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Publication numberUS2456526 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 14, 1948
Filing dateDec 21, 1946
Priority dateDec 21, 1946
Publication numberUS 2456526 A, US 2456526A, US-A-2456526, US2456526 A, US2456526A
InventorsMorberg Kenneth F
Original AssigneeHenry A Torstenson
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US 2456526 A
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Description  (OCR text may contain errors)

Dec. 14, 1948. K. F. MORBERG TACKER Filed Dec. 21, 1946 44 4 27 INVENTOR. jzeizi'zefiffiorbezy,

BY M Patented Dec. 14, 1948 Sv PATENT OFFICE TACKER Kenneth F. Morberg, Chicago, 111., assignor to Henry A. Torstenson, Chicago, Ill.

Application December 21, 1946, Serial No. 717,692

My invention is concerned with improvements in a portable tacker or fastener driving device which is adapted to" drive a U-shaped staple into g3, surface of wood, cardboard or similar material,

More particularly, my invention is concerned with a fastener driving device of the type which comprises a forward chamber having a vertical fastener guideway therein, a reciprocalldriving plunger in the guideway, a bottom horizontally disposed fastener feeding chamber provided with means for deliveringfasteners to driving position beneath the plunger and a plunger actuating mechanism which is operated by a pivotal rearwardly directedhandle member. In this typeof staple driving device a bumper block is provided beneath the driving plunger to limit the downward movement of the plunger so that the staple will be driven to theproper depth and preferably a shock-absorbing means is provided between the lower endof the driving plunger and the bumper block to cushion the shock as the driving plunger: reaches the limit of its downward movement. A

It is an'object of my invention to provide in a tacker of the type'described improved shockabsorbing means for cushioning the movement of the plunger at the end of the driving stroke.

This and other objects and advantages of my invention will be apparent from the description generally U-shaped frame member I'll having vertical side plates or members I I, I2 forming a forward chamber which contains the staple driving mechanism. An inner U-shaped member I3 having side plates I4 and I5 and bottom member I6 is secured inside the frame side plates I I and I2 so that the forward edges I1 and I8 of the side plates: I4 and I5 form rear guides for a driving plunger or driver I 9 received in the front portion of the forward chamber. The front ends 20 and 2I of the frame side plates II' and I2 are turned inwardly or flanged to form forward guides for the driving plunger I9.

The .drivingplunger I9 comprises a generally rectangularly shaped block member which. re- .ciprocates vertically in the guideway formed by the side plates II and I2, the edges I! and I3 of the plates I4 and I5 and the flanges 29 and 2] of the side frame members II and I2. A cap 22 5 Claims.

closes the top of the forward chamber and is secured to the frame side plates II and I2 by the pin 23. The plunger 19 is recessed at 24 to receive the top of a staple driving blade 25 which is secured thereto by a pin or rivet 26. The driving blade 25 when in normal inoperative position extends downwardly from the plunger l9 to the base 21 of the frame I9.

The plunger I9 is provided with an axial bore or recess comprisingthree sections 28, 29 and 30 which are of different size. The upper section 28 is large enough to receive the lower portion of a driving spring 3| with the end of thespring 3| in engagement with an, internal shoulder 32 formed between sections 28 and. 29 ofthe axial bore. A vertical guide pin 33 having a reduced end portion 34 is positioned, whenin assembled relation (Fig. 2) to extend from the cap 22 through the driving spring 3| and the driving plunger I9 with the reduced end portion 34 thereof extending downwardly into a recess 35 in a bumper block 36 beneath plunger I9. The bore section 29 in the plunger I9 is large enough to receive the main portion of the guide pin 33 with the spring 3 I positioned loosely around the same.

The bumper block 36 is positioned with its forward portion beneath the driving plunger I9 and is secured to the bight member I6 ,of the inner U-shaped member I3 by rivets or the like 31 and 38. The recess 35 in the bumper block 36 receives the lower end of the guide pin 33 and also a compressible bumper spring 39 which functions as a cushioning member for the driving plunger I9. The upper portion of the spring 39 extends above the top surface of the bumper block 36. The spring 39 fits loosely around the reduced pertion 34 of the guide pin 33 which holds it in vertical position.

A generally horizontal staple supply chamber 40 is formed beneath the member I6. Chamber 40 extends rearwardly and receives a fastener magazine 4| and a fastener feeding mechanism 42 which feeds fasteners 43 to driving position beneath the fastener driving blade 25. The fastener magazine M is secured to the bottom frame member 21 by screwsas at 44.

The flanges20 and 2| of the side plates II and I2 are cut away at the bottom at 45 and 46 and a removable generally U-shaped front plate member 41 is positioned thereon with the legs thereof embracing the sides It and I2 of the frame Ill and secured thereto by a pin 48 which is removable in an axial direction. The pin 48 extends through a hole 49 in the block 36 and is held in position therein by a vertically positioned pin 59 and cooperating leaf spring 5|. The front plate 41 when in position forms the forward side of the guideway in which the driving blade 25 reciprocates.

The driving plunger [9 is elevated against the

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U.S. Classification227/132
International ClassificationB25C5/16, B25C5/00
Cooperative ClassificationB25C5/16
European ClassificationB25C5/16