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Publication numberUS2444860 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 6, 1948
Filing dateMar 20, 1946
Priority dateMar 20, 1946
Publication numberUS 2444860 A, US 2444860A, US-A-2444860, US2444860 A, US2444860A
InventorsHarry Summer
Original AssigneeHarry Summer
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Stencil and work holder for multicolor printings
US 2444860 A
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Description  (OCR text may contain errors)

July 6, 1948. I H. SUMMER 2,444,360

STENCIL AND-WORK HOLDER FOR MULTICOLOR PRINTINGS Filed- March 20, 1946 2 Sheets-Sheet 1 IN V EN TOR. 1945 2 Y Jam/v 1 H. SUMMER July 6, 1948.

STENCIL AND WORK HOLDER FOR MULTICOLOR PRINTINGS 2 Sheets-Sheet 2 Filed March 20, 1946 0 O K L O 0 Z j m Q 0 0 O O a/ INVEN TOR. f/may Saw/v5? .mehifalitymay be used to' produce th me c f. 'ifhe-flrststencil"elementisthen removed fr pinsg andjthe web shiftedtdregister thep s e' cond Patented July 6, 1948 fauastoi y *S'TENCiLANbWdRK HDLDER FORMULTI- I COHOR PRINTINGS Sunlmeri Brooklyn; n piicaiioii marenao, 1946, Serial No. 655,847

mains (cilia-in) 1 i This invention relates tdasteneinn "apparatus --.ami: inethod,- and has for its principal; object the .provlsi'on of a 'novel'arrangement Wherebysutfaces 1 maybe ornamentedina plurality of eolor means bin'g proiiide'd foneasy and 'accurate registration: v et the several color patterns.-

*lri conventional" stenciling operations icm'flplx 'ineans areii'sual'l required for sucbessiirely inaintaining the several stencils in registration. "'It' is an" object of the present invention tdprovide im- "proved and simplified means 'fbr 1 supno'rting the "iseveralstencils relative- 'to'. 'the work; and also to so dispose the stencils relative td'eachother as to make these successive applications to" the work a matter of ease and 'convei'iience The s tencilii'ig apparatus of the present invenotherihaterial, and the surface can be .11 either plane'or' curved.

The apparatus consistsessentiallyofa novel,

' multicolor stencilanci a support (therefor. ntone embodiment of the invention the i support may comprise at folder 'fo'rmed ofsheet'n'iaterialhaw hinge elementfwhlch may comprise a transerse fold line to 'provide' front and b'ack cover vtle j le t tw e w i the w' i 'b "fires- ".jmgritd isi'placed. The front cover isprovided with anopeningof suchsize', asftopermit "a desired portion of the work ito be exposed; 'Aa'piuj may of stencil elements are roimedien *a'co'n- "tiiiuous web of 'stencil forming'f niaterialgf such as] parchmentgfib re, sheet, plastic material, IYl'Qtaletc, eaclii of such stencil elements having openjings forming ameehanical, negatjiYe correspond 'ingto one" color of the multi-col'or' design" or 51cfture'tobe reproduced.

"Novelfim'eans' 'for successively supporting the stencil elements in register relatives tothe openingi may 7, comprise" a'gplurality of upstanding pinsor posts mounted on the upper cover adjacent the edges of the opening. Each-stencil element on the stencil web will have a plurality of holes 'correspondingto the pins. Accordingly, thefirst stencil element may be mounted in place-"onthe" pins with its'stencil portion in contact with the work. ,A crayon or other color-producing instruiii-or. the

il iementremiivetdthwork. The'gop'erai tin' is repeated "for"the"seteralcolors' uritilthe picture or design is completed.

If desired, the transverse fold line in the stencil support may be eliminated, and, any suitable means employed. .for temporarilysecuringfi-the sdpport to the Work-during the stenciling opera" tion. 'If fabric-is to be: ornamented;,t he;support 11 mayhe Jafilxed. thereto by pressure-sensitive farci- -'hesive i-tap'e which; is readily removed, .It' may also'be -secured infpla-ce by-meansof a Weight.

iIt' will'fbeapparent that another and important :objectiofthe' invention is to"provide.iaJstenGiI apparatus which produces excellent results; even thrb'ugh rthe.i operator j possess only a minor 'c'amount .tof'. skills Since "the several stencil t ele- "merits: of a multicolor stencil are interconnected,

it is impossible tomake an error in.applying;- -the 1i 'stiicllarand .it is equally: impossiblesto misplace zone'zofflthem. :In ithisjconnection itis wellto; point outzthatanother-obj ect of the-invention isfto;pro- --vide' anovelzeducaitional devlcefor children which :willyteach the. art 1 of color. separation, colonoyerlay; color ziregistration iand. the art 5 of multicolor 'rplfOduGtiOnf-in538118131,iihhe device being-interestingqas iwell-i-as instructional. o.

iln'theidrawing'sz- V @Fig; Iisaperspective view one stencilsmember icomprising two i' interconn'ected:stencil elements.

Y llFl'gi aisa perspective-view,- partlyfbroken-away,

iiofsithe 'stencllsupport.

"zl igi-a is a perspective view I0fnthe finished re- "production. 7

a 4'."shows air-"alternate"constructionoffithe ildh'tencilholder;

li'ig: 5" is ran enlarged broken section :talien through one of the osts. a Figjf'xdshdws thei operation of the stenciling :deviceofrthe'presentrinvention. v

i "iFigig :7 iis a; plan yiew of a three-colorristeneil members I X.

