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Publication numberUS2452345 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 26, 1948
Filing dateFeb 12, 1947
Priority dateFeb 12, 1947
Publication numberUS 2452345 A, US 2452345A, US-A-2452345, US2452345 A, US2452345A
InventorsCeyl Anselmo
Original AssigneeCeyl Anselmo
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US 2452345 A
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C. ANSELMO Oct. 26, 1948.

BRASSIERE Filed F'eb. 12, 1947 www.

Melina) Patented Oct. 26, 1948 UNITED STATES PATENT GFFICE 2,452,345 BRASSIRE Ceyl Anselmo, Atlantic City, N. J Application February 12, 1947, serial No. 728,076 1 claim. (ci. a-liz) My invention relates to new and useful improvements in womens undergarments, and, more particularly, to a brassire.

One of the objects of the present invention is to provide a brassire that is more comfortable to the wearer than the usual type of brassire in that there is an absence of pressure on the nipples.

Still another object of the invention is to provide a brassire that will act as an uplift, or, in other words, prevent the breasts from sagging; and will also more particularly, reveal the outline of the breasts and also the nipples.

Still another object of the invention is to provide a brassire having cup-shaped front portions to support .the breasts while the apices of the cup portions are out out so that the nipples may protrude through the apices, and thus be relieved of any of the pressure from the brassire. At the same time the nipples will be more noticeable, under a dress or sweater or waist, than in the case where an ordinary brassire is worn.

Still another object of the invention is to provide a brassire having cup-shaped portions having the apices cut out and the walls about the apices reinforced with a soft lining of silk or. satin or any other piece of similar soft fabric, so

that the bounded portions in contacting with the breasts will present a soft and non-irritating surface and the walls bounding the apices through which the nipples protrude vwill also bear against the soft lining of the reinforcement.

Still another object of the invention is to provide a brassire that will be comfortable to the wearer and present an appearance to the wearer which is not found in the ordinary form of brassire.

With these and other objects in- View,y the invention consists in certain new and novel arrangements and combination of parts, as will be hereinafter more fully described and pointed out in the claim.

Referring now to the drawings, showing a preferred embodiment.

Fig. 1 is a front elevational View showing'the of the cupped portions 4 as at 6 and again to the side portions in the back.

It will be understood thatthe configuration of the brassire proper is not essential as the novelty resides in a brassire having cupped portions, the apices of which are cut out and padded or reinforced as will be described shortly. In other words, I may make the general outline or shape of the brassire diierent from that shown in the drawings.

brassire as attached to the body of the wearer,

on line 2-2 the side pieces or straps 2, the shoulder straps 3 and the two cupped portions 4 in which, of course, are supported the breasts of the wearer.

Referring now to the gist of the invention, one of the cup-shaped portions 4 will be described in detail; and it will be understood that the other cup-shaped portion is made identically in the same manner. 1

Looking at Figs. 1 and 2. it will be seen that the top or apex 1 of the material forming the cupshaped portion is cut out .to form the circular opening 8; and, as may be seen in Fig. 2, I may, if desired, put alight padding 9 around the opening 8. Then a piece of soft material, such as silk, of circular formation III is passed through the opening 8 and turned back on itself and stitched as at I I.

;If it is desired to dispense with this padding 9, just the reinforcing material I0 may be passed through the opening 8 and stitching it back, as illustrated in Fig. 2, it will be seen that there are no rough walls or stitches around the opening 8 to irritate the nipples; and at the same time the inner surface I2 of the reinforcing material .9 will lie on the breast of the wearer concentric to the nipple and will form a soft,lsmooth surface, so as not to in any way irritate the breast at the juncture of the nipple.

Also by reinforcing the opening Il, there is no likelihood of the walls about the opening Hearing or fraying; and at the same time, a smooth surface is presented to the protruding nipples.

As heretofore mentioned, the body portions I and side portions 2 of the brassire might be made in other ways than that illustrated; and the padding 9 might be dispensed with in the reinforcement I 0 if so desired, as the material used for the giclee II) will be a soft silk or other Asimilar mate- From the foregoing. it will be seen that I have provided a brassire wherein the nipples may protrude from the brassire to thus more clearly exact shape or show the human form or part thereof; and at the same time so construct the brassire that there will be no irritation of thebreast or the nipple.

Finally, the invention might be constructed in many of the numerous forms or brassire now in use.

Having thus-described my invention. what I claim is new and desire to secure by Letters Pat- 4 with a relatively soft fabric which padding e5!- tends around and within the said openings to reinforce said openings and to present a smooth surface to the protruding nipples.


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U.S. Classification450/1, D02/709, 450/55
International ClassificationA41C3/00
Cooperative ClassificationA41C3/00
European ClassificationA41C3/00