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Publication numberUS2440251 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 27, 1948
Filing dateJun 21, 1944
Priority dateJun 21, 1944
Publication numberUS 2440251 A, US 2440251A, US-A-2440251, US2440251 A, US2440251A
InventorsDevens Joseph M
Original AssigneeDevens Joseph M
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Vending machine
US 2440251 A
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April27, 1948. J. MDB/ENS 2,440,251

VENDING MACHINE Filed June 2l, 1944 2 Sheets-Sheet 1 IN VEN TOR.

April 27, 1948 J. M. DEvENs 2,44,251

VENDING MACHINE Filed June 21, 1944 2 sheets-sheet 2 atented pr. 27, '1948 UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE 2,440,251 vENDING MACHINE Joseph M. Devens, springfield, Mass. Application June a1, 1944, serial Nn. 541,311 Y 3 claims. (ol. enfle) This invention relates to improvements in apparatus for vending or dispensing articles ofV various kinds. Y

The principal objects of the invention are directed to the provision of a novel construction and arrangement of parts forming an apparatus for dispensing or vending successive articles.

llhe apparatus of the invention is characterizedV by means for storing a plurality of articles to be dispensed in combination with means for receiving successive articles or objects Vthat is arranged and adapted to deliver them one after another.

The novel features of the invention are for purposes of disclosure directed to apparatus for vending bottles such as may contain liquid refreshment but it will be understood that apparatus embodying the novel features of the invention may be adapted for other objects or goods.

Various objects and advantages of the invention will be hereinafter observed inconnection with the accompanying description o f the invention in the form at Vpresent preferred.

,In `the drawings: Y

Figfl is a small scale front elevational view of a vending machine embodying the novel features of the invention;

Fig. 2 is a sectional plan view on the line 2-2 of Fig. 1;

Fig. 3 is a sectional plan view on the line 3- of Fig. 1; g

Fig. 4 is a perspective view of one of the storage shelves of the apparatus; and

Fig. 5 is a large scale partial elevational and sectional elevational View on the line 15-5 of Fig. 3.

VReferring now to the drawings more in detail, the invention will be fully described.

The apparatus of the invention may include a cabinet or casing 2 having joined together side, rear, upper and lower walls 4, 6, 8 and IU.

Any or all of the walls may be insulated as may be desired. A front cover or door I2, which if desired may be insulated is arranged for ready and easy removal and securement to the casing.

The lower portion of the casing may contain cooling apparatus and there may be cooling elements connected thereto disposed in the upper portion. Such, however, forms no part of the present invention and is not shown.

A lower oor or wall I4 extends between the side and rear walls of the casing and an upper structure I6 extends between said walls. Such upper structure may include transverse members I8 secured to the walls and a plate 23 carried thereby for supporting operating mechansm.

Vertically disposed rails 22 have their upper ends securedtoY the upper structure I6 in any suitable manner and their lower ends are fixed to brackets 24' carried by' floor I4.

A plurality of vertically spaced shelf members -26 are disposed on either side of the casing to provide bottle storage means. These members 26 have outer ends movably connected to the inner sides of the side walls 4. This may be accomplished in one way by downwardly extending lips 28 that are received in socket members 30 which are securedto the walls 4. The lips and sockets form hinge means to permit swinging movements of the shelf members up and down between upper and lower positions.

Rods 32 at the inner ends of the shelf members 26 areslldable in slots 34 of the members 22 to limit upward movements of said members 26. The said rods 32 rest inthe bottoms of said slots when the shelves are in their lower position to supportthe same. l

Members 36 which may be called doors are hinged to the inner free ends of the shelf members on Vthe rods 32 for swinging movements and have pins or rods 38 in Vtheir lower edges for reception in notches 40 `of the members 22.

The parts are arranged so that with the pins 38 disposed in the notches 40 and the rods 32 disposed at the bottoms of the slots 34 the shelves are inclined downwardly V.from their outer ends. Springs 44 haveV opposite ends secured to members 46 of thelshelves and the members 22 which tend Yto move the shelves upwardly.

Articles 42 such as bottles are placed=on the shelves.- The innermost'bottle of a Vlower shelfrolls up against thedo'or136 of that shelf next above which prevents rollingof the group of bottles from'said lowershelf.`

The springs 44 are constructed and arranged to move the shelves upwardly when all of the bottles on the shelf have been removed therefrom. That is, while the bottles on an upper shelf are removed'one by one said upper shelf remains in lower position until the last bottle has been removed therefrom. As the last bottle leaves the shelf the spring means moves the shelf upwardly thereby releasing its door 36 so that it may swing outwardly and release the bottles on the shelf next below. f

A pair of spiral members 50 are provided. These may have central arbors 52 which have their lower ends'journalled in suitable anti-friction bearing constructions 54 while their upper ends are journalled in the upper construction I6.

Members 56 are spirally arranged on the arbors 52. These receive therebetween the bottles from the shelves for supporting said bottles.

According to the form of the invention shown, the spiral members which may be referred to as transporters are rotated simultaneously and in the same directionsthrough one-,half of -a circle or one hundred eighty degreesl4 Thisfmay belaccomplished by pinions 60 xed to the upper ends of the arbors 52 which are in mesh with a gear 62 journalled for rotation at 64.

In each cycle of operation of the apparatus the arbors and thereby the transporters may-be moved simultaneously by any suitable means.

