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Publication numberUS2456720 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 21, 1948
Filing dateJun 24, 1947
Priority dateJun 24, 1947
Publication numberUS 2456720 A, US 2456720A, US-A-2456720, US2456720 A, US2456720A
InventorsMiles Carroll C
Original AssigneeMiles Carroll C
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Easel picture frame
US 2456720 A
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Dec. 21, 1948. Q c. MILES EASEL PICTURE FRAME 2 Sheets-Sheet 1 Filed Jung 24, 1947 ATTORNEYS.

Dec. 21, 1948- c.c. MILES 2456720 v EASEL PICTURE FRAME Filed June 24, .1947

2 Sheets-Sheet 2 INVENTOR.


Patented Dec. 21, 1948 UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE 8 Claims.

This invention relates to new and improved picture frames and particularly to easel constructions therefor.

The objects of the present invention include the provision of an easel for a picture frame, said easel being rotatably mounted on an axis transverse to the picture frame at the rear surface thereof so that the easel may be positioned to hold the frame vertically or horizontally merely by giVing the easel a 90 rotation on its axis; and

the provision of an easel type picture frame as above stated including new and improved stop means for locating the easel in either of its two positions for holding the frame horizontally or vertically, said stop means comprising cut edge elements of the backboard of the picture frame, and the easel itself comprising a part which is cut out of the backboard.

Further objects of the invention include the provision of an easel type picture frame comprising a backboard, a middle board, and a front board, the backboard being out out to form stops at interior edges thereof to locate and position a rotary type easel in either-horizontal or vertical position. the easel being cut out of the backboard and thereby fitting the same and thestops; a circular disc being cut out of the middle board, said disc being rotatable in the cut out hole from which it is obtained as a rotary guide means therefor, the easel being secured in any desired way to the disc for rotation therewith, the disc preferably being rotated by using the easel as a handle and the disc having an easel strut cut out therefrom and bendable to-aposition engaging the easel and holding it extended in any position whether horizontal or vertical, the disc being held in place by being overlapped by theinterior cut edges of the backboard.

Other objects and advantages of the invention will appear hereinafter.

Reference is to be had to theaccompanying drawings in which F g. 1 is a view in side elevation of the picture frame;

Fig. 2 is a rear view showingthe picture frame held in vertical position;

Fig. 3 is a view similar to Fig. 2 but showing the picture frame in horizontal position;

Fig. 4 is a rear view of the middle board, the disc cut therefrom and the attached easel;

Fig. 5 is a view of the backboard alone;

Fig. 6 is a view of the disc alone; and

Figs. 7 and 8 show a modification.

In the prior art it has been necessary to provide two completely separate frames of the same size so as to provide customers with frames which may be set on their long edges, i. e., horizontal, or set upright on their short edges, i. e., vertical. This invention provides a rotary type easel which can be positioned to hold the frame in either position, thus providing for manufacture of but one frame of each size, such frame being disposable horizontally or vertically as desired.

Fig. 1 shows a picture frame generally indicated at I!) supported by an easel it in turn held in position by a strut M having a head it projecting through a hole E8 in the easel.

This picture frame and easel is composed of a front board and open frame front which are not shown since the edges of the picture frame as at 20 may be bound with finishing material. However, the front board receives the picture directly on its surface under the open frame front, and in some cases a spacer board will be used to accommodate a pane of glass or the like, all as is old and well known. The present picture frame also comprises a middle board 522 which is best shown in Fig. i and a backboard 2 best shown in Fig. 5. As is usual, of course, the backboard overlies the middle board which is sandwiched in between the backboard and the front board. The middle board has a circular disc 25 cut out of it so that the disc may be ro ated in the hole occasioned by cutting out the disc. The disc itself is shown in Fig. 6 and it is provided with a cut out strut M which bends on line 28 from the disc while still being attached thereto. The strut is provided with the head it forming a pair of lateral cars 38 for a purpose to be described,.and at 55! there is shown a cut out finger hole.

Thebackboard 24 is cut out along a straight line 32 joining an are 3 3 in turn joininga straight portion 36 located on a slight angle relative to a center line transverse of the backboard. The straight line 35 then joins a terminating line 38 which joins with the bottom edge if! of the backboard.

' The easel I2 is of the shape shown in Figs. 2, 3, and 4 and is obtained when the backboard is cut out along lines 32, 3A, and 38. Dotted line 42 indicates the line where the other side of the easel from 32 is cut and the space between lines 34, 42, and 36 is waste material.

The easel is then joined to the disc at its narrow end 44 but is not secured at any other point thereto, and lies diametrically thereof covering the strut M.

The middle board is then secured to the front board at its area outside of the disc 26 and in turn the backboard 24 is secured to the middle board, also in places not touching the disc 26, which is, therefore, free to revolve as guided by the circular cut out forming the disc in the middle board, and overlapped by the backboard.

