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Publication numberUS2443140 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 8, 1948
Filing dateApr 11, 1946
Priority dateApr 11, 1946
Publication numberUS 2443140 A, US 2443140A, US-A-2443140, US2443140 A, US2443140A
InventorsRobert E Larsen
Original AssigneeRobert E Larsen
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Boil cup
US 2443140 A
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. June 3, 1948. R. E. LARsEN 2,443,140

BOIL CUP Filed April 11, 1946 Z6 504 3mm Patented June 8, 1948 OFFICE BOIL CUR Robert E. Larsen, Chicago, Ill. Application April 11, 1946, Serial No. `661,431

1 Claim. (Cl. 12S- 154) The present invention relates to improvements in therapeutical applicators and more particularly to a means for enclosing protectively a boil or other protuberance or erupted area upon anatomical tissue for the purpose of administering relief by means of a medicament.

y One of the objects thereof is to provide a simple, eflicient and inexpensive boil cup so shaped, arranged and functioning that, when attached adhesively to anatomical tissue of a person suffering from a boil and/or similar skin alfection, and made to enclose and cover the protuberance, contact between an ointment, salve or other medicament contained in the cup concealedly may be had with the sore. i .I

Another object thereof is to provide a boil treating unit which is characterized by the fact that it encloses and covers so as to protect from tactual contamination a painful protuberance such as a boil present upon the tissue of a sufferer, and at the same time, administers thereon a local medicament housed therein.

A further object thereof is to provide a dependable, readily serviceable bandage-like aid in connection with the treatment for relief purposes of a painful boil or similar skin protuberance, which lends itself to instant application to the seat of the skin affection and which can readily be removed therefrom at will.

With the above and other objects in view, my invention consists in the combination, arrangement and details of construction disclosed in the drawings and specications, and then more particularly pointed out in the appended claim.

In the drawings, wherein similar reference characters designate similar parts throughout the respective views,

Figure 1 is a bottom plan view of my invention,

Figure 2 is a longitudinal section thereof, and

Figure 3 is a bottom plan view of a reticulated member mounted in the invention for holding a medicament, hereinafter described.

In the drawings, which are merely illustrative of my invention, all details of my invention are set forth.

I contemplate producing a bandage-like unit where adhesive and not wrapping qualities inhere in the bandage. For this purpose I take a piece of adhesive tape or adhesive material or fabric and shape it to the outline desired, which may be curvilinear or polygonal as may be desired. In the drawings is illustrated a disc-like piece of adhesive material Ill, having the circular perimetral edge II. Formed upon the perimeter of this rpiece of adhesive material are a radiating series of arms or ilanges, of which four are shown designated I2, I3, I4, and I5. The inner planes of these arms have a curvilinear connection as at I6 with the perimeter Il of the adhesive material.

I also contemplate employing, if desired,` a sheet of gauze to loverlie the adhesive face of the adhesive material I0, for the purpose of protecting this surface against adhering to whatever comes in contact with it prematurely, before actually employing the invention in use for the purpose for which it is intended.

The adhesive material is formed with a central opening of cylindrical shape designated Il'. The adhesive substanceor lamination on the material I0 is designated I8 and extends ooextensively with all parts of the material, and where the arms I3, I4, I5, and I6 are formed upon the material I0, this adhesive lamination is placed thereon as at Ilia, I2a, etc.

A ooncavo-convex hollow cup-shaped body is employed and centered with the central opening il of the material I0 in such a manner that it opens out of this material by way of this opening. This body may be made from any approved pliable or semi-hard material such as hard rubber, papier mache, plastic or similar materials. The cup-shaped body is designated I9. It is formed with a circular base ilange or with a radiating series of arms similar to the arms formed upon the adhesive material, as may be described. If the material of adhesive quality is thick enough it is intended to skive same so as to taper it from the opening to a thin feather edge at the ends of the disc-shaped part thereof. However, by skiving only the base portion 2i] of the cup shaped body i9, the same result contemplated may be produced-to anchor the cup shaped body in such a manner overlappingly upon the adheu sive material or disc I0, that its outer face is hush with the adhesive outer face of the material In.

By skiving the base portion of this body l0 it starts to taper away from the base of this body at 2l until a feather thin edge 22 is produced perimetrally of this base portion. This thinned out base portion is then laid in contact over the outer adhesive face of the material Ill, and the extra adhesive substance may be spread out at 23 between the skived surface of the base portion 2t and the adjacent surface of material ID, so as to fill any unevenness between both and make a flush applying surface for the bandage part of this invention.

A circular series of vent holes 24 are formed upon the body I9 in close contiguity to the material I3. The body is also provided With a circular series of inwardly struck integral lugs 26 punched Iout from openings or slots 25 therein. These lugs are caused to provide a shelf in a plane at right angles to the axis of the cup shaped body I9. These lugs 26 are located in back of the Vent holes 24, or nearerto theinner partpfs thecupshaped body than theLvent-holes.

For the purpose of providing a means of housing usefully a medicament, salve or yointment in the bottom of the body I0, I employ a ydisc of cardboard or other soft pliable material, as shown'at 21, which is formed with a central hole which is covered by a foraminous piece of material or gauze 28. This discwith itsreticulatdf-central part is laid in contact with the upper faces iof the lugs 2B which composefthe shelf and attached theretoin .any ,desirable manner. A This `centers the. -reticulatedv piece'28, properly at a medial line ofi the ,cup-shapedbody I9.

This cardboard 'disc"21,partitions oi the cupslfiaped body into .twoA compartments, Y'an 'inner one and an outer one `30a which opens "directly out"A ofthe -bodyand adhesive material I0. A suitable salve,v ointment or4 other medlcam'ent`-3 is. held. in the inner compartment -3I, being confnedinthis compartment by the disc21 and its foraminouspart'28.

viThe-use .and'function of .the invention is" to protect and coverv the oil orotherrprotuberance onthe skinof. the sufferer. For this purpose .the cupf'shape'd' .body 'I 9 is, placed in .covering position over..the boil byspressing itsmouthSUa against 35 .2,330,693

''shaped member, a flange carried by said member,

adhesive .means for securing said member to an affected part, inwardly struck lugs carried by said .,membereaiimedicament supporting disk engaging the .in-ner sides of said lugs and formed with a relatively' large central opening said lugsbeing bent downwardly and inwardly and thereby forming vent'openin'gs above saidi'disk; anda'pervious member interposed between saiddisk "a1id""said lugs.

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U.S. Classification128/888
International ClassificationA61F13/00, A61F13/15
Cooperative ClassificationA61F2013/00217, A61F13/8405, A61F13/00063
European ClassificationA61F13/00