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Publication numberUS2451521 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 19, 1948
Filing dateJan 9, 1945
Priority dateJan 9, 1945
Publication numberUS 2451521 A, US 2451521A, US-A-2451521, US2451521 A, US2451521A
InventorsUglum Alfred H
Original AssigneeUglum Alfred H
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Magazine loader
US 2451521 A
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Oct. 19, 1948. A. H. UGLUM MAGAZ INE!v LOADER Filed Jan. 9, 1945 ALFRED H UELUM,

maffia/MM www Patented Oct. 19, `-194:8 v

EFICE MAGAZINE LOADER Alfred H. Uglum, Waterville, Iowa Application January 9, 1945, Serial No. 572,044

l Claim. (Cl. 86-47) (Granted under the act of- March 3, 1883, as amended April 30, 1928; 370 0. G. 757) i 2 The invention described herein may be manu- Figure l, is constrained into movement downfactured and used by or for the Government for ward by means of gravity and securely though governmental purposes Without the payment t iOOSely held in the Channel i5. The laCeWay IU me of any royalty thereon. iS made any Convenient length to accommodate This invention relates to machines for loading the desired number of cartridges I2 as shown. cartridges into magazines. The raceway I 0 is open at the bottom, permitting A purpose of the invention is to provide a mathe cartridges to drop by gravity onto a guiding chine by means of which magazines for sub-maramp 25 formed by plates 26 and 28 as Shown in chine guns and the like may be quickly, easily Figuresl and 5. and automatically loaded with ammunition. A vertically reciprocating plunger 30, of rec- Other purposes of the invention will become tangular cross section, is arranged to slide in a apparent from the following description and chamber 32 open at the top and bottom and drawingg formed between the sides 34, 36, 38 and 40. The

Reference is now had to the drawings in which: top 42 of the plunger 30 is arranged to recipro- Figure 1 is a front elevational view of a mal5 cate to a low position at the base of the inclined chine embodying the invention; ramp portion 28 as shown in Figure 1 and Fg- Figure 2 is a cross sectional view taken along ure 2, with all its travel above this point. the line 2-2 of Figure l; A shaft 44 having an external turning crank Figure 3 is a sectional view taken along the line 46 and handle 48 is rotatably arranged in two 3 3 of Figure 1; 2o horizontal bearings 50 and 52 formed in the ver- Figure 4 is a sectional view taken along the tical members 54 and 40, bearing 52 being made line 4 4 of Figure l, and removable as shown for easy insertion of shaft Figure 5 is an enlarged cut-away detail view of 44 therethrough. An internal crank 56 is formed the mechanism and cartridges as they enter the by bending shaft 44 as shown in Figure 2. A magazine. COHDeCtng rod 58 has its upper end pivotally In the use of sub-machine guns like the connected to the lower end of the plunger by Thompson cal. .45 sub-machine gun, it is necesmeans of a pivot pin B0 inserted through a horisary to load the magazine or clip with the car- ZOntal bOI'e passing thlOugh both the connecting tridges. While this may be done by hand for rod 58 and the plunger 30 as shown in Figures loading one clip, it becomes a tedious and some- 30 1 and 2. The lower end of the connecting rod what tiresome task when a great many yclips are 58 has a U-shaped transverse groove B2 to accomto be loaded. One reason is the fact that the modate the crank 56, and a pin 64 thrOugh its cartridges have to be forced into the clip against projecting ends to retain the crank in the the resistance of an internal spring, and the regroove 62. sistance of the spring increases as more and more It is thus apparent that turning the handle cartridges enter the clip. The present invention 48 in a clockwise direction as indicated by the shows a mechanism by which the process of clip aTIOW 6B Will Cause the plunger 30 110 reciprocate loading is greatly facilitated and improved. Vertally.

In Figure 1, a vertically arranged raceway IIJ The column of cartridges I2 in the raceway I0 is adapted to hold a number of cartridges I2 in a 40 forces the lowest cartridge into the POStiOn 68 vertical column as shown. A back plate Ill is Where it rests directly on the top 42 of the formed into a U-shaped channel i5 as also shown Plunge? 30- in Figure 3, just deep enough and wide enough A magazine or clip 10 of the usual type emto receive the rims I6 of the cartridges I2. Face plOyed in the ThOmDSOIl Sub-mhine gurl iS inplates I8 and 2l! fastened against back plate Ill 45 serted, open end downward, into the machine as have extensions 22 and 24 projecting inwardly shown. The frame of the machine is formed as over the front of the channel I5, the extensions shown, with a side wall 'I2 and a back wall I4 having their projecting edges beveled as shown which is formed with a channel as shown in Figin Figure 3 to fit loosely in the rim groove of the ure 3 extending upwards from the line 'I6 of Figcartridges I2, thereby holding the cartridge rims 50 ures 1 and 2, to accommodate the rear longituin the channel I5 as shown. Faceplate 20 has a dinal projection 'I8 of the clip l0. A stud 80 lower extension 2| rounded as shown, to guide formed in the wall 12 serves to hold the top of the cartridges as they fall onto the ramp 25 and the clip 10 in the machine as shown, and to keep them inline. prevent vertical movement thereof. A curved Thus the column of cartridges I2 as seen in 55 depression 82 is formed in wall l2 to permit the upper rim 84 of the clip 10 to enter without interference. The wall 'I2 is also cut away as shown at 86 so the clip may be held with the ngers as it is inserted and withdrawn from the machine. The right hand lower lip B8 of the clip is supported as shown in Figure 5 by the curved portion of the wail v'12.

With the clip 10 in place and the raceway l0 full of cartridges as shown in Figure 1, the handle 48 is turned continuously in a clockwise direction. The plunger 30 forces cartridge 68 upwards into the lower opening of the clip 10, forcing it in againstl the resistance of the projection -90 of the spring follower inside the clip. As the `handle 48 is turned again, the neXtcartridge,

having rolled onto the top of plunger 30, is also forced upwards into the clip, and so on as seen in Figure 5, until the clip is full, 'when it -is removed from the machine by gripping atthe position of the cutout 85 and pullingsidewise.

The top 42 of the plunger 3D may be at. as shown, or may have a-shallow -transverse'groove 92 as'shown `in Figure 5 -to Vpartly receive Vthe rounded side of the cartridge. The-upper portion an open end, including a support for holding a magazine with open end downward, means arranged on said support beneath the open end of said magazine for pressing a cartridge upwardly into the magazine comprising a plunger mounted for vertical reciprocating movement, a rotatable shaft disposed''beneathy the plunger, a crank on said shaft, a connecting rod rotatably connected at its lower end to said crank and pivotally connected at its upper end to said plunger, and means for rotating said shaft, and gravity actuated means carried by said support for delivering cartridges one by one onto said plunger comprising a hopper elevated relative to the said plunger provided with vertical guide grooves for slidably engaging the rims of cartridge cases to maintain the cartridges in alignment one above the other and a passageway .communicating at an angle with said hopper adjacent the bottom of the vertical guide grooves for delivering cartridges one by one from the guide grooves to the top of said plunger.


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U.S. Classification86/47, 244/155.00A, 42/87
International ClassificationF41A9/83, F41A9/00
Cooperative ClassificationF41A9/83
European ClassificationF41A9/83