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Publication numberUS2442078 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 25, 1948
Filing dateJan 25, 1946
Priority dateJan 25, 1946
Publication numberUS 2442078 A, US 2442078A, US-A-2442078, US2442078 A, US2442078A
InventorsWilliam Deutsch
Original AssigneeWilliam Deutsch
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Collapsible razor
US 2442078 A
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May 25, 1948.


William Hai a/1 j ORNEY Patented May 25, 1948 2 Claims.-

This invention relates to razors andmore particu l'arly' to the class of demountable or col laps'ible razors which may be housed in a small associated 'or connected-container for shipping or storage when not in use, at least a portion of which container serves as a handle for the razor when shaving.

It-is an objectotthe invention to provide a razor assembly of the type described which has a more compact and more conveniently operated association" of partsthan heretofore" obtainable.

A further purpose is the provision of-such an improved-razor housing adaptedto serve both as ahandle for the-shaving instrument when inuse; and--as a storage chamber for the collapsed shaving-headand-spare blades as well.-

Another object is to provide-an associatedra zor and housing whereinthe latter may be completely closed'during both use and storage without re quiring a detach I ble cap or other member which is usefulonly in of assembly.

A still further purpose is the provision of a sheath or holder for asupply of blades adapted to be lodged within the housing, adjacent the shaving head.

Additional objects and advantages ofthe present invention will become apparent to' those skilled in the art as the description proceeds, the novelty consisting in the features of construction, of the members. and the relative.v proportioning and. disposition thereof, all r as. more completely outlined herein and. set forthin. the appended claims.

In the drawings which form specification:

Fig. 1 is a perspective view of my new collapsible razor assembled for shaving;

Fig. 2 is a side elevation of the razor of Fig. 1 with parts broken away to show the internal construction;

Fig. 3 is a side elevation of the collapsed razor when assembled for storage, with parts broken away to show the position of the shaving head and its appendent housing;

Fig. 4 is a perspective view of the slidable base assembly on which the shaving head is mounted;

Fig. 5 is a perspective view of my blade-holding sheath together with a razor blade of the type adapted to be stored therein; and

Fig. 6 is an exploded view of the detachable cap of the razor housing together with my sheath containing spare blades, which sheath is adapted to be retained in said cap.

part of the present either the open or closed form combination of parts; the unique relations.

' he-isuard and In. the. embodiment..- herea illustrated; my." col- 7 lapsedshavingshea'd; togethenwitha supply of: blades .is' designed 1 togbesnuglyecontained in' anv essentiallye bullet-shaped: housing, large enough.

; only. to provide. the necessary. knurled: or fluted.

grippingsuriace to serve asfia handle for. theshavingv .headpwhen .the latter-2. is withdrawn .from the housing,- inverted i and mounted on ttheecon-h tainer -f or shaving.

Asuseemparticularlyl-in.Eigs; 2-: and-Ga within. an open-ended :short, cylindrical ;coupling sleeves I il; having .an inwardly proj ectinglugror; annular. shoulder I2, is slidably mounted a base assemblye l4; composed oi twospaced disks I Granddad oined by; a shortiaxiala stem .20; said-adisks beings dis:

posed on opposite sides sofathe .;internal.zshoulder; I21so thatwhen either diskzimturnabuts. against. oneisideaointhe shoulden the .opposites-diskswill z.

lie.- substantially; flush; with-.theeadiacentends of.

the v.slem-nze. I ll.

Eccentrically IOOMGGHIDOIL theouter/face-ofathei disk: l 6;.there extendsupwardalongitudinal arm-.1 or shanks 2 1,, the outer extremity ,ot which is re.- ceived between a pair .ofilaterallytspaceddugssilzg and 231. which. supports; a. shaving. head 22.4; cons. veniently; 0t: thev type describedi int. my? SK Letters Patent 1135518369 randzconsisting: essentially. of a guard onrake. portion 25,; alcoves-secured; ther tdand a-d ubleeedeed ladewiheldbetwee shaving; head:

