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Publication numberUS2450091 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 28, 1948
Filing dateFeb 13, 1946
Priority dateFeb 13, 1946
Publication numberUS 2450091 A, US 2450091A, US-A-2450091, US2450091 A, US2450091A
InventorsKendall Floyd J
Original AssigneeSpringfield Metallic Casket Co
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Corner holding device
US 2450091 A
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Sept. 28,1948. F. J. KENDALL CORNER HOLDING DEVICE Filed Feb. 13, 1946 FIG.3

INVENTOR FLOYD J. KENDALL f Ark 0%? Patented Sept. 28, 1948 UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE comma nonnme DEVICE.

Floyd J. Kendall, Springfield, Ohio, assignor to The Springfield Metallic Gasket 00., Inc., Springfield, Ohio, a corporation of Ohio Application February 13, 1946, Serial No. 647,354

" (o1. arr-a) My-invention relates to corner holding device for attaching decorative escutcheon plate to the exteriorof a casket without disclosure from the exterior of the attaching means.

It is the object of this invention to provide attaching means for the escutcheon plates and in particular corner escutcheon plates.

It is an object to provide such an attaching means that cannot be seen from the exterior of the casket, that will be firmly locked to the casket and that will be self-aligning and that will accommodate the irregularities of manufacture so that a tight joint can be-made between the face of the casket and the engaging surfaces of the escutcheon plate. I

Heretofore in the art the attachment of escutcheon plates has presented the problem of unsightly retaining bolts and screws which are frequently of different metals from the highly decorative escutcheon plates and, therefore, are

conspicuous. The escutcheon plate is weakened by the piercing of the plate to receive the attaching bolts or screws. Such attaching bolts or screws did not accommodate themselves to the necessary irregularities resulting from the manufacture of thin pressed metal or cast escutcheon plates. The attaching means did not lend themselves readily to any preassembly operation nor were they adapted particularly for the position of escutcheon plates on corners of caskets.

It is the object of this invention to overcome the defects of prior art structure and particularly to provide a ready means of preassembly and accommodation of different sizes and variations of casket and escutcheon plate constructions.

It is also an object to provide means of aligning the escutcheon plate with the corner of the casket.

Referring to the drawings,

Figure 1 is a horizontal section through a corner of a casket and a corner escutcheon plate showing in plan view the attaching means;

Figure 2 is a perspective of the same structure;

Figure 3 is a detailed view with the attaching means partly in section;

Figure 4 is a section on'the line 44, looking in the direction of the arrows, of Figure 1.

Referring to the drawings in detail, I designates an escutcheon plate having diverging arms with casket wall engaging ends 2 to engage the walls 3 and 4 of a casket; these two walls 3 and 4 form a corner 5 of the casket. The escutcheon arms are connected by a central portion 6 constituting a corner generally opposite the corner 5 of the casket. The corner 5 of the casket is pro- 6 Claims.

vided with a bolt aperture 1 in which is mounted a retaining bolt 8 the inner end of which is threaded at 9 to receive the nut 10. The nut engages with a substantially D-shaped or channel shaped aligning corner plate H which engages with its tapered side edges the inside walls 3 and '4 of the casket. The outer end of the bolt 8 is provided with a crosshead l2 whichhas been introduced through the cam slot l3 of the escutcheon plate retaining member which is a U-shaped body having a back plate l4 and arms I5 in which are cut the slots I3. The slots are extended into a semicircular recess 16 for receiving the crosshead 12 of the bolt 8. This retaining member is attached by welding as at I! to the inside of the escutcheon plate corner 6. It will be noted that the peripheral edge of each arm of the escutcheon plate on the concave side thereof lies in a plane which may be called a mounting plane.' These planes are angularly related and, when the plate is mounted on the corner of a casket or the like, coincide with the outer surfaces of the casket walls. It will also be observed that the arms [5 of the retaining clip terminate between the escutcheon plate on its concave side and the planes as defined by the inner edges of the arms 2 as described above.

