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Publication numberUS2445004 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 13, 1948
Filing dateApr 25, 1945
Priority dateApr 25, 1945
Publication numberUS 2445004 A, US 2445004A, US-A-2445004, US2445004 A, US2445004A
InventorsDelmar R Conrad, Frank M Reynolds
Original AssigneeDelmar R Conrad, Frank M Reynolds
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Elevating platform truck
US 2445004 A
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July 13, 1948.

ELEVATING PLATFORM TRUCK 2 Sheets-Sheeb 1 Filed April 25, 1945 1 a Cu 6 Q a w I a WM MW N mam =5? =1 .I .Y /L\ B Hf. Jr. 4 F 5 July 13, 1948. I M. REYNOLDS ET'AL 2,445,004

ELEVATING PLATFORM TRUCK Filed April 25, 1945 2 Sheets-Sheet 2 INVENTORS: F. CON/"PAD 1' BY F/ZJPEWOLDS mm 'Patented July 13, 1948 a m-lime imports Frank l VL'Reynol'ds and Delmar momma; v 1 SanGabriel', Calif.

lilifliibaliiullilliirlljzs, 1945, seams.atlas (01481-9) dame;

" This'in'vention' relates to a device fforftr porting production parts," and lthe l'ike t'ofaiid from" stations or machines' hinind'ustrial p a i j I 1 3 .11, It is the general object fo'f l'our' invention 'to provide a simple and convenient' device for the purpose specified; 'Moreparticularly it is the object to provide a device which may be quickly adjusted verticallyto the :end that goods may be loaded thereon ordischa'rged" therefrom at any required elevation. f

Other objects as well as the many advantageous features of our invention will be readily understood from the following detaileddescription, and. drawings are hereto ann-eiz in which "pre ferrediorm 'of the inventio isiillustra In the drawings: N

Fig. 1'- is'a'side-view of thejdevice oflour 'invention; r

Fig. 2 is a substantially corresponding view showing the mechanism thereof vertically fully extended; I Fig. 3 is 'aplan view showing only the "lowermost portion of the device;

Fig. 4 is a plan view of the bottom section of the elevating mechanism;

Fig. 5 is a substantially corresponding side view thereof;

Figs. 6 and 7 are similar views of the intermediate sections of the elevating mechanism; and

Fig. 8 illustrates a portion of the gear connections operating this mechanism.

The structure of our invention, in the form illustrated in the drawings comprises a rectangular base I, which at the center is provided with perforations adapted to receive a pivot 2, and the latter serves to support the elevating mechanism of the invention, as will now be fully described. As both sides of the device may be and preferably are exactly alike, it is to be understood that a detailed description of any parts at one side thereof equally pertains to similar parts at the other side.

An extendable structure, in the form of a lazy tongs arrangement rises from the base I. This arrangement is composed of a series of interconnected frames, the two first, or lowermost of which are shown to comprise, respectively, links 3, 4 and. 5, 6, all of which are hung to swing on the pivot 2, as best shown in Figs. 3 and 4. The links are shown mounted on hubs 1 in order to maintain them in proper spaced relation to each other and so as to provide better bearing surfaces on the pivot 2. Spacing members 8, 9 are made with trunnions seated in these links at the outer.

n her o -I Fi l y a al a e H an l2, l3 span the spaces between the linkcombinations so asto forms'a'id link combinations into the 'aforeriamed two lowermost frames A series of interm diat'e framesfrise from the two bottom frames and, as these framesmay all be e ga'ctly' alike, only the: frames directly connected to the bottom ,fr ames are described in detail. A s indicated 'irrFig' 's. ands, thelinks are made with aligned perforations through which extend pins or rivets '|4, l 5, 'pivotallyyto support the two frame's 20,12! "andfhubs fll 2| are plac'edi'on these pin s to"maintain' the links of the frames 20, 2l'jproperly spaced apart, These frames are nearly t f'ce as long as'ftlie" bottom frames but"ma y otherwise"b e) similarl'y fcon st 'cted and the opposed inner surfacesof the frames 2Q are also irnil'a'rlycross-braced, see' also. Figs. 6 and 7.; eerie end of each of' saidframes 20, 2! 3 may; be mounted rollers 22, :23' to ride 'o'n'" the base I,' and they are pivotally joined attire centendas indicated at "24. The twohektffbllowi 'g I joined at 25, 2'6, near'theends'of the frames 3 and 4, 5, 6, andany required number of intermediate frames may be added in like manner. The two top frames 21, 28 may be like the bottom frames, except that they are not extended to support trunnion members, but are shortened and aligned with the ends of the intermediate frames. The inner ends of the top frames are hung on a pivot 29 of the top platform 30, and rollers 3|, 32 may be provided at the outer ends of the frames directly below these top frames to ride along the undersurface of the top platform.

