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Publication numberUS2456888 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 21, 1948
Filing dateJan 28, 1943
Priority dateJan 28, 1943
Publication numberUS 2456888 A, US 2456888A, US-A-2456888, US2456888 A, US2456888A
InventorsOkress Ernest C
Original AssigneeWestinghouse Electric Corp
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US 2456888 A
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Description  (OCR text may contain errors)

Patented Dec. 21,1948 1 1 UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE MAGNETRON Ernest (J. Okress, Montclair, N. 1., assignor to Westinghouse Electric Corporation, East Pittsburgh, Pa., a corporation of Pennsylvania Application January 28, 1943, Serial No. 473,829

6 Claims. (Cl. 315-40) This invention relates in general to magne- Figure 5 is a section similar to Fig. 3 showing a trons and particularly to anode strapping modified construction of strap and mounting therein. therefor.

It has been heretofore determined as desirable In the specific embodiment of the invention to electrically couple or strap alternate parti- 1 illustrated in said drawing, the reference charactions in magnetrons in order to operate in the ter Ill designates the anode body portion of the N magnetron shown as of metal and of a generally cylindrical configuration. This body portion is provided at its exterior with opposite longitudip s mode more t v y t having been n nal end flanges. projecting above and below the.

dOne by a plurality of lengths of Wire each Stredtop and bottom general end planes of the main dlins an intervening partition w the ends part of the anode body. End plates or closures o ere to t e partitions being eeupled- The l2 fit upon and are sealed with respect to the p oc s pp y the Coupling Wires is tedious-1 respective flanges thereby establishing enclosed It s o desirable that y Strapping means be 15 end spaces l3 across the top and bottom of the of a character readily reproduced in quantity, d d

o permanent shape and vme e a The anode body is hollowed longitudinally sec y p e These deslderatums are with a middle or coaxial cavity M from which tirely lacking in the P r art method of pradiate resonant cavities I5 separated by parti- P niegnetlons. that their accomplishment ac tions it of equal length and symmetric in shape Constitutes e p y bject of the pr se t and disposition. The ends of these several par-.

inventiontitions are in a common plane and it is those p y, an object Of the v t on s t ends which constitute the ends of the anode body Provide a One-Piece Strap at One end of the and those planes which constitute the endplanes netron which is duplicated by a like Strep at the 25 of the anode body. While the particular radiatother end thereof. ing cavities l5 are shown herein as each having Anot er O ject o the invention is o aveid a slot formation next the middle cavity M which possibility o inadvertent Contact of the strap outwardly expands into a cylindrical formation, with an interve pa tit o o te ing the invention is not confined to that structure, partitions. 3i). inasmuch as other cavity shapes, such as de- Another object of the invention is to keep the icted inprior application (of which an a m st pp g means from p uding above the end is my application Ser. No. 460,376, filed October; pl e o the several partitions or a de body. 1,1942, and assigned t the same assignee as the. generally, to e-VOid fi nt capacity effects present one) may be used and the present invenin different magnetrons by the strapping means. tion'applied thereto.

St l furt r O j of the invention Will l End spaces iii are utilized, inter alia, forintrop s the description Proceeds b by direct duction radially thereof, appropriate lead-in ecita i thereof and y implication o the wires H for a filament l8 here shown utilized co teXtfor heating a cylindrical cathode l9 coaxiallydis- Referring to t e acco p y drawings n -10 posed within the middle cavity Id. The cathode which like numerals of reference indicate simihas a length substantially the axial length of the: lar parts throughout the several views: anode body and opposite the ends of the cathode Figure 1 is a sectional plan of a magnetron arediscs 20 spaced beyond the end planes of the taken immediately below a cover plate thereof as anode and carried by insulators 2| in the ends on line II of Fig. 2; of the cathode. Each said disc forms a con- Figure 2 is a vertical cross section of the magnection between the respective lead-in wire and netron on a diametric line II-II of Fig. 1; filament-end situated in the particular end space Figure 3 is a section on larger scale than Fig. 2, in which the disc is located. The lead-in wires taken on the same line II-II of Fig. 1 but with are appropriately sealed with respect to the inthe greater part of the anode broken away and terior of the device and said device is evacuated showing the association of the straps with the so the; electron flow will function in vacuum.- anode and their relation to each other; An output coupling or loop 22 representative of,

Figure 4 is a perspective view of the two straps any desired energy transfer means has a sealed with projected relation of the straps to each other connection through the outer wall of the body shown in dotted lines; and ortion into one of the radiating cavities 15,-saidloop being shown in the arbitrarily selected disclosure as in a cavity 90 displaced from the filament lead-in connections, but other selection of cavity in which to position the said loop may be made provided the probed portion is satisfactory for this arrangement. For convenience of description, the. cavity. in which the,, ,1oop located will be referredijto .as the outputycavity.

Around the middle cavity l lan'd"at each" end of the anode body there is provided an annular...

stepped recess providing what may be identified as a p step 3 (see Fig. 3) and a shallow stem-1':

24, the deeper step being for clearance purposes dered Withouthindrance by any parts