As shown in Fig. 2 the picture frame is upright and the right hand longer edge of easel I 2 abuts the cut out line 32 of the disc 26, the attached erid*'4?of:th:.easel beingint the plane of" the backboard. The head l6 of the strut is thrust through the hole l8 which is provided with a neck 46 and the cars 30 extend rearwardly outai wardly of the easel and lock the same,-in-...the. neck 46.

If it is desired to place the frameeinrhorizontalg position, the easel is .graspedwandgrotated 9D? counter-clockwise from the Fig. 2*position to that shown in Fig. 3 and the left hand straightlong. edge of the easel abuts the edge 36 in the region ofend .44 positioning -.the easel in. upright condition when the. frame, is. horizontal.

It .willbe seen that this. invention providesan easily manufactured and assemblediramebt the class described which is arranged to, beheld. either vertically,crhoriaontally. and it will be noted. that. the. easel i2 inFig. 3 .is. slightly offset. from the. center. of thepicturebutnot sufficientlyto. un balance the supporting effect of the easel. .In. other. words, .in. Fi 5. the easel. [2,. islocatedlas close. as it-ispossible .todosoto the. center of the picture. frame. Itv will. be noted that. the easel cannot be taken apartinasmuchas the vedges...0f the. disc, always lie. substantially under. thebackboardand. thereisat anyone timeonly a relatively short portion of the arc. of. the. disc..eX-r posed. Asamatter of fact, the only portion. of. the disc edge which is ever unenclosed'.by .the backboard. 2.4 is. that portion. at the. bqttom, oi; the frame in .Fig, 2. and .at. .the left hand. side in Fig. 3, which portion isleft exposed by. reasonoi. the. removal of material. from. the backboard whichmaterial .forms .the, easel itself.

Figs. 7- and. 8. show amodified device inwhich thedisc vi while similar to disc 26 and similarly. made, rotatesiman enlarged opening 52.;in. the middle board ,andisprovided withan eccentric. pivot. 55 secured to a. front frame. 55 so, that as the easel 551s grasped and swung thediscperiphr ery. moves...away from...the. edgeBfl, which. is 0.011: tacted by the disc inthe position of the. easel shown in Fig. 7;

Thedisc 5!]; is dijedou-t in. U.,shap e asgshown in Fig. 8. to provide, afinger fill'provid llg a..bas e for the. eccentric 5.4. and a. double strut .62. which has. ahead .fito. be received in the ho1e.--6.6;;in the easel. The same or similar backboard. as sh wnin Fig. .5.may. be. used, beinenoted'th t in Fi ,7 this. backboard .has been... removed;.

Having thus described my invention, and.,.the advantages. thereof, I do, not Wish. to. belimited; tothe details here n disclosed. otherwise thanas. set .fo-rth-in the claims, but What I. claim is 1. An article of manufacture in the natlllQQDi adisplay frame,. comprising. a backboard cut.o. ut

to form a pair of edge stops at right angles to each other, a middle board, a disc cut out of the middle board, an easel on the disc, the edges of the latter underlying the backboard, the easel extending out through the cut out portion of the backboard, and the disc having a rotary motion limited by the easel contacting the stops of the backboard, whereby the frame may be supported on difierent edges.

2:..A' displayfi frame adapted? to be supported upright on either-of two -e dges=and comprising a backboard and a middle board, a rotary easel on 1 the latter and the former having stop edges con- ...tacted...b.5g the easel to limit the rotary motion of aipairrof angularly spaced stop edges, a middle board, a rotary easel on the middle board, the backboard ore vin ,the.,.midd1e. boar the easel extendin .Quhthroflsh the cut ,out. portion of the backboard to contact selectively oneorthe ther. or mentionge -.A..d .$p.1ail?ame comp ising, a pair, of ,superimposed-boards. secured...tog.ether, and an easel for, supporting, theqframdselectively on, either of two-1;. ad acent e, the, .eas e1.. bein rotatably secured vto one. boa d and. extendi through a cut ,out...portion.onfthe. other board, said. out out portion. providing a,..p air, of stop. edges.- limiting theI rotary. motion. of," the easel.

. 5... Theiramebiclaim 4.wherein the. sel. i u u-toflthes idicut ontlpor ion.

. 6;..The. framept claim.4=.. including. a. circular disc. cut out or .thesaid one. board, the easel being secured. to..,the .disc. and. the said, other board maintaining the disc in "the .hole. formed. by cuttin tha-disa.

7...A...disi2lay. ramecomp ismg a. p i 01 eured o rds. oneboard. hav acnto t p r i n forming;- alpainuofi angular y naced top. dges. the-other.board..having.a circu ar ol a di in thevhole, an..,eas,el. on thed,isc,,the easel .being adapt d .to extendi u ward ythrou h the t ut portionin p,o.s.ition to; .contact selectively one or REFERENQES CITED The: 'fQ QW- iQEE QffiIQQQQ ;3 136 at cor in. the file: i:.-ftni.srpatentz A UNrreo -srzrms ATE-yrs;

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