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Publication numberUS2453296 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 9, 1948
Filing dateJan 12, 1946
Priority dateJan 12, 1946
Publication numberUS 2453296 A, US 2453296A, US-A-2453296, US2453296 A, US2453296A
InventorsBates Mildred R
Original AssigneeBates Mildred R
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US 2453296 A
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Nov. 9, 1948.

BRASSIERE Filed Jan. `12, 1946 mz'lclrei baltes 'Srzvenbor Patented Nov. 9, 1948 UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE BRASSIRE Mildred R. Bates, Orange, N. J.

Application January 12, 1946, Serial No. .640,775

1 claim. 1

This invention deals with brassires. More specically, it deals with a new type of brassire which provides satisfactory support for the 'breast muscles without the use of excessive textile material and gives freedom of action hitherto unobtainable with previous supports.

The conventional type of brassire usually has a fabric of some sort covering the breast. Such a construction causes unnecessary heating up of that portion of the body, particularly during the summer, thus giving rise to perspiration. It has been found that such a support is not necessary for most breasts. An object of this invention is to provide a cool support for the breast muscles, allowing a freedom of action not possible with conventional brassires.

The invention may be more readily understood by reference to the drawing in which Figure 1 shows the brassire as actually worn. while Figure 2 is a View of the brassire showing the back construction.

Referring to the iigures, numeral I is an elastic band which fits snugly around the body under the breasts and acts as a support for the remaining structure of the brassire. A ribbon 2 is fastened to band I at a point under the armpit and extending over the top half of the breast where it is joined to shoulder strap t. The shoulder straps may be of elastic, ribbon fabric, or the like. Similarly on the other side, ribbon 3 joins band I under the armpit and over the top half of the other breast joining shoulder strap 'I at that point. From shoulder strap ii a ribbon 4 passes over the remaining top half of the breast, crosses the front of the body, and joins band I at a point almost, but not quite directly underneath the other breast. Similarly, a ribbon 5 from shoulder strap 'I passes over the remaining (inner) top half of the breast, crosses the front of the body and joins band I at a point almost, but not quite directly underneath the other breast.

The construction described here provides for supporting of the important top and bottom breast muscles without the use of too much fabric, thereby eliminating unnecessary bulkiness and giving a cool garment with extraordinary freedom of action.

I claim:

In a brassire having a shoulder strap on each side attached to the back of the waistband and directed over the shoulder of the wearer, termi nating just above the breast of the wearer where each strap joins two ribbons disposed oppositely over each breast, the improvement consisting essentially of a skeletal structure exposing substantially the whole body of each breast, comprising a narrow waistband passing y directly under the breasts and joining at the back, a ribbon element attached to the waistband at a point under the armpit on each side and directly diagonally upwardly over the outer upper half of the breast. joining the shoulder strap, and a ribbon element from each shoulder strap directed downwardly over the inner upper half of the breast, crossing the front of the body between the breasts and attached to the waistband at a point near the underside of the other breast.


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U.S. Classification450/64, D02/707
International ClassificationA41C3/00
Cooperative ClassificationA41C3/00
European ClassificationA41C3/00