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Publication numberUS2452096 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 26, 1948
Filing dateNov 15, 1946
Priority dateNov 15, 1946
Publication numberUS 2452096 A, US 2452096A, US-A-2452096, US2452096 A, US2452096A
InventorsBertalotto Marion F
Original AssigneeBertalotto Marion F
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Combined billfold and card retainer
US 2452096 A
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F iled Nov. 15, 1946 Patented Oct. 26, 1948 UNITED STATES PATEN 2,452,096 COMBiN ED BILLFOLD AND CARDRETAINER Marion F. Bertalo tto, Monett, Mo..

A p'plication November 15,

1 Glaim. (01. 150-35.

Thislihventionisa novel combined billfold and care retainer and. is especially? designed to prov'riki'el at billfbldand card-case which wi-lT retain currency and cards, or ,the l-ike i-n separate compartments, each of which will be readily and separately accessible.

It? is" aim'ajor purpose of the present invention to provide a novel combined billfold and card have a pair of compartments, separate from each other, intended for the reception of currency and accessible respectively from opposite edges of the billfold.

It is a further purpose of the present invention to provide in a combined billfold and card retainer, a plurality of pockets or compartments designed to receive cards therein in such a manner convenient withdrawal thereof.

A still further object of the present invention is to provide a combined billfold and card retainer which will retain the contents securely and percard holders being omitted. As shown in the drawings, the combined billfold and card container comprises an outer wall I and relation with respect to the outer wall I 0, the inner wall I 4 being secured at its opposite ends I l and I 2 to the adjacent face of the outer wall ill in any desired manner as by stitching, cementing or the'likez Preferably this inner wall is of slight- L5; to form compartments Hi and I'l-for the re-- ceptionof; bills orcurrency thereing A plurality of overlapping pieces i8 of any suitable ornamental configuration are secured to the inner face of the inner wall I4 adjacent one end thereof and in any desired manner to provide a series of card-containing compartments l9. These compartments are relatively shallow in depth and are so designed that a substantial portion of each of the cards placed therein will remain Visible and such cards may be conveniently grasped for ready withdrawal when desired.

Adjacent the opposite end of the billfold, a pair of overlapping pieces 2| and 22 are secured to the inner wall I l so as to provide pockets or compartments 24 and 25. It will be noted that the compartments 24 and 25 are of substantially greater depth than the compartments l9 and are designed to receive cards or other items of greater size than those intended to be disposed within the pockets IQ for ready visibility.

If desired the outer and inner Walls Ill and M may be folded transversely intermediate the extremities thereof, as indicated respectively at 25 and 26. The fold thus created is located sub stantially centrally of the billfold and will in no manner interfere with items placed within the card-containing compartments.

As illustrated more particularly in Figure 2 of the drawings, two sets of Cellophane or transparent containers 3| and 32, may be secured to the inner wall l4 adjacent the fold 26 thereof in any suitable manner as by strips of adhesive is believed required. It will be noted that when the combined billfold and card container is closed or folded, the Cellophane containers 3| and 32 will overlie each other and will conveniently fit within the fold 26 of the inner wall I 4.

The combined billfold of the present invention provides a pair of currency-retaining compartments disposed in longitudinal abutting relationship and separated only by the longitudinal securing means which fastens the inner wall M to the outer wall l0. These compartments are accessible, respectively, from the top and bottom edges of the billfold and are entirely separate and apart from the plurality of pockets or compartments provided for the reception of cards, papers, or other items. Bills may be removed from either or both of the currency compartments without in any way disturbing the card pockets. In like manner cards may be conveniently inspected or withdrawn without any reference to the currency compartments...,

I claim:

In a combined billfold and card retainer including an outer wall and an inner wall arranged in spaced superposed relation with respect to said outer wall and secured at its opposite ends to the adjacent face of the latter wall, both walls being of a width slightly in excess of twice the width of a piece or paper money,,and of a length in excess of the length of such piece of paper money, the improvement consisting in securing said walls along a, line intermediate the longitudinal edges of the outer wall to thereby form separate, lengthwise compartments for the reception of currency therein, attaching a plurality of overlapping pieces of pocket-forming material to the inner face of the inner wall adjacent one end of the latter and parallel to the line of securement at the longitudinal center of the billfold to provide a series of compartments for the REFERENCES CITED The following references are of record in the file of this patent:

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U.S. Classification150/140, 150/139, 150/145
International ClassificationA45C1/06, A45C1/00
Cooperative ClassificationA45C1/06
European ClassificationA45C1/06