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Publication numberUS2441721 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 18, 1948
Filing dateAug 27, 1946
Priority dateAug 27, 1946
Publication numberUS 2441721 A, US 2441721A, US-A-2441721, US2441721 A, US2441721A
InventorsSchroeder Henry L
Original AssigneeSchroeder Henry L
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Bracket support for metal shelves
US 2441721 A
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Thea primary object of ?the invention is to provide a. bracket :support'for. metal shelves wherein the shelf is of an :extensible-acharacter, permittingat shelf-:1 construction-of standard length to be adjustable-to: accommodate -mountingof the shelf on spacedwalls -the distances between-which maywvarywithin'the limits of :theextensibility of the? shelf.

A- further object: of the invention is to provide a bracket support-for metalshelves :wherein the bracket that is of angle formation has one side angle portion thereof constructed and arranged for adhesive binding -to ran associated wall with the other angle portion of the bracket constructed for .aninterfittingconnection with+theadjacent endof a shelf, the latterbeing formed of extensible sections with means for restraining relative movements therebetween when "the shelf is in setup condition.

A stil'l further objectof the invention is to provide a bracket and shelf construction of-the foregoing. character wherein the overlapping extensiblesections of-the shelf are provided with spaced-parallel rowsof-rperforations, with said perforationsthrough themediunr of'nut and bolt combinations'or theE'like facilitating the mounting of supporting hooks: o'r hangers.

A still further object of the invention is to provide a bracket support and shelf construction, such as described, withiangle.ironbrackets-dependingly supported on the shelf: with-the depending perpendicular legs. of. theangle brackets having an extensible rod mounted therein for the support of articles thereon.

with'the' above and other objects in view-that Will become apparent-asthenature of the'invention= isb etterunderstood, thesame consists 4' Claims. :(01. 211:90)

to the underside thereof for the supportof a from thetop-horizontal wall thereof and With the vertical wall ofthe bracket perforated over the entire. area thereof, and

Figure 5 is a detail sectionalview taken-on line 5-5 of Figure 4 and'further illustrating 'the mounting of one :end' of the shelf on the bracket "with the latter adhesively secured to the wall.

Referring more-indetail'to the accompanying drawing-andparticularly to- Figures 1 and 2 which shows more clearlythe shelf construction,

it is to be noted that the shelf may be formed "shelves, orthelike. The shelf is generally of channel formation and is preferably formed-of two sections interfittingwith each other and overlappingat their adjacent ends so that'the shelf may be. adjusted to accommodate its length tothe mounting onoppositewalls of an enclosure; such as aclothescloset or the-like.

In thepresent-instance, the extensible shelf is formed of two sections designated in general by'the reference characters-- "3- and H andeach section comprises aflat horizontal wall= lZhaving depending side wall portions it that have their lower ends-provided with inturnedand relativelyshortwhorizontal flanges M, the section l|-being-dimensioned relative to the section= I El as to -have telescoping relation witlrsaid section- Hi aas-illustrated-in Figure l; Eachof the walls [2 ofzthe. two shelf sections iii and H is provided with spacedparallel rows of perforations; or relatively small openings l i with the rows of: opening-s15 in the-two sections alining and :to maintain the-two sections Wand-1 l in: theiroadjusted set up' condition, nut and: bolt combinations i l Er, preferably four in number as illustrated in- Figure -1;-'are-associa-ted withtselected openings adjacent the overlapped ends of the shelf sections I 0 and H.

Hooks or the like ll for garment hangers or for the support of other articles are dependingly supported from the walls l2 of the shelf sectlons and, as illustrated in Figures 1 and 2, such hooks or supports are preferably formed from a strand of wire bent upon itself to provide a hook end Ill and eyelet ends il with said eyelet ends associated with a pair of selected openings l5 and retained in position on the wall 12 through the medium of nut and bolt combinations !8.

In addition to the hook supports ll, it is proposed to suspend a rod support or hanger from the shelf and as shown in Figures 1 and 3 angle supports have the horizontal legs l9 thereof secured to the undersides of the walls H! by nut and bolt combinations 20 passing through said horizontal legs and selected openings l5, while the depending perpendicular leg 2| of angle supports that are arranged in spaced relation preferably adjacent the outer ends of the shelf sections l and H, have openings therein for the reception of an extensible rod formed of telescoping sections 22, permitting variance in length thereof. I

An important feature of the present invention resides in the particular type of bracket support for the extensible shelf and the manner of mounting the bracket on a wall or like support, and as illustrated in Figures 4 and 5, the bracket support for the shelf is of angle formation and includes an upper horizontal bracket wall 23 carrying at one edge thereof a depending perpendicular wall 24. At least two lugs 25 are struck up from the horizontal bracket wall 23 to lie parallel with said wall and in a plane above said wall, the end of the lug 25 engaged with the angle bracket being substantially in the plane of the perpendicular bracket wall 24 as illustrated in Figure 5. The perpendicular bracket wall 24, as illustrated in Figure4, is provided over the entire area thereof with a multiplicity of relatively small perforations or openings 26 for purposes presently to appear.

In the mounting of the bracket support and its associated shelf construction, the bracket supports are first located for wall mounting and, as shown in Figure 5, a cement, adhesive or other suitable binder isplaced in a coaton the outer side of the perforated perpendicular bracket wall 24 won the face 21 of the mounting wall 28, the adhesive being indicated in Figure by the reference character A, and when said angle bracket support is firmly pressed against the face of the wall 28, the adhesive is exuded into the wall openings 26 as at "a and when said adhesive sets, a permanent interlocking binding connection is established between the Wall 28 and theangle bracket support.

With the bracket supports so mounted and it being understood that the nut and bolt combinations l6 are disengaged from the shelf sections In and II so that said sections are freely relatively movable, the outer ends of the shelf sections l0 and H are then placed for support on the horizontal bracket walls 23 of the bracket supports, with said outer ends disposed beneath the struck up lugs 25 as illustrated in Figure 5, the opposite side edge wall portions l3 extending over opposite ends of the angle brackets to rea 1. In a bracket support and shelf construction of the character described, angle brackets having perforate vertical attaching Walls and inwardly directed horizontal shelf supporting walls, a shelf disposedupon said shelf supporting walls, and vertically spaced inwardly extending lugs struck from said shelf supporting walls extending parallel thereto and adapted to overlie and engage the upper surface of said shelf.

2. In a bracket support and shelf construction of the character described, angle brackets having perforate vertical attaching walls and inwardly directed horizontal shelf supporting walls, adhesive in the perforations in said perforate vertical attaching walls for securing the same to desired surfaces; a shelf disposed upon said shelf supporting walls, and Vertically spaced inwardly extending lugs struck from said shelf supporting Walls extending parallel thereto and adapted to overlie and engage the upper surface of said shelf.

3. The subject matter as claimed in claim 3, said shelf comprising telescoping section having alignable openings formed through each section, and garment supporting means having attached means secured to said shelf sections and extending through said aligned openings for holding said shelf sections in their extended and adjusted p sition within said bracket supports.

4. The subject matter as claimed in claim 3, said shelf comprising telescoping sections having alignable openings formed through each section,

and telescopic garment supporting means having attaching means secured to said shelf sections and extending through said aligned openings for holding said shelf sections in their extended and adjusted position within said bracket supports.


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Signed and sealed this 13th day of July, A. D. 1948.


Assistant Uommz'asz'oner of Patents.

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International ClassificationA47B96/02
Cooperative ClassificationA47B96/027
European ClassificationA47B96/02J