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Publication numberUS2444810 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 6, 1948
Filing dateOct 28, 1946
Priority dateOct 28, 1946
Publication numberUS 2444810 A, US 2444810A, US-A-2444810, US2444810 A, US2444810A
InventorsLuther P Creasy
Original AssigneeLuther P Creasy
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Sliding game piece
US 2444810 A
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July 6,1948. i CREASY I 2,444,810

SLIDING GAME PIECE Filed Oct. 2'8, 194s Zzzcfiezu? greasy. I

a higher count when the piece ill rests in area "2 thanwhenit rests in area -5,"depencling ofcourse on what number on ball I8 is visible through the opening l1. 5 While I have disclosed the improved playing piece for use with a shuflie board, it may beused in any game having a count determinedby any:

position of the playing piece. Infaot the playing piece may be used alone on any plane surface me of this patent,

and the game will be one wholly of chance,

While I have disclosed my invention in accordance with a single specific embodiment thereof, such is to be considered as illustrative only, and not restrictive, the scopeof the invention being defined in the sub-joined claim.

What I claim and desire to. secure by US. Letters Patent isz A game piece comprising a slidable body mem: ber including a lower disc andan upper disc removably secured to the lower disc, said discs being 4 substantially of the same thickness and said upper disc being of substantially less diameter than the lower disc and being disposed axially thereof, aligned substantially semispherical pockets in said discs and opening through the upper end lower walls thereof in the provision of opening of substantially less diameter than the pockets, said pockets defining a substantially spherically walled chamber within the discs, and a ball looselysupported in said chamber :for projection-through the opening in said lower disc and having numbers thereon observable through LUTHER P. CREASY.

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U.S. Classification473/588
International ClassificationA63F7/40, A63B67/14
Cooperative ClassificationA63F7/40
European ClassificationA63F7/40