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Publication numberUS2455625 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 7, 1948
Filing dateFeb 17, 1945
Priority dateFeb 17, 1945
Publication numberUS 2455625 A, US 2455625A, US-A-2455625, US2455625 A, US2455625A
InventorsTrantin Jr Jacob
Original AssigneeTrantin Jr Jacob
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Hydraulic control valve
US 2455625 A
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Dec. 7, 1948. T J 2,455,625

HYDRAULIC CONTROL VALVE Fil ed Feb. 17, 1945 ESheets-Sheet 1 IN VEN TOR.

(Jacob 77*anf/h J:

I Arrow/E),

Dec. 7, 1948.


HYDRAULIC CONTROL VALVE 2 Shets-Sheet 2 FiledFeb. l7, 1945 R m m m Jaco b 7Pamlfn (F1 l2. Such movement may be imparted to the wheel-like rotor 23 by means of a handle 21 affixed to the vertically positioned stem 22 of the rotor 23. Y

By referring to Figures 1 and 2 of the drawings it will be seen that the handle 21 is aflixed to the vertical stem 22 of the rotor 23 of the hydraulic? valve by means of a screw 28 which serves to hold the handle in place upon the stem 22. It is obvious that the stem engaging opening in the handle may be formed with flattened surfaces to'register with like surfaces formed on the upper-most end of the stem 22 to insure the positioning of the handle 2'! thereon. The handle 21 is provided with a pointer extension 29 which, as may be seen by referring to Figure 2, is useful in indicating'by means of numerals orsymbols formed on the cap l3, the particular one of the orifices 26 in registry with the outlet orifice 12. The fluid control valve is also provided with a pair of mounting brackets 3|] which enable it to be conveniently mounted on a supporting surface.

The hydraulic control valve as illustrated herein provides eightdifierent sized orifices 26 in the rim 'in the wheel-like rotor 23 thereof, which construction enables the valve to control a hydraulic, line and specifically the quantity of fluid flow therethrough, in a desirable volume trated in operative connection with the fluid power source disclosed in Figure ,4 and provides aneffective-means of controlling the operation of the centrifugal casting machine. In Figure 4 the centrifugal casting machinejis generally indicated by the numeral 3l,,the rotatable casting table by the numeral '32, its supporting shaft by thenumeral 33 anda fluid motor 34 is illustrated in direct connection with the supporting and driving shaft 33. ,A suitable pump 35 is' shown connected by means of pipe 36 with the vinlet orifice 3'! of the fluid motor 34 and an outlet orifice 38 of the fluid motor, 34 is connected by'a pipe 39 with a fluid reservoir lll. A pipe 4| connects the fluid reservoir 40 with the pump 35 and an electric motor 42 is provided to operate the pump 35.' The hydraulic control valve [ii is illustrated as being in communication with a T- fitting 43 in the pipe 36 which conveys hydraulic fluid from the pump 35 to the fiuid motor 34. The outlet orifice 12 of the fluid controlvalve l0 ism communication with a by-pass pipe 44 which also communicates with the reservoir 43. It will thus be seen that the hydraulic control valve provides desirable control for the centrifugal casting machine in that the various sized orifices in the hydraulic control valve permits the by-passing of a suitable volume of the hydraulic medium used and enables the speedof the centrifugal casting machine to beeasily and accurately controlled thereby. For example, the rotatable table 32 of the centrifugal casting machine 3| may be rotated very slowly byutilizing the largest orifice in the cylindrical rotor 23 of the control valve l0 and that when smaller orifices 2Gare brought into registry with the-outletorifice I2 of the control ,valve ID, a smaller: volume of the hydraulic medium is by-passed and hence higher speeds are inparted to the rotatable casting table 2,215,585 1 32 by the fiuid motor 34. 5- v3.11

It will thus be seen that a simple and extremely efiicient hydraulic control valve has been disclosed which may be effectively used with relatively great. hydraulic pressures and control the same easily-due to its ability to handle any hydraulic pressure without effecting a frictional engagement of its operating parts.

'Having thus described my invention, what I 1. A hydraulic control valve consisting of a body having a circular depression formed therein, awcap for said body, an outlet orifice in the side of. said body and an inlet orifice in said cap,

' a cylindrical rotor positioned in the said circular depression in the body, said rotor having a hub spaced by aplurality of webs, an extension formed onjsaid' hub, an opening in said cap; the

said hub extensionextending through said openin'gin said cap and terminating'outside of said body, means affixed to saidhub*extension' for turning the said rotorthereby; a glandformed in" said cap about said hub-like extension, and a plurality of openings; formed inthe rotor and adapted to register individually -with the outlet orifice in the said body.

2. A hydraulic control valveincludinga body and cap-structure defining 'a cylindrical chamber therein and having an inlet orifice in said cap structure and'an outlet orifice in said body, a rotor having a hollow center positioned in said chamber, aplurality of radially spaced, various sized openings in said rotor for-"selective registry with said outlet orifice in said body,the said inlet o'rificein communication 'with the hollow j center of the said rotor, and means positioned externally of the said valve for rotating the said rotor. I i

3; A fluid control valve including a body having a circulardepres'sion formed therein, a-cap for said body, an outlet orificein the side 1 of the said bodyand' an inlet orificein said cap, a rotor having a-hollow center positionedin the said circula'r depression, the] h'ollowcenter of the said rotorincommuhication with the said inlet orifice,

a plurality of 'diiferent sized openings formed in the said 'rotor, each opening positioned to register individually with the said outlet orifice in the said-body when the rotor is revolved.

{1. A hydraulic control valve inclu dinga body and cap, a rotor having a hollow center disposed in'said' body, an inlet orifice in said valve in direct,

communication with the hollow center'of the said rotor and an outlet orifice in said valve in registry with the peripheral edge of the said rotor, a plurality of-ra'diallyspaced openings of various sizes formed-in said rotor and forming means of communication between the hollow center thereofand the'p'eripheral edge thereof for individual selective registry-with-said outlet orifice in 5aid,body..i,d '3. J I j I" REFERENCES CITED The following references are of record in the" file of this patent: V UNITED STATES PATENTS JaooB rRANTIN, JR;

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