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Publication numberUS2453441 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 9, 1948
Filing dateJun 15, 1946
Priority dateJun 15, 1946
Publication numberUS 2453441 A, US 2453441A, US-A-2453441, US2453441 A, US2453441A
InventorsLa Fair Samuel
Original AssigneeLa Fair Samuel
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Ornamental fabric and articles made therefrom
US 2453441 A
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Nov. 9, 1948. s. LA FAIR vORIAMEIlFlA.' FABRIC AND ARTICLES MADE THEREFROM Filed June 15. 1946 Ron 0/ wm A WL E U m 5 -Hita-Ivey Patented Nov. 9, `1948 2,455,445A l l ORNAMENTAL FABRIGfait`lafairli1CLES.` l


p Samuel La Fair, Phfadefphiwrplaf appiieation .time 115,1 1946 seri-agi ric. caesaer Thisl `inventiorirelates tc ornamental fabrics anelito' articles madetheref`rom. The principal fieltlofusefulnessof the fazbricis in the making of" ornamental articies, blanked out of the'fabric in various designs,` and adapted to be applied to vwomens dresses, hats and other articles of an inexpensive ornamental article of desired shape, adapted to be applied to garments and the like, which will have the appearance of having a plurality of spaced jewels mounted thereon.

The nature and characteristic features of the invention will be more readily understood from the following description taken in connection with the accompanying drawing forming part hereof, in which: l

Figure 1 is a top or plan view of an ornamental fabric embodying the main features of the present invention, the same being shown broken away to illustrate the several layers thereof, and to illustrate the method of making thefabric; Fig. 2 is an enlarged cross section of a portion of the fabric; and l Fig. 3 is a plan view of a typical ornamental figure, blanked from the fabric to be applied to a garment or other wearing apparel towdecorate the same.

It should, of course be understood that the description and drawing herein are illustrative merely, and that various changes and modifications may be made in the structure disclosed without departing from the spirit of the invention.

Referring to the drawing, in the particular embodiment of `the invention therein shown, 5 is a foundation fabric which, as shown, may preferably comprise a woven textile cloth, but any strong tough sheet material may be employed for the foundation, if desired,` such as paper, Cellophane, `or the like.

Upon one face of the foundation fabric 5 there is applied a coating of suitable adhesive E, which also may be of any preferred kind, such as lead` plaster, a latex compound, or one of the adliesives 5 used for `the pressure sensitivePfiff-V,` manen'tiy tacky coatings usedon `tne"sc"cai1ed trae @if adhsiregi which-win 'rentairr tackyior' scrnetimearter'l 'Scotcliftape. Hlfreferably used-l being applied to the foundation fabric so "that there will quent steps in the process of making the completed fabric.

Upon the adhesively coated side of the foundation fabric 5 there is mounted a sheet 1 of suitable material provided with a plurality of closely located spaced apertures 8. The apertures 8 may be of any desired shape, but it has been found in practice that the material from which sequins have been previously punched, is a satisfactory perforated material for the present purpose.

This sheet 1 of perforated material which is preferably employed consists of a sheet of transparent resinous plastic, which may be plated on one side with a thin metallic coating for the purpose of providing a proper luster to the material, but this is not absolutely essential. If desired, a thin sheet metal may be used for this purpose in which event it may be necessary in some instances to lacquer the exposed surface to pre-- vent subsequent dulling thereof.

After the perforated sheet 'l is mounted on the adhesive coating 6 of the foundation fabric 5. the assembled sheets are then dusted with flaked tinse1`9, the particles of which will adhere to the adhesive 6 which is exposed through the perforations of perforated sheet 1 so that there will be provided a multiplicity of small spaced fields, each of which is covered by a mass of flake tinsel held in place by the adhesive coating which is disposed within the respective perforations of the sheet 1.

After the fabric is in de as` aforesaid, the ornamental articles which are made from the same may be punched or blanked out of the completed fabric, as, for example, the form l0 shown in Fig, 3 which illustrates the utilization of the fab'ric in an appliqued design. The article shown in Fig. 3, when applied to a garment or other piece of wearing apparel, will constitute an attractive and desirable ornament having the appearance of a jewelled design.

I claim:

l. An ornamental fabric comprising a foundation sheet having a pressure sensitive adhesive on one face thereof to which is secured by said adhesive a sheet of plastic material having a plurality of perforations, and particles of tinsel disposed be no necessity of haste in the subsein said perforations and held therein by said' 3. An ornamental fabric comprising a founda-A tion sheet having one face thereof coated with a pressure sensitive adhesive, a sheetof material secured to said foundation sheet by said adhesive and having a plurality of regularly spaced perforations, and particles of tinsel disposed in saidperforations and held therein byxsaid adhesive.

4. An ornamental article blanked in desired shape from a fabric comprising a foundation sheet having one face `thereof coated with an adhesivea sheet of material secured to said foundation sheet by said adhesive and having a 1:z.`l1irality A of regularly spaced perforations, and particles O f` light reflecting material disposed in 4 said perforations and held therein by said adhesive.

5. An ornamental article blanked in desired shape from a fabric comprising a foundationv sheet having one face thereof coated with a pressure sensitive adhesive, a sheet of material secured to said foundation sheet by said adhesive and having a plurality of regularly spaced perforations, and particles of tinsel disposedin said 10 perforations and held therein by said adhesive.


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