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Publication numberUS2447940 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 24, 1948
Filing dateSep 27, 1946
Priority dateSep 27, 1946
Publication numberUS 2447940 A, US 2447940A, US-A-2447940, US2447940 A, US2447940A
InventorsInez Holland
Original AssigneeInez Holland
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Waterproof foldable handbag for baby accessories
US 2447940 A
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Aug. 24, 1948. l. HOLLAND 2,447,940


WATERPROOF FOLDABLE HANDBAG FOR BABY ACCESSORIES Filed Sept. 27, 1946 2 Sheets-Sheet 2 l NVEN TO R Inez Kaila/( 4 TTORN E Y5 Patented Aug. 24, 1948 MWATE'RPR'OOEFOLDABLE Remin scence .TEJBABXAUCESSQRIES- 1 'tlni-ntliamijnoclviue centre-N91. I o Application SeptembenZZ, 1946, zscrial No'. 1599;837

This inventionrelatesto azhandbagfirandaparticularly. toaaibag in which toacarryt iniantsiflsrments :and--,accessories,v such .as bottles-ndiapers,

and the like. 7

It is 1aparticularobieotxof theinventionitoaprovide :a handbag of ;;rel atively ilarge'icarryingvcae pacity, but which may be fielded-into .very: ;compact .-formiwhen :not. in use. i

It isaanother object ofthe llflVEIlliiOI'lntOIPIClvide'. a bag .of: the type described: whichchas :means for wreceivinguand securing: a .pair of bottles; in.

oi'breakcured to the opposite :margignsrofnv one sidez'of-the.

bag and aresodisposed ;that1the. empty hagzimay be flattened and: folded -:in half along .;a: line:;de-, fined by the upper-edges; ofi-said bottle loops.

It is.:another object of. the'invention to: provide a; bag as described; having "a waterproof: pocket-gin which wet z or: soiled diapers may be: carried iWith out the possibility of contaminating:theg-fresh diapers or otherz-acessories which remain within thev bag.

It is another object of the invention to provide a bag as described: in whichthe wet diaper compartmentcomprises a waterproof envelope :secured internally of the bag only at its upper-edge,- and which is of such size that the bag per so may be disposed within the said envelope when the bag is not in use, to protect ithe exteriorloftthe bagagainstrsoiling. i

Itis another object of the invention to provide a bag of waterproof and soil resistant material, said material being quiltedto-have insulation characteristics which will protect the contents; of the baby bottles against temperature change.

Infants wear andaccessoriesare traditionally of pale pink or blue, eithenof which colorsfls easily soiled by casual handling .while the'goods are on displayin a storeyor whileithe goodszare being packed for delivery. Purchasers are prone to return merchandise-and particularly merchandise of the nature of infants accessorieswhich they receive in any but a completely fresh form. As a result, stores frequently are compelled to sell shopworn or soiled merchandise at very substantial reductions in price.

It is an important feature of the present invention that the internal envelope adapted to receive soiled diapers is of such size and arrangement that the bag per se may be folded or inserted into the envelope to protect the exterior of the bag-againsttsoilingson-damage while the bag isi-on thenshelves of the; store; --,andiwhile z thethag is being ishipped togthe-purohaser. Also. rthe.. dia per envelopemay. be. used as :a.-meansof protectioniof the shag when it :is mot in gusewinsthe home.

B making the envelope of arsubstantial y cob vorless rthansparent materialisuch as: theeoolorless vinyl plastic films; the-attractive.:exterionmolor of'the, merchandise-is .not con cealedwhen .thebag is; contained .therein,- -and the merchandise may be attractively displayed. i

Other ,ieatures:andvadvantages sof .the present invention will be .apparent: from 1- a= study -of: .-the accompanyingqldrawingsv{and the-description. relative thereto. v i

. In ithe accompanyingorawings: i Figs .1 :is .a perspective of a bag .pursuantto ,the

presentfdnventionphaving ibeen ielded randinsertedinto .the diaperrenvelope thereof Fig. 2 is a perspective showing thezbag int-the stage-of removal fromwoninsertion imp-the diaper envelope; v H v i Eigo 3(nis :a stop perspectiveztviewv "of the ibag -.-in fully :opened- .conditiomtreedy. :for normal use; -.-a portion of a .wall: ofv-ztheibag :hass'been; cut'away toillustrateithearrangement;ofitheibottleesecur n v loops; p

- F a4 isa avertica'hsiection taken -,on-.1-ines-14- -.-4 of.-Fig. 3, 7 except that the ibag-iswshowniin =l?ig.a.4 in almost completely =collapsed;=position;

i Fig} .5 is atopiplan;section of itheiullmtopened bagataken at ithelocationz-of :the; arrows -.5- -5--.of Fig: 14, sands-showing the (bottle i i-strapsL-as 1 .-;they wouldtbe when bottlesa'are placedthereing: and