Fi'gilash'ows a sixcolor reproduction madezfiom "the steam I 'prise" "'The'i stencil':supportshown in Fig; 2 may conifront 2. andrear 'cover sections in and? I I whichi are joined: *byt a hinge eleinent 1 2 which or' th 45 nlay con'stitute a transverse fold line on asneet oi etnyfiafirhhtdial; such-as paper; 'l3ristol-"board, 7 like.- ;-=Front cover' 'seetion Hiisprovided with ah ofiening ii3 'of suitable size, Disposedin spaced relation around the ed'g'esof ltheiopening "jaie a' "plurality of; upstanding pins or posts I4 wine as shown in Figffi," may include:a base i'fi,

the e passing' atnroug'h'a suitable sperm-r6 16 in -th over section;-' A-thin' washer/l1 is 'fi'tte ionnie' pest toprevent removal'ofthe'post. h'ny-"other suitalile -ineans" may "be employed for mounting the post.

A stencil member 20 comprising a plurality of color separation stencil elements 2| and 22 is shown in Fig. 1. This may be formed from oiled stencil board or from any other desired material, such as flbre, metal, transparent or opaque plastic material, etc. The stencil member of Fig. 1 has two stencil elements, one marked Red" and the other marked Green, the two being separated by a broken line. If desired, three or more stencil elements may be formed on the single, continuousweb. The design to be reproduced isa pot of flowers; the red stencil having openings 23 corresponding to the pot and 24 corresponding to the flowers. In the green stencil there are openings 25 corresponding to the leaves and stemof l the flower. formed with a plurality of openings 26 which cor- A able stencil openings 54 in each, and the openings i 5! for the posts. The several stencil elements are designated ifRed "Blue and Yellow, respec- Each stencil element is further} 1 respond to the positions of posts i 4"in' cover section HI.

In use, a sheet of paper, fabric or other material A 21 which is to be ornamented may be placedbe-' tween coversections I0 and H. The red stencil element will then be mounted relative to opening ill in the front cover section, posts 14 passing through openings 26 in the stencil element. The areas defined by the edges of openings 23 and 24 are then filled in on sheet 21 by the use of a crayon, air brush, or other suitable color-producing instrumentality. 'As soon asthis is accomplished the stencil member is shifted to position stencil element 22 relative to the opening, and the operation is continued in the same fashion. There will thus be produced on thesheetll the picture of the pot of flowers 30, which is shown in Fig. 3, which reproduction will be in two colors.

In the arrangement of Fig. 4, the sheet 33 to be ornamented is first placed upon a fiat-surface,-

and the stencil support '34 then placed thereon.

This stencil support is providedwith the opening 35'and the posts 36. In this instance only two posts are shown, suchposts being adjacent the upper edge of the opening. By eliminating the posts along the lower edge, there is nointerference between the posts andthe hand ofathe user.- i In this case the stencil support is secured in fixed relation to the sheet 33-.bymeans. of a strip 31 of flexible gummed tape or other similar material which is caused to adhere: to the stencil support and to the sheet by manual pressure. The stenciling operation can be conducted in the manner previouslydescribed. Also, if:- desired,

instead of the gummed tape a weight may beplaced on one or more corners of the stencil-support. 1' f1.

In Fig. 6 the stencil support 40. overlays the sheet 4| which is to be ornamented, the stencil support having'the pins .42, as previouslyde scribed, The stencil support is further provided with-an opening 43, The multicolor stencilmember 44 comprises stencil elements 45 and 46, each having openings 41' therein corresponding-to a design to be reproducedand openings '48 for the,

pins. It will be noted that stencil element 46 has zopeningsv in the area of the flower pot to which theblue color was first applied. .The yellow applied to this area overlays the blue and produces green, Thus with two stencil elements three colors are produced.

It will be seen from the foregoing that in the stenciling operation eachcolor is reproduced in correct relation to the other, just as in the original design or motif 'from which thestencils were,

cut. By thus indicating on each stencil element the color to be applied, there is no reasonable 4 Number tively. Certain of the stencil openings 54 in any two of the stencil elements have common areas which produce an overlay of colors in the finished reproduction ,55 which is shown in Fig. 8. Thus,

from the three primary colors the finished figure 56 includes areas in the three primary colors and also areas in orange,.-green and purple, all of which are suitably indicated.

. While two forms or embodiments of the. invention have been shown and described herein for illustrative purposes, and the construction and arrangement incidental to two specific-applications thereof have been disclosed and discussed in detail, it is to be understood that the invention is limited neither .to the mere details or relative arrangement of parts, nor to its specific embodiments shown herein, but that extensive deviations from the illustrated forms or embodiments of the invention may be made without departing from the principles thereof.


A multicolor stencil comprising a stencil member including a plurality of interconnected stencil elements and a support for the stencilmemvber which holds the stencil elements in registra- ,tion relative to the work during the color application, each of the stencil elements having open- ,ings therein corresponding to portions of. the multicolor design to be reproduced, the support comprising front and back cover members which are hingedtogetherand which are arranged to receive the work to be ornamented therebetween, the front cover member having an opening there- 'into permit the stencil elements to contact the work, and meansfor successively mounting the stencil elements in registration on the support to permit: application of the color to the work, such means comprising a plurality of securing elements mounted in spaced relation on the front cover member, and'means on each stencil element'cooperating with such securing elements to hold the stencil element on such front cover member in registration with the work, the front and back cover members being also arranged to be opened to lie in .a common plane so as to overlay a piece of work to be ornamented of larger dimensions than either cover member.


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