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Publication numberUS2448546 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 7, 1948
Filing dateSep 4, 1945
Priority dateSep 4, 1945
Publication numberUS 2448546 A, US 2448546A, US-A-2448546, US2448546 A, US2448546A
InventorsAbernathy Jr Bill J, Plemel Lawrence M
Original AssigneeAbernathy Jr Bill J, Plemel Lawrence M
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Portable recompression chamber
US 2448546 A
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p 1948- L. M. PLEMEL EIAL 2.4485546 PORTABLE RECOMBRESSION CHAMBER Filed Sept. 4, 1945 2 Sheets-sheaf. 1


LAWRENCE M. PLEMEL QLW Filed Sept. 4, 1945 Sept. 7, 1948. 1 M. PLEMEL EI'AL 2,443,545


LAWRENCE M. PLEMEL flbtoamw Patented Sept. 7,1948

PORTABLE RirooMrREssIoN CHAMBER Lawrence Plenieland Bill J. Abernathy, Jr.,

, United States Navy Application September 4, 1945, Serial No. 614,326 3 Claims. (01. 128-204) (Granted under the act cit-March}, 1883, as

amended April 30, 1928;.370 0. G. 157) 1 g This invention relates to a portable recompression chamber for the treatment of caisson disease or for other purposes usually served by large complicated installations of a permanent nature. L I

In locations where much diving activityis in progress, it is usual to provide a compression chamber with medical facilities and all other appurtenances necessary for the care of divers. These standard chambers are heavy and cumbersome as well as expensive, and many such activities have too little diving to support their .use. However, when even one man is incapacitated by the bends or caisson disease, it is necessary for him to have prompt treatment. In such cases it may be diflicult, if not impossible, to provide such treatment early enough to secure the best results therefrom. Routine diving, also, involves controlled decompression at times. It is with these things in mind that we have designed the present portable chamber.

An object of the invention is to provide an improved chamber suitable for the accommodation of one diver and having the essential elements necessary i or minimum care.

A further object of the invention is to provide a recompression chamber portable by virtue of its small size and inexpensive so that such chambers may be distributed to activities carrying on a small amount of divin or, for emergency use, be transportable by aircraft or other light forms of transportation.

With these objects and others in view, we have designed the chamber which is the subject of the following description in which:

Figure 1 is an isometric view of the entire device with all elements visible from the outside shown; and

Figure 2 is an internal view taken as if the end opposite the entrance hat-ch were removed.

The body or casing of the chamber is indicated by the reference character I. For entry into the chamber a main hatch 2, supported by the hatch arm 3, hinge 4 and ball and socket joint 5, is provided in one end. The hatch is of the internal sealing type, elliptical in plan. Hatch dogs 6 are provided to secure the hatch in proper position while pressure is developed inside the chamber. The dogs are operated by handle 1, and a gasket 8 provides fluid tight fit. The dogs fit into notches 6a to properly position the elliptical hatch when it is closed.

For the insertion of medical and/or oth'er supplies such as foods, there is provided a medical lock generally referred to at 9. This lock comprises a cylindrical'chamber passing through the body I. The upper or outside end of the lock is provided with a hatch l0 operable from outside, and'a valve! I. At the lower or internal end of the lock is a second hatch l2 with a valve 13. Inside the lock-there is a tray I4 provided for use in lowering such articlesas are desired through the lock to the occupant oi;the chamber. The tray is supportedby slidable legs I ia. The hatch is suspended by one of two arms Nb and can-:be closed by swingingiit. until. its lateral extension lZa hooks into engagement with theother arm.

At the end oppositetheentrance hatch, or in any suitable place, there is provided a stufling box l5 for sealed entry of electrical cables providing for telephone, light and other desired services. Hand rails l6 and hoisting tabs [1 are provided for convenient handling of the chamber. Observation ports I8 are provided in such location to allow observation by or of the patient.

Oxygen (air) is provided by apparatus generally referred to at 19. This apparatus comprises oxygen inlet valve 20, regulator 2| in a by-pass pipe and the connection T 22. Exhaust is by means of system 23 which comprises the exhaust valve 24 and a by-pass having a regulator 25. Pressure gauge 26 is in addition to the regulator gauges and is designed for indicating internal pressure either in pounds per sq. inch or in ft. of depth. Rails 21 are provided for support and easy entry and exit of a stretcher, not shown.

In use, the chamber having been established at a point close to the operations so that prompt attention may be given to any diver in need, the patient will be placed upon a stretcher and inserted into the chamber, head first. Upon closing the main and medical lock hatches and valves, air

pressure from a suitable supply may be estab- I lished in the chamber by operation of the supply system [9. To secure air for breathing while maintaining the proper pressure the exhaust system 23 will be suitably controlled. Easy observation of the pressure conditions is assured by the various valves, regulators and gauges. If it is desired to give the patient food, it is necessary for the upper medical lock hatch to be opened. To do this, pressure is relieved from the hatch by opening valve H, whereupon hatch l0 may be removed and articles of food placed upon the tray M. The hatch and valve will then be closed, and the patient may, by first opening valve l3 to equalize pressure in the lock, remove the hatch l2. He may then allow the tray to descend and remove the articles from it.

If desired, internal lights may be provided, as

3 may telephone service for voice communication with the patient.

It is contemplated that the device described will be valuable in emergency service wherein, after securing the patient comfortable and with suitable pressure in the small chamber, it may, with the patient, "be transported to a location providing full facilities, In this way there will be gained the advantage inherent in great promptness of attention.

It will now be apparent that we'haveprovided a useful and convenient portable recompression chamber. 01'' course, many changes will be 905- sible in the exact arrangement and in details, without departing from the spirit of our invention, which is expressed in the terms ofthe lowing claims. v

This invention may be made or used by pry-for the Government of the United States for governmental purposes without the payment to us of vany royalties thereon or thereior.

What is claimed is:

1. "In a portable recompression c'hani-ber,a casmg having a substantially elliptical cpen end with notches in the periphery of the opening, and 'a closure device having :an arm pivoted to said casing adjacent said :cpening'; said device comprising a substantially elliptical plate universally =connected to said arm so that it can .b moved into the interior of said casing, and a quick-acting toggle mechanism uponisaid plate and-comprising elements ashiftaible into said notches to position said plate when it is closed.

2. In a recompression chamber, a casing having an opening and closure means associated therewith, and an air lock unit fitted to a wall oi! said casing, said unit comprising a tube extending through said casing and open at both ends, a tray within said tube and movable into said eating, an externally operable means for closing the outer end of said tube, and means for closing the inner end of said tube.

3. In the apparatus defined in claim 2, said means circles-mg the inner end of said tube comprising-a oixigid arms within the casing, and ambit: swingingly suspended by one of said arms and movable into latched engagement with the ether arm.


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