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Publication numberUS2450244 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 28, 1948
Filing dateSep 28, 1945
Priority dateSep 28, 1945
Publication numberUS 2450244 A, US 2450244A, US-A-2450244, US2450244 A, US2450244A
InventorsClarence S Lynch
Original AssigneeClarence S Lynch
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Beverage container and dispensing device
US 2450244 A
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Sept. 28', 1948. c. s. LYNCH BEVERAGE CONTAINER AND DISPENSING DEVICE Filed Sept. 28 1945 FIG.

Patented Sept. 28, 1948 BEVERAGE CONTAIN ER AND DISPENSING DEVICE Clarence S. Lynch, Arlington, Va.

Application September 28, 1945, Serial No. 619,209

- 1 Claim.

Generically this invention relates to an improved fluid container, but it more particularly is directed to such a container including a dispensing device through which the fluid can be withdrawn.

One of the principal objects of this invention is the provision of a beverage container having one or more flexible tubular dispensin elements of greater length than the height of the container,

sealed therein in a manner such that opening of the top of the container operatively positions said elements, so that the contents may be consumed in a sanitary manner without necessitating contact of the hands with the dispensing elements.

Another important object of this invention is the provision of a container of this character having a movable top member, deformable dispensing tubular elements of greater length than the height of the container housed therein, and supporting brackets secured to the inner surface of the container and the under surface of the top member adapted to receive and retain said tubular elements so that movement of said member to open position restores said elements to dispensing position.

An important object of this invention is the provision of a container and a stationary flexible drinking tube of greater length than. the height of the container sealed therein when the top of the container is in closed position in such a manner, that when the top of the container is moved to open position, the tube is automatically in operative or drinking position.

Another important object of this invention is the provision of a container and a flexible fluid dispensing tubular device so positioned with respect to the inner wall of the container and under surface of the cap portion, that when the cap is in closed position the dispensing device is bent to conform to the angle of the cap with respect to the container well, and as the cap is opened the device is restored to'its normal shape, thereby enablin free flow of the fluid therethrough during the dispensing operation.

A still further important obj ect of this invention is the provision of a container formed with a leak-proof lid or cap easily openable, a flexible tubular dispensing device housed within the container, said cap carrying on its under surface a supporting bracket designed to slidably support in underlying relation therewith the upper portion of the dispensing device, the opening of the cap adapted to place said upper portion in operative or dispensing position.

Another object of this invention is the provision of a combined beverage container and dispensing tube device, wherein the device is hermetically sealed with the beverage in workable relation with the container and closure, so that the container and device may be packaged for handling as a single completely sanitary unit, thereby enabling beverages to be served to the consumer in a, single sealed package, the contents adapted to be consumed upon removal of the cap which operatively positions the dispensing tube device in dispensing position, without at any time having the fingers come in contact with the dispensing device.

A still further important object of this invention is the provision of a sealed container constructed from paper, plastic, or other suitable material, including a removable cap member, a, flexible tube dispensing device normally enclosed therein, sup-porting brackets carried by the wall of 1e container and the under surface of the removable can adapted to detachably permit lateral insertion of one or more of said flexible tubes there in, said brackets formed with locking means for preventing disengagement of said tubes therefrom, the locking means carried by said wall holding said tubes stationary and said means carried by said cap having slidable connection therewith, to bendingly position the upper portion of said tubes when in closed position and to restore the same to dispensing position upon movement of the cap to open position.

With these and other objects in view, which will-become apparent as the description proceeds, the invention resides in the construction, combination, and arrangement of parts, hereinafter more fully described and claimed, and illustrated in the accompanying drawing, in which like characters of reference indicate like parts throughout the several figures, of which:

Fig. 1 is a vertical sectional View of my improved container with the cap closure in closed position, and showing the tubular dipensing device in deformed housed position.

Fig. 2 is a similar view to Fig. 1 with the cap closure in open position, and the tubular dispensing device in restored dispensing position.

Fig. 3 is a section through the closure cap and upper portion of the container taken at right angles to Fig. 1.

Fig. 4 is a sectional fragmentary isometric view of the container, showing one of the tube supporting brackets with the tubes supported therein.

Fig. 5 is a top plan view of Fig. 1.

In the sale of packaged beverages such as milk, soft drinks, and the like at roadside stands, delicatessens, lunch counters, etc., it is necessary to accompany the container with one or more drinking straws or cups for consumption of the contents which not only requires separate handling of these articles, under more or less unsanitary conditions, but frequently such accessories are not immediately available, therefore the purchaser is subjected to loss of time, inconvenience in connection with the consumption of the beverage, therefore the dispensing of such beverages where paper containers and the like are employed is awkward and unsatisfactory, and necessitates the outlay of extra articles and is not only an added expense but involves extra time and handling as well as the attendant danger of unsanitation, therefore it was to overcome these and other disadvantages that I designed the inexpensive sealed container, including a removable cap and a flexible drinking or dispensing tube or tubes normally secured and sealed therein, and with means in connection with the cap and tube or tubes to position the latter in deformed position when the cap is closed and adapted to position the same in dispensing or drinking position upon opening or removal of the cap.

