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Publication numberUS2442088 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 25, 1948
Filing dateApr 15, 1947
Priority dateApr 15, 1947
Publication numberUS 2442088 A, US 2442088A, US-A-2442088, US2442088 A, US2442088A
InventorsCasper Kreutzer
Original AssigneeCasper Kreutzer
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Dressing tool holder
US 2442088 A
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May 25, 1948.- c. KREUTZER 2,442,038

DRESSING T001. HOLDER Filed April 15, 1947 Patented May 25, 21948 Casper Kreutzer, Milltown, N. J. 1 Application April 15, 1947, Serial No. 741,552

This invention relates to improvements in hand tools for use in dressing and truing the operative faces and peripheries of grinding wheels, such as emery wheels and the like, and for similar purposes; and the invention has reference, more particularly, to a novel means for holding a dressing tool, such e. g. as a block of Carborundum, when applying the same to a grind ing wheel to be dressed therewith.

The invention has for an object to provide a novel holder in which a block of Carborundum or like tool element can be clamped, whereby to project the operative end of said tool element therefrom, and so that the tool element may be safely manipulated in use.

The invention has for a further object to'provide a simple, inexpensive and yet very eflicient holder for the stated purposes, the same including novel tool element clamping means which is adjustably movable in and along the holder body, so as to accommodate the holder for use with various lengths of tool elements, whereby even tool elements of lengths so shortas to prohibit safe handling of the same per se, may nevertheless, when mounted and'clamped in the holder, be firmly held and safely manipulated in use by means of the holder, and consequently the life of tool elements, as worn down by use, may be economically prolonged.

Other objects of this invention, not atthis time more particularly enumerated, will be understood from the following detailed description of the same.

An illustrative embodiment of the invention is shown in the accompanying drawings, in


Fig. 1 is a perspective'view of the novel dressing tool holder made according to the invention; Fig. 2 is a top face view of the same; Fig. 3 is a cross sectional view, taken on line 3-3 in Fig. 1; Fig. 4 is a longitudinal sectional view, taken on line 44 in Fig. 1; and Fig. 5 is a perspective view of the tool element clamp member of the holder.

Similar characters of reference are employed in the above described views, to indicate corresponding parts.

Referring to the drawings, the novel tool holder comprises an endwise open or tubular body, preferably but not necessarily of polygonal cross sectional shape, comprising a top wall l0, side walls H and a bottom wall l2. The top and bottom walls l0 and I2 of the holder body are respectively provided with longitudinal slotways l3 and I4. Arranged within the interior of the 2 Claims. (Cl. 51-205) body is a clamp member. Said clamp member is of angular formation whereby to provide a substantially horizontal clamp jaw section l5 and a perpendicular leg section l6 which depends from the rearward end of the clamp jaw section IS. The clamp jaw section l5 underlies the top wall I0 of the holder body, and normally eX- tends in plane parallel thereto, while the foot I! of the depending leg section l6 bears upon the inner face of the bottom wall l2 of the holder body, so as to fulcrum the-clamp member for tilting movement, as and for the purpose subsequently herein described. Said clamp jaw section 5 is provided, for projection from its upper face and outwardly through the slotway I3 01. the top wall of the holder body, with a thrust lug I8 which forms a unitary part of said clamp jaw section l5. Extending perpendicularly through the clamp jaw -section.l5 and its thrust lug I8 is an opening or passage 19. Disposed to extend upwardly through the slotway M ofthe bottom wall l2 of the holder body and thence through the interior of said holder body to pass through the opening or passage IQ of the clamp jaw section l5 and its thrust lug I8, so as to project exteriorly from the latter and exteriorly of the holder body, is a draw bolt 20, the head 2| of which abuts, preferably through an interposed washer 2'2, the exterior face of said bottom wall I2 of the holder body. Threaded onto the upper screw-threaded end portion 23 of said draw bolt 20 is a thumb or wing nut 24 which abuts, preferably through an interposed washer 25, the outer end of the thrust lug l8 of said clamp jaw section l5. Mounted around the draw bolt 20, intermediate the bottom wall l2 of the holder body and the under side of said clamp jaw section I5, is a compression spring 26. Said compression spring 26 yieldably urges the clamp member to a normal initial position, whereby to dispose the clamp jaw section [5 in an uplifted released position abutting and parallel to the top wall H] of the holder body.

