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Publication numberUS2441607 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 18, 1948
Filing dateJun 6, 1945
Priority dateJun 6, 1945
Publication numberUS 2441607 A, US 2441607A, US-A-2441607, US2441607 A, US2441607A
InventorsWalls Charles O
Original AssigneeWalls Charles O
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Toy movie
US 2441607 A
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May 18, 1948.

c. o. WALLS TOY MOVIE Fnd June 6, 1945 2 Sheets-Sheet l .w mm 7 m w E A W. C Y B DZ m F C. O. WALLS May 18, 1948.

TOY MOVIE Filed June 6, 1945 2 Sheets-Sheet 2 5 u mA NW, m. 0 m E w C 4 Tram E Y5 Patented May 18, 1948 eerenr guitar ns Q; Wal s Ba br I r lefihwel m i g m, (cue-13 Thi iv mirelatesfla m ster es-heater its prin fifiRaim at creme.

re iee a e get tee it while W th-little in: so.

theinveiitieasees t etesesins Mensandow in a wall thereof, a drunrn cuntedwithin;said casing tl e cylindrical,- surface having depicted thereon either in pictures or words or both a series of related szoi a story, a seque ce 9f cei eqna 9 lines at: a nursery rime; etc., and-means-n the drum so as to bring the with the wiedcwsia sequence,

For-convenience of reference the related willbe reierred to as contin ty, or sent;

l6. E85,, Inthe preferred"embodimentiyofgthe invention, the continuity or sequence of" events is printed, painted, or otherwise depicted on a strip of paper, fabric, or other suitable material, and the continuity strip may advantageously be detachably secured to the drum so that it may be readily replaced with another continuity by a child.

The underlying inventive concept is susceptible of being embodied in a number of different mechanical forms, one of which is being shown in the accompanying drawings for illustrative purposes. The following is a brief description of said drawing:

Figure 1 is a perspective view, partly broken away, 01' the illustrative embodiment of the invention;

Figure 2 is avertical cross-section taken on line 2-2 of Figure 1, and looking in the direction of the arrows;

Figure 3 is a perspective view, partly broken away and partly in section, on a larger scale, of the drum which carries the continuity to be exhibited, and

Figure 4 is a perspective view of a continuity any at a items'in registration or ninartrof hi teen strip, which may be used with the device of the inrcntiea.

strewn n Figures and 2; hecasins e l the dev c ct thev invention may be, in; the form. or a recta ular eon having? the p r ied 1 and h eimvalilenaeeedcover-orwill. Qnc of the wallsiwhichis. preierahlr batman-necessari y theiraxmwalleisiprovided wi h .e seine-or w dew i The her-masher d coretedin any suitable manne in 1 .es -lilat the B ms-e of the device, and a desired title or namesmay'b insmibedthereca Em: e ample, the tit1e Ki Mo ie-e1 hown Pr nted clcw the enemasrwieclcw 1.3; The asinam r beinade nwh l enr rsuitab e ma er al such-assess s cardbdem, .wcodiplasti rormeta -1 'lheedmm icr' car-ryieethe continuity isdenot d general y e an icons sts essentially oithe onenven; cylinder 5,. and; the. two flanged Westernersan II heiupn id r cover 1 seven l ns pass s freely l,9.. in the upper: cover: it; 2 erc ie l'; out tneanerture lc er hdcithe ll may eel. wnteescu lr e he torrec tliee ement ,1; which has the c lindri al,

I 9: The mean upper portion 22*andthe conical lower portion 23": The element 2| is secured to the bottom cover I! with its cylindrical portion 22 extending through an aperture in said cover, and the lower end of the rod extends into and is secured to the cylindrical portion 22.

The conical portion 23 of the element 2| constitutes part of the means for mounting the cylindric'al drum for rotation within the casing II. The numeral '24 denotes a bearing block, which is mounted on a horizontal partition 25 spaced from the bottom of the box I. The upper surface of the bearing blockis provided with a conical recess 28, which is adapted to receive the conical portion 23 of the element 2!. The numeral 21 denotes a cross-piece which is provided with an aperture 28 for receiving the upper end of the cylindrical rod or shaft l8. The cross-piece 21 is supported from two opposite walls of the casing II by means of the brackets 29, 29.

y The drum may be rotated-about the shaft IS in a. suitable manner as by means of the friction drive shown in Figure 2 of the drawing. Extendiii? 4&- is preterehbwecllreil- As has been stated, the drum is adapted to carry about its cylindrical surface a strip which I have for convenience referred to as continuity strip. The continuity may be any one of an infinite number of easy short stories for children, which may be chosen from the Bible, history,

. ther stimulated to memorize the picture 4 then the lid is replaced. The flange of the lid l5 then holds the strip in place.

For commercial purposes, a number of additional strips carrying different subjects may be provided with each device. These additional strips may be stored in the drum M. In Figures 2 and 3, a number of strips 40 and 4| are shown stored in the drum.

I It will be understood from the foregoing description that inherent curiosity will stimulate a child to turn the handle 34' and thereby to produce the effect of motion pictures. The child will be furand/or words and to test his memory as he turns the nursery rimes, and even cartoons from news- I papers. A number of continuities of various kinds and types may be furnished with each toy, and the child may be encouraged to make his own continuities, thereby stimulating his creative instinct.

In the illustrated embodiment, the continuity strip is indicated by the numeral 35, and has depicted thereon in a series of vertical panels a sequence of pictures and legends of a cartoon such as generally appears in the Sunday newspapers. The pictures run consecutively from right to left so that when mounted'on the drum, rotation of the handle in a forward direction will bring the 'pictures into registration with the window I 3 from left to right.

The strip of pictures may be secured permanently or detachably to the circumference of the drum in any suitable manner. In the illustrative embodiment, the strip is detachably secured so that different strips may be used with the same drum. A band of paper 35 or other material is adhesively secured to the vertical flange of the upper lid I6, and a similar strip 37 is adhesively secured to the vertical cylindrical portion of the lower lid ll. These bands are somewhat wider than the flanges of the two lids, thereby providing an upper annular groove 38 and a lower annular groove 38. The continuity strip is just long enough to go entirely around the drum, and its marginal edges are adapted to be received in the annular grooves 38 and 39, thereby holding the strip in place. In the case of a relatively stiff continuity strip, it may be necessary to remove the upper lid l6 before mounting the strip on the drum. The strip is passed around the drum with its lower marginal edge in the lower groove 39 and drum. The fact that the parts of the device are separable will encourage the child to take it apart and to put it together again, thereby strengthening his instinct of construction or contrivance. He will also be encouraged or stimulated to change the continuity from time to time, and to make his own continuities, as by pasting the individual pictures from a cartoon on a horizontal strip.

The foregoing description is given by way of illustration and not of limitation, and no limitations are to be imported into the olaimunless required by the state of the prior art.

I claim:

A toy of the character described comprising a casing having a window in a vertical wall thereof, a vertical shaft journalled between, the top and bottom of said casing, a cylindrical drum mounted on said shaft for rotation within said container, said drum having depicted on its cylindrical surface a sequence of events, and means to rotate said drum so as to bring'each event in sequence into registration with said window, said means consisting of a horizontal shaft extending into said casing through one wall thereof with its inner end in contact with the bottom of said cylindn'cal drum, and a crank at the outer end of said shaft for turning said shaft.


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