The mechanism employed to operate the structure above described terminates in four screws 48, which are seated in sockets of bushings 46, see Fig. 8. As these four screws and the par-ts directly associated therewith may be ezqactly alike, the same reference numerals are applied to all of them. Shafts M are journaled in the base to carry bevel gears 42, and the latter are permanently in mesh with gears 43 of the screws. The two shafts are suitably interconnected, as by a chain 44 riding on sprockets 45 of the two shafts, and one of the shafts, or both, may be shaped. for connection to suitable rotating means (not shown).

As stated, the screws 40 are seated to rotate in the bushings 46, which in turn are rotatable on the shafts 4|, see also Fig. 6, in order that the 7 screws may be free to swing inward as they gradually move the frames of the lazy tongs arrangement to elevate the platform 30. It is important names are similarly:

movement of the lazy tongs arrangement, anda that diagonal braces of all the frames combine extend or collapse said lazy tongs arrangement.

3. In a device for transporting goods and the like, a base platform, a storage platform, series of frames intermediate said platforms combining to form a lazy tongs arrangement therebetween, transverse shafts on said base platform, threaded stems vertically hung to swing on said shafts, elements in the outer ends of the lowermost of said frainesstidingnon the threadstofi said! stems, gear connections. between saiiirshaftss an d stems for rotating the latter thereby to extend or collapse resaid, lazy tongs arrangement, and. braces rigidly to provide a substantially rigid structurez' fiee from side sway. The device may-thenefore be'i depended upon safely to support material imbev transported, within the calculated load carrying capacity of the device.

We claim:

1. In a device for transporting goods, a base platform,astorage platform, series offrames intermediate saidiplatf'orms combiningto'formalazy tongs arrangement tlierebetween, transverse shafts on said base platform, threadedfstemsverticallyhung to swing onsaidishaft's elements in the outer ends of the .lbwiermostlc'ai saidl frames riding. on, the threads oi-tlierst'ems gear connections between said shafts and: stems for: rotating. the latter thereby to. 1 extend and. collapse; .said l'azytongs arrangement.

. 21 In.,a device for transporting. goods;v anbase platform, a pivot. centrally traversing said, plat,- form; two frameshung to. sWingLon saidlpiyotand; extending. .therefrom right an'd- -left,.. a stor ageplatform, two. framesrsimilarlyl hung onv the underside thereof,; serieshofi frames. intermediate said upper and lower sets. of 7 frames. combining, therewith to form .a. lazy tongs arrangement, transverse. shafts in said base, platform parallelwith, saideentrah pivot,. threaded stems vertically hung onisaid shafts, elements .imtheouten .ends-of'i the lowermost set of frames ridingron thetthreads ofisaidistems, and, gear. .connectionsibetween; said shaftsand stems for rotatingthe fattenthereby-(to:

interconnecting the side members of said frames. 4i*"1he=combination with a base platform and a stonaag-e,gpla.tfor,rn,cof a lazy tongs arrangement .t=' thei\ ebetween comprising series of pivotally interconnected'frames, each'frame consisting of double side members held spaced apart by hubs,

crosssbraces rigidly interconnecting the opposed inner surfaces of said side members, threaded steins'risingv from the corners-of. said :baseplatform andirid'ing inthe spacing hubs at the ends-oi the" side membersv off'the lowermostffiamesnnd means'f'or rotating said stems thereby to .operate saidarrangement of frames to. raise and lower said"s.torage, platform.. 1



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