In one way a lever 66 that is swingableon 674 .is connected to a movable member 68 of a solenoidr virigtli'e transporters 350..l n n I i, n

There filer .be aiciei'ejg i'f'irsmesfhaeislm which o 'ne'eiving 'ai coinis-adapted to bring about `eriefrgizi-ng of thejslenoid or other v operatingfrneans but the "same-Qi,v n't a lpart of 'this invention lari'dfisf n'ot illustra d.I y

reihe purposes dew' the: firearm@ 0f the. mechanism it iria-'y be t the Operating mechanism q se@ L thi were mechanism, is pted-to rotate thev ansporters in `earch cycle yIl? tqperttt'i'on't'l'iough 'one hundred andishtr derees- 1 The .oiilesifr'vmth rigenerante,shelves, 'ai iepnos'iesieesff -traeszfifsi wie I by one'forito l(mposite sides f the the spiral mifmbers @teach @f tiiearrteiii-"s-siid @itis bottle soY that; i milssiielshelfu ,Y l I thepinbftthe oorfrointhek' chill), In lthis bottle'son the shelf 'nextfbe w 'thatitheymay H11-)vecinaby ,one vente@ .t iiiieisef .the transporter as vthe'cor'ivc'ilitins Vare presented for receiving bottles. f i

guides suena-S ribs 86 Oath@ deer I2 se tie may be parts sen Y.,

4 Other guides Sil extend upwardly from a bracket 92 for engaging the neck ends of bottles in the transporters, The bracket 02 is provided with slots 04 which receive bolts or screws 96 in en- 5 gagement with member Hl whereby the guides may be moved in and out to accommodate bottles of different lengths. The upper end of guide 90 may be secured to the structure I6 and extend upwardly past the uppermpstshelf.

The"shelves` are easily and readily lremovable for purposes of cleaning and the like and are n readily supplied with bottles when in place.

Means to prevent rotation of the transporter 'elements may be provided and may include a lock ,block V|00 adapted to engage the teeth of gear 80. This' is carried by the movable member |02 of a ."'sol'enoidrjfd"anda spring |06 urges the lock towards ,the gear $0. Solenoid 104 may be conne'cted' in series with solenoid 'l0 so that they may be simultaneously energized \vhereby the gear .'80 'is 'unlocked for 'actuation bysollenid 10. Other 'suitable ylocking 'means be employed. The apparatus is of such a nature` as to be easily-constructed VVand is 'eic'ient in 'operation and by reason 'of 'the 'novel construction a large vnumber ofbott'les may be stored 'in va 'riinimum of space. .f )l y The invention 'may -be einbdied'in'thlj Specific forms 4without departing yfrom vthe essential Vchamao'ter'istics thereof'. Hence, the presentembodiments 'are therefore to be considered in vall respects merely as bein'g illustrative and 'not as being restrictive, the yscope of the invention 'being indicated "by the'appended claims rathertlfa'n by the 'foregoing description, tand all modifications and variaticir'is as rau Within 'the meaning and purviewand range ef'equivalency'of Vthe"appsnded claims are 'therefore intended "to "be ve'ifibra'cec' therein.- l

What it is desired to claim and secure by Letters Patent of the Ur'lited States is;y y ,l Y

1; Apparatus ft'r'iisiieiisiii'g csttiesfandtiieiike ctmprisiiig in ctijfitiiiationy a walls, transporters "between the fsaid fside l walls rotatable onvertical axes and' l`1f1"avif1'fg 'spially arranged members forl Vreceiving A "an`d' lowering bottles, 'vertically v'spacedshelvesoiiippsitesides of and inclined downwardly towardsaid transportersfhing'e'dl'y connected at 'uter ends tos'aid s ideA walls whereby theirinner .ends from lower'to lupperfpositionsrad meansfonjthe inner ends of said shelves adapted to hold bottles on a' shelf Vbeljow 'against movement therefrom by the weight fbottles `on.tlie"'upper i 2. Apparatus'fo'r ldispensing bttlsandthe like comprisingin combination', a"'c"a'sirigfhavirig lside walls, transporters between the said side walls rotatable onv-verticaltlaxes and having-spirally arranged members for -receiving lowering bottles,r verticallyspacedshlves oncppo'sitesides of said. transportes-jhavirig llouter ends V'ninge'dly connected tQ saidsi'le walls'anvdincliningdownwardly 'therefrom 'with :inner 'ends adjacentfsaid ist transporters, 'doors hinged fto thefinner ends'nf said sauvs, Y"tertit'aiiy diseases iii'iiies 'aujacent'inner ends of saidshelves 'mean' "nsaid doors engaging.meansfprov1ded on to prevent swinging`ofjsaidjdo9rs in'gfhav'ing 'sidel 5 said one shelf is in lower position and arranged whereby said door is released for swinging movements when said one shelf moves to upper position.

3. Apparatus for dispensing bottles and the like comprising in combination,` a casing having side walls, transporters between the said side walls rotatable on vertical axes and having spirally arranged members for receiving and lowering bottles, vertically spaced shelves on opposite sides of said transporters having outer ends hingedly connected to said side walls and inclining downwardly therefrom with inner ends adjacent said transporters, doors hinged to the inner ends of said shelves, vertically disposed members adjacent inner ends of said shelves, means on said shelves engaging means provided on said vertically disposed members to limit swinging movements of said shelves from lower to' upper positions, and means on said doors engaging means provided on said vertically disposed members to prevent swinging of said doors relative to the shelves when the shelves are in lower position, means urging said doors upwardly from lower position, whereby the door of one shelf is held in closed position relative to a shelf next below when said one shelf is in lower position and arranged whereby said door is released for swinging movements when said one shelf moves to upper position, and means to rotate said transporters simultaneously.


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