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Publication numberUS2442723 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 1, 1948
Filing dateJan 28, 1947
Priority dateJan 28, 1947
Publication numberUS 2442723 A, US 2442723A, US-A-2442723, US2442723 A, US2442723A
InventorsEconomakis George P
Original AssigneeEconomakis George P
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Hat support
US 2442723 A
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june 1948 G. EcoNoMAKls 2,442,723

HAT SUPPORT Filed Jan. 28, 1947 George P'Eclwnzalcs.

Patented June l, 1948 UNITED STATES PATENT QFFICE HAT SUPI'QRQI` George P. Economakis, Asbury Park, N. J.

Application January 28, 1947,` Serial No. 724,738

1 claim. 1

This invention is directed to an improved hat frame to retain the shape of a hat and to serve as a protector, designed particularly for mens hats. The frame or support is placed in a hat to preserve its shape either when the hat is in use or on a hat rack or other support.

The primary object of the invention is to provide a frame or support of skeleton form, formed to engage the inner surface of the crown of a hat, and capable of being shaped to agree with that of the crown and maintain the same in the normal wearing form, together with members carried by the shaping band in spaced relation to be placed between the hat band and hat proper, to also maintain the shape of the band while the hat is in use or on a rack.

A further object of the invention is to provide a frame adjustable to accommodate the same to different size hats.

A further object of the invention is the provision of a hat frame or support in which the band portion may be deformed circumferentially to permit it to be arranged in form to accommodate different bent forms of the crown to permit the frame or support to be temporarily or permanently shaped for such irregularities in a hat, in

order to form a complete forming support for the.

particular hat.

The invention is illustrated in the accompanying drawings in which:

Figure 1 is a front perspective View of the improved hat guard and support;

Figure 2 is a cross sectional view taken longitudinally through a hat having the device inserted therein;

Figure 3 is a front perspective View showing the structure distorted to accommodate the shape of a deformed hat; and

Figure 4 is a detail of a slight modification.

The improved flexible hat frame and support includes a band I of appropriate material capable of being bent into a more or less circular form of sufficient width to contact with the interior of the crown 2 of a hat, to cooperate with the crown in supporting relation.

Depending from the band I are strips 3 formed at their lower ends in parallelism with the band I to be inserted .beneath the hat band 4, and of suicient width to maintain the hat band in proper relation to the crown when the frame is in place. The ends of the band I are preferably formed so that in their connection to engage the crown of the hat they may be adjustable, and secured by a clip 5 to regulate the circumferential length of the band I to cooperate with crowns 2 of hats of different sizes.

` Figs. 1-3, that the frame preferably comprises three of the strips or legs 3 and that one of these legs is positioned centrally of the front of the frame so that it fits within the front of the crown 2 between the usual crimps or depressions 6 in the sides of the crown. Thus, the band I, being flexible, and being positioned with its plane substantially vertical within the crown, follows the contours of the crown and lies within the folds between the top and sides of the crown, while the front leg 3 lies against the front wall of the crown between the depressions in the sides of the crown. Therefore, the band I and front leg 3 provide resiliency to the folds in the crown and prevent the pinching of the folds or crushing of the crown while the rearward legs support the rear sides of the crown.

In some instances, it may be desirable to retain the band I in a definite, predetermined crimped formation, in which event clips 1 may be employed as shown in Fig. 3. These clips are curved to hold the band in crimped form in the hat crown to maintain the band I, at appropriate points, in a shape to agree with such crimps and thus support the crown throughout the formation of the crimps therein. 'Ihis arrangement maintains the shape of the hat whether the hat is being worn or when not in use. When forming the improved hat frame to provide for adjustability and also to conform to the formed crimps 6 in the crown of the hat, it is of advantage to provide the divisions in the band within the length in which the crimp-conforming section or sections are provided. The holding clips 5 will then maintain the crimp-conforming portion in selected lengths and by removal of the clips the crimp-conforming sections may be adjusted both as to length and as to crimp conformation while at the same time adjusting the length of the band.

A hat frame thus formed is preferably formed of at material, but as stated, may be of flexible material to be bent into full contact with the interior of the hat, irrespective of its shape. Thus a frame is provided to maintain the hat in proper shape and form whether the hat is on a rack or is being worn.

The improvement may be readily and conveniently formed by stamping and provides a simple and economical adjunct for the hat to maintain 3 the same in substantially rigid wearing form and prevent the hat from being crushed or pinched by the frequent handling to which it is subjected.

In lieu of the frame being formed of ilat, flexible or inexible material, it may be formed of round stock l0, as shown in Fig. 4. One end of the ring l is formed with a socket ll While the opposite end is reduced at l2 to frictionally t in the opening I I to provide means for adjusting the ring.

I claim:

A supporting device for soft hats, which device comprises a substantially straight at strip having three relatively spaced legs extending from one edge thereof and feet extending perpendicularly on both sides of the free ends of said legs,

said strip, legs and feet being cut from a sheet of flexible material, said strip being bent to form an oval band with its ends overlapping, means securing said overlapping ends together so that they follow the contour of said oval band, said feet being adapted to be placed within the sweatband of a hat and being of a length to rigidly brace said legs to support said oval band in the crown of the hat so that the plane of the band forming strip is substantially vertical, the Ilexibility of said strip being suiiicient to permit it to follow the contours of the hat crown when the latter is formed in desirable formation but will 4 resist pinching of the folds of the crown when in such formation, one of said legs being located centrally of the front of the band for positioning against the front of the crown between'the depressions in the side of the crown to prevent pinching of the front of the crown, the other two legs being positioned rearwardly on the sides of the band for positioning against the rear portions of the sides of the crown to support the rear portions of the crown and prevent inadvertent crushing thereof.


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