As illustratively shown, the tool element to be served by the holder comprises a block 21 of abrasive material, such e. g. as Carborundum. Said tool block is inserted through the forward open end of the holder so as to extend rearwardly thereinto, with its rearward end portion 28 disposed to underlie the clamp jaw section l5 of the clamp member. It will be obvious that the clamp member can be moved forward or rearward through the slotways l 3l 4, as may in any given case be required, whereby to dispose the same in such position as to operatively engage the tion for operative engagement therewith, the

thumb or wing nut'2'4 is'screweddownward on the draw bolt 20 so as to thrust downwardly upon the thrust lug I8 of the clamp member. downward thrust upon the thrust lug I8 produces Such A a down tilting movement of the clamp jaw sec-- tion this down tilting movement'being ful-f crumed by the clamp leg section lli'which pivots on the foot I! thereof by reason of the bearing of the latter on the bottom wall [2 of the holder."

The tilting movement of the clamp member? holder body being adapted to receive'an abrasive causes the free end of the clamp jaw section l5 to swing down upon the rear end portion 28 of the tool block'2l, thus firmly clamping and gripping said'end'portion18 between said clamp jaw section and the bottom wall l2 of the holder '(see Fig; 4):

When thus clamped'to the holder, the tool block '21 will be securely and immovably held in fixed-relation to the holder against accidental shiftordisplacement, and consequently the hold- 'er can thereupon be used as a means for manipulating the tool block for operative application of the latter to'a grinding wheel or the like desired to be treated thereby. V r I a It. will be obvious that, as theoperative end of the tool block 21 wears down in use, the tool block can be 'adjustably advanced relative to the holder by relaxing the clamp member and thereupon" sliding the same and the tool block for.- wardly relative to the holder, and then again tightening home the clamp member into gripping relation to'the'tool block. It will thus be seen that practical use of the tool block may be continued until the same is almost entirely con- ,a practical device for the intended purposes.

Having now described my invention, I claim:

1.,A tool holder for the purposes described comprisingan endwise open holder body having sinned, and that consequently'the usefullife o'f said tool block can be greatly prolonged. From this awm be clear that not only is economy of tool material gained, but the holder also provides 50 Number Name I r 1,013,575 Washburne Jariq2,'l9l2 1,018,288 Yelf Feb. 20,1912 1,023,034 Kruger L May '28, .1912 2,207,29 Lee July 9; 1940' J 55 V p F RE QIGNI AT NTS Number 7 Country V Datee aligned slotways in opposite walls thereof, said holder bodybeing adapted to receive an abrasive tool element by insertion of the latter thereinto through an open end of the same, a tiltable clamping means slidably related to said holder Vbody behind the inserted, tool element and adapted for adjustment toward and from said inserted tool element, said clamping means inmovable in said slotways for tiltingsaid clamping means whereby to engage said clamp-jaw section in gripping relation to the inserted tool le en 21 A tool' holder for the purposes described I comprising anrendwise. open holder body having aligned. slotwaysfin oppositewalls thereof, said tool element by insertion of the latter thereinto through an open end of the same, a tiltable clamping means slidably related to 'saidholder bodyifor adjustment toward and from the itool element receiving end of the latter, said clamp-,

ing means comprising a' clamp jaw sect-ion :contiguous' to "one slotted wall of said holder body and a dependent fulcruming leg section footed upon theaoppositeslotted wall of said holder body, sai'd'clampjawsection having athrust lug "exteriorly*projectingthrough the slotway of the'adjacent wall of said holder-body;-a draw bolt extending throughthe slotways of saidholder body and through the clamp jaw section and its thrust lug, spring-means for yieldablyhold ing said clamping means inreleased' pesitiomand nut -means threaded on an exterior end for said draw bolt and being-'manipulatable to thrust against said thrust lug," whereby ,1 to: tilt said clamping means-so asto move its clamp -jaw seetion into grippingjrelation'to the inserted tool element-7 1*" i m r CASPER KREUTZERs REFERENCES CITED 7 file 'offthis patent:


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U.S. Classification451/558, 125/11.1, 279/76
International ClassificationB24B53/12
Cooperative ClassificationB24B53/12
European ClassificationB24B53/12