It will be noted that the use of the cam slot t3 and recess IS with an annular crosshead 12 provides means for locking the parts together and accommodating irregularities.

In assembling, the cam attaching means is spot welded tothe interior of the escutcheon plate. The crossbar I2 is dropped in the cam slot, the bolt 8 is inserted through the opening I and thence through the corner retainer H and the nut I0 is turned up to lock the parts together. The result is that there is no visible attaching means from the exterior of the casket and the escutcheon plate fits snugly to the exterior surface of the casket irrespective of any irregularities in manufacture.

It will be understood that I do not wish to be limited to the specific structure and arrangement shown in the drawings but desire to comprehend such modifications thereof as come within the scope of the claims.

Having thus fully described my invention, what I claim as new and desire to secure by Letters Patent is:

1. In a corner escutcheon plate for a casket or like member, means for attaching said escutcheon plate to the corner of a member, said means comprising a U-shaped clip secured to the inside of the plate and having slots therein inclined with the open ends toward said plate, a T-shaped bolt having its crosshead in said slots and its shaft adapted to extend through said corner, and a channel shaped clip having a hole to receive said bolt and adapted to engage the inside of the corner of the member, the said means thus providing for a concealed support for said plate.

2. In a" corner escutcheoniplateiiore.a casket or like member, a U-shaped' plate-having-cam slots in the arms thereof and mounted on the inside of the escutcheon plate, a triangular channel shaped bolt support having an aperture for receiving the bolt mounted on the inside of a corner of the member, the said corner'. havinglan= aperture for receiving a bolt, a T-shapedibolti havingits crossh'ead mounted in said cam slot and its shaft extending through the-aperture-intheporner and the aligned aperture of the triangular bolt support, and a clamping nut mounted-onithe inner end of said bolt whereby the escutcheon 1 plate is adjustably clamped and'locked to the exwterior of the member and said attachingmeans is completely concealed from the exteriorfthe plate. and member.

3. Ina corner escutcheon plate for a casket,

. said plate being concave internally in cross secztion' and the periphery of the plateon its concave side defining mounting planes at the same angularityas the sides of the casket forming the corrner for receiving the plate, a U-shaped slotted attaching means mounted on the interior'of the :COII'IGI .of the plate and extending to a point hetween the mounting planes and the inside of :said plate; and a T-shaped bolt having its crosshead mounted in said slot and its. inner end extending I through the. line of .intersection of said mounting planes and threaded to receive a nut.

'. 4. In a corner escutcheon plate fora casket,

a point between the said mounting planes and the concave side of said plate, a T-shaped bolt having its crosshead mounted in said slot and its inner end threaded to receive a nut, the casket 5 on which said plate is to be mounted having a hole to receive said bolt, and an interiorly disposed channel shaped bolt support inside the cor- ;Wn'eri ofthe casket and: alsdixhawing .anz aperture to r'ee eive said bolt.

5. In a corner escutcheon plate for a casket, said plate being concave internally in cross sec- '.-tion,-a-U.- -shaped slotted attaching clip mounted on the inside of the corner of said escutcheon opiate;azfiishapedzbolt having the transverse por- -tion thereof mounted in said slot, the casket for receivingsaidpl'ate on the corner having an aper- .tu-rewfor-receivingrsaid bolt, and a channel shaped blip on the inside of the corner of the casket and *al'sohaving an aperture for receiving said bolt.

6. In a corner escutcheon plate for a casket, said-plate being concaveninternally. inzcross-sec- $1021, aaslotted attaching pclipwmountedzyon :the inner corner of said plate andhaving ;an-;enlarged recess at the bottom -:of-the.slotyacylindricalzbolt having a'cylindrical crosshead-adapted toengage wwiththe enlargedrecess at the bottom of said slot of the attaching clip,.vand means gon-xthetinner end of: said boltforwattachingilt to the interior of ;a corner 'ofa casket, said casket-,havingan aperture for-receiving ;saidb olt.


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