In the illustrated embodiment characterizing this invention there is shown, in the present instance, a waterproof or fluidproof waxed or otherwise treated paper container I, one form of which and for purpose of description, is shown as square in cross section and formed with opposite side walls 2 and 3 and 4 and 5. The lower ends of said side walls are formed with inwardly projecting flange portion 6 adapted to support the bottom member '1 seating thereon and adhesively and sealingly secured thereto in any suitable manner. The respective side walls are crimped inwardly at their lower ends as at 8 not only tending to sealingly retain the bottom in engagement with said flanges but also to add strength and rigidity to the structure. The upper ends of said side walls are formed with inwardly extending flanges 9 and crimpedportions I'D similar to 5 and 8, respectively, with a top closure member H secured intermediate flanges 9 and crimped portions I8 similar to bottom 1, 'except, that adjacent side 5said top member II is formed with an elongated or substantially rectangular opening I 2. A removable closure cap member is is adapted to seat on flanges 9, formed with a downwardly projecting socket or cup like member Hi adapted to snugly and seatingly fit within said opening l2 and extend downwardly beyond top member H, as directly will more fully appear.

The cap closure member I3 at its rear edge I5 is formed with an extension is constituting a hinge portion, complementally formed as at H with respect to crimped portion iii in which it seats, and is adapted to overlie the exterior surface of wall 2, to which it is secured by a staple or brad I8, and which may be further and sealingly secured by a suitable adhesive, wax, or'the like to 'effecta fluid tight jointure when the cap is in closed position. Said cap member [3 extends beyond the-side walls 3 and 5 sufficiently to be crimped over the upper edge of said walls forming the cap locking and sealingportionsii-l and IS with their free edges engaging in the crimped portions 10, as shown in Figs. 1 and 3, tosecure said cap in closed position. While preferably the cap [3 has been described as formed'wit'h the sealing or crimping portion [9, if desired it may 'be'dispensed with by narrowing this side of said cap to'conform with the oppositeside 2B'and seat on top H, similar to said opposite side and, in

"the dispensing tube supporting and retaining an- ;gle brackets 2|, the lateral or horizontal extendjing portions 22 of which, in the present instance, are formed with a pair of openings 23 connected with the free edge of said portion by the slits or-slots .24. A'pair of flexible dispensing tubes or drinking straws 25, constructed from paper or other suitable material, are adapted to be readily positioned in openings 23 through slots 24 widened by manipulation of the portions 26 and- 21 in'opposite directions, said portions when returned to their normal position locking and retaining said straws stationary in said brackets with their lower ends slightly spaced above bottom 1. Similarly secured to the inner surface of the member It at its rear edge is a bracket #28 similar to bracket 12! except that the openings -29, corresponding to openings 23, are elongated to receive and retain the upper end of tubes 25 therein and to permit 'slidable movement of the bracket withrespec't to said tubes as the closure cap il 3 is moved 'to closed position and cooperating with-the upper bracket 2! to deform said tubes as at 30 '(Fig. '1'), and restore them to their .rnectionwith the dispensing or imbibing operation, the capmember [3 may be scored as at 3| so as "to be easily bent over rearwardly away frOmLthe upper end of said tubes or straws if desired. While two straws have been illustrated anddes'cribed as comprising the fluid dispensing .devicaiitis to'be understood that tone straw only 'may'be used if desired.

"Whil'ein the present instance the cap or top member [3 is shown as hinged, it might be'well I to'state'that said hinge portion could be severed and the cap elevated to restore the device to operative position, and by reason of the enlarged openings 29, it could be entirely removed without departing from the scope or spirit of this invention.

'It will be-apparent that I have designed a milk or'oth'er fluid beverage container including a dispensing device completely housed within the containendeformable by'closing of the top member 'andrestorable to dispensing position by the opening or. removal of said member, said top member 'being so constructed that it may be removed from proximity to'the free end of the dispensing device, if desired said device being simple in construction, manufa'cturable at a reasonable cost,

adapted to be delivered to the consumer in a "singlesanitary package and efficient for the purpose intended.

Although in practice it has been found that the form of the invention illustrated in the accompanying drawings and referred to in the above description as the preferred embodiment is the most efficient and practical, yet realizing that'conditions concurrent with the adaption of the invention will necessarily vary, it is well to emphasize that various minor changes in details of construction, proportion and arrangement of parts, may be resorted to within the scope of the appended claims without departing -from or sacrificing any of the principles of the invention.

Having thus described the invention, what is desired protected by Letters Patent is as set forth in the following claim:

A sealed container for beverages and the like including side walls and a hingedly mounted cap member, a drinking tube within the container of greater length than the depth of the container, brackets constructed of flexible material attached to a side wall in vertical spaced relation formed in a manner such as to friotionally engage said tube and retain it against vertical movement, the upper portion of said tube being bent into a position normal to the vertical portion of the tube and disposed immediately beneath the surface of said cap, a bracket depending from the cap,

said bracket being formed to slidably receive the bent portion of said tube whereby as the cap is moved to open position, said bent portion of the tube will be moved by the cap into a position forming a continuation of said vertical portion and providing an uninterrupted passage through said tube.



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