole in disc 43, thelockinglkey 48 is "then'turned 'to engage the locking depression 5|. with .rod 35.

.Then the valve isv positioned inathe guides 26 through the slots 28, the'sp'ring 3| being compressed sufiiciently so that the'arm 34 can be passed over the portion and then let back until it is disposed in the slot 4|. The spring 3| acts to keep thearm 34 inlthe slot 4| andfthe head 30 against its seat 18 except whenit is desired to open the spout 20 for filling or discharging the bottle; Z

The gasket 4 is placed'over the cup ofthe plat-e l5 and thetube 2| and valve rod 29 are placed in the container l2 and all the parts are operatively secured together by the cap II. In a similar manner in a reverse order, the spigot may be disassembled for cleaning or repair. No special tools or'attaching devices are required for these operations. The container may be filled through the top of the container before it is assembled or through for fluid:

While I' have illustrated and described the preferred embodiments of my invention, it is to be understood that I do not limit myself to the precise constructions herein disclosed and the right is reserved to all changes and modifications comingwithi'n the scope of the invention as defined in the appended claim.

Having thus described my invention, what I claim as new, and desire to secure by United States Letters Patent is:

A spigot for a container for liquids, comprising a gasket for engaging the top of a container, a plate disposed on top of said gasket and having a depressed cup extending into said gasket, said cup having a port and an orifice, a tube secured in said orifice and extending from opposite sides thereof and having a seat at its end disposed in said container, spaced guides secured to said tube in line with said port, each of said guides having a slot opening throughits entire side, a push rod disposed in said tube having a head engaging said seat and a portion extending above said tube, a spout secured to said cup over said port on the side thereof remote from said container, a cover disposed on said plate having an orifice through which said spout extends and another orifice through which .said tube extends, a thumb piece secured to said end of said rod above said tube, a spring compressed between said thumb piece and cover normally holding said head against said seat, a valve having a stem disposed in said guides, a head coacting with said port and an arm coacting with the bottom of said push rod, said stem having a diameter equal to said guide slots and a bushing secured to said push rod in each one of said guides holding said stem therein but permitting removal of said stem therefrom by lifting said stem to lift said bushings up from the correlated guide slot, a spring compressed between said head and the adjacent one of said guides forturgingsaid valve head against said port, and a cap having a portion engaging said cover for holding said gasket, plate and cover on a container.


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