. .-Fig. 6 is agdetail showing itheacornenconstruction of the bag andtheimethodtof aflixing. abottle strapthereto- A v v p I {Referring first =t'o1 liig. 3;, ;a -prefelfred emhodimentoft the bag :--I flacomprisesrec ane lar tend panels 1 H and! 2 wand ;-a r preferably econtinuous elongate;- rentangular j-panel -I 4 awhichv forms: the sideyandbottom wallscf thezhaga Asishown-rcompare Figures 3 and 2;;theionened ha xisqsub stantially hexahedral, with a full-area mouth, but may be collapsed into fiat form. The material of the panels is preferably of waterproof plastic film, is of double thickness having a suitable filling therebetween, and is quilted to provide an attractive appearance and insulation qualities.

Tie strings l5 or equivalent which are threaded through grommets provided in the four sides of the bag afford means of gathering the top portion to a closed position while in use, and constitute a convenient handle for carrying.

Within the bag are disposed a pair of flat loops may be folded in half along a line represented by the top margin of the loops, further to reduce the area of the bag for storage in a'bureau drawer or Nevertheless 'the' 3 other relatively small space. straps are of such width as to embrace a baby bottle over a large central area thereof.

It Will be noted from Fig. 5 that when the re spective straps are opened to receive a bottle, each bottle held thereby is separated from its companion by a relatively wide space, making it impossible for'the bottlesto strike against each othe'r while the bag is being carried. The quilted construction of the straps and of the bag material additionally protects the bottle against breakage and acts as a thermal insulation to minimize temperature change of the bottle contents.

Secured to the topmost edge of the bag at the side opposite the bottle straps is an open-topped envelope 20 which-is prefer-ably of transparent waterproof film. "The width of this envelopeis large in proportion to the width of the bag itself, and has a length at least equal to, and preferably slightly greater than, the length of the bag when the same is in collapsed or flattened position. As appears in Fig. 3, the envelope 2|] is provided with spaced cutouts'2l so that the envelope will not interfere with the tie strings l5; the portions of the envelope material adjacent the cutouts are hinges permitting the envelope to be swung outwardly of the bag.

The envelope 20 is essentially for the storage of wet or solied diapers, in order to prevent contamination of fresh diapers and other items which are contained within the bag. Importantly,'however, the envelope 20 serves as a receptacle for the bag itself while the bag is in storage or is in shipment to the purchaser. Accordingly, seelFig. 2, the envelope 20 may be withdrawn from the bag and the bag itself folded'thereinto. Then, the soarranged structure may be retained in full size fiat condition for demonstration purposes or folded on itself to provide the compact rectangular structure illustrated in Fig. 1. In" any event, the transparent envelope 20 protects the delicate color of the bag against soilage o'r againstsh'opwear or damage during transit.-

It is apparent, therefore, that I have provided a bag for infants" clothing and accessories which is of large volume when expanded, but nevertheless foldable into small size when used, and which has means optionally usable as a protective cover for the bag when not in use, or as a receptacle forsoiled or wet garments.

Although the invention has been described by making a fully detailed reference to a certain presently preferred embodiment, such detail of description is to be understood in an instructive rather than a limiting sense, many changes being possible within the scope of the claims hereto appended.

I claim:

1.. Aba'g for infants garments and accessories, comprising a" plurality of rectangular-flexible panels united along their edges to provide a structure which may be collapsed into substantially [flat form or opened into substantially hexahedron shape; bottle-receiving loops disposed at opposite edges of one of said panels, a single hinge-like '''strap for securing said loops to the said panel, '.tfsaid loopsextending toward each other and of such size that when each receives a bottle, said bottles are secured in spaced relationship to each other; and a relatively large open-mouthed envelo'p'eof waterproof material disposed internally ofsaidf bag and secured therein only by engagement of an upper edge with an upper edge of one of said panels.

'2. A 'bag for baby garments and accessories, comprising rectangular panels of waterproof, quilt-ed, plastic film secured along their marginal edges to provide an open-topped hexahedral 1 structure; tie cords threaded through the side walls of said structure at the top thereof to gather' 'said side walls together for bag-closing purposes a relatively deep loop of quilted material disposed internally of saidbag and hingedly secured to a marginal edge thereof, said loop being adapted to embrace a bottle over a substantial length thereof; and an open-topped envelope of flexible waterproof material disposed internally of the bag and secured thereto only by securement of the upper edge of the outer wall of said envelope with the upper edge of one wall of said bag", whereby'said envelope may be brought to the'extrior of said'bag; said envelope having a mouthopening and a length and width sufilcieut' to'permitthe bag itself to be disposed in the envelope 'in" substantially flat form.


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