ei nd s iieser Y J mem er 42915 i I The closure shell 34., as here illustrated, consists essentially of a tube having a parabolic closed end or cap 36 and a circular open end 38 externally threaded so as to engage alternately, internal threads 40 or 42 disposed in either end of the housing ID on opposite sides of the shoulder l2. Thus, when the collapsed shaving head 24 is inserted within the shell 34, the threaded end 38 of the shell is screwed into the housing In until the razor-holding disk I6 is lodged against one side of the shoulder l2, at which time the opposite disk I8 is disposed even with the end 38 of the housing so as to allow the whole unit to be stood on this end. On the other hand, upon disconnecting the closure shell 34it may then be inserted into the opposite end of the housing and screwed up until the bottom disk 18 lodges against the other side of the shoulder [2, the top or razorholding disk l6 becoming flush with the opposite end of the housing l0 and the closure 34, thereupon forming a handle for using the razor as shown in Figs. 1 and 2.

Another feature of the present construction is the provision of facilities for storing a supply of blades within the closure shell and in this connection the tapered or bullet shaped end 36 of the shell desirably is made detachable as by the provision of an annular, restricted-neck portion 44, arising from the cap 36 and adapted to be snugly received within'the shell 34. The neck 44 has a semi-cylindrical lip 46, projecting'fromone side thereof and an inwardly bowed retaining spring g 58 disposed at the opposite edge, said spring being adapted to engage a blade sheath 50 and" yieldingly hold the same in place against the in- 7 side surface or trough 49 of the lip 46.

The blade sheath 50 is preferably formed from a strip of metal or plastic material bent into the shape of a U, one arm of the U serving as a base 52 and being semi-rigid and somewhat longer than the other arm 54 which functions as a flexible cover. 'Within the sheath at each end of the base portion52 are disposedretaining lugs, 56 and 58 respectively, which lugs are shaped to be received in corresponding rectangular notches 8E] and 62 of the razor blade 30 when the latter, is inserted in the sheath. -The cover or shorter arm 54 of the sheath is formed "with a longitudinal notch 64 at its free end adapted to frlctionally engage both sides of the adjacent lug 56, thereby forming a closed loop which securely holds the blades and guardsthe same against damage. 7 1 r V By this present construction, it will beseen'that the sheath containing the spare blades maybe the shaving head iseitherin operative or collapsed position but On the other hand it is not necessary to remove the cap 3B'from the closure tube 34 when removing or inserting theshaving head therein. Again, it'will be observed that since the razor shank 22 is mountedto one side of the base disk IS, the shaving head '24 in its collapsed positionlies along the opposite wall of the closure tube 34, thus permitting the spareinserted or removed at will from the closure when blade sheath to occupy a position diagonally opposite the outer half of the collapsed head and in linear alignment with the shank.

- WhileI have shown and described in some de- I tail what presentlyappears to be-the preferred embodiment ofmy'im-proved collapsible razor,- it is to beunderstood that various modifications may be made in the construction and'operation thereof without departing from thescop'e of my invention which is to be restricted only by the following claims and the limitations imposed by the prior art. a r r The invention claimed is: V v 1. A razor assembly comprising: a coupling member having open ends and an internally projecting shoulder; a base member contained within said coupling member and having a pair of axially spaced plates disposed on opposite sides of said shoulder so spaced that when either of said plates. abuts against saidshoulder, the other plate is disposed substantially flush with thead-i jacent end of said coupling member; a shaving head mounted on said base member; and ahollow container one end of which is adapted to engage selectively either end of said coupling member and to lodge said base member at the opposite end of .said coupling member, whereby said container provides a handle'for the shaving head when the latter is in operative position and a housing for said shaving head when the latter is inserted in said container. V

A razor assemply comprising: a cylindrical coupling member having open ends and an in-; ternally projecting shoulder; a base member con tained within said coupling member andhaving a i a pair of axially spaced disks disposed onopposite sides of said shoulder and 'so -spacedthat when either of said disks abuts against said shoulder, the other disk is disposed substantially fiush with the adjacent end of said coupling memb r; a longitudinal, outwardly projecting arm, eccentrically mounted on one of said disks; a shaving head pivotally connected to the outerend'of file ofthis patent: 7

UNrI'En u es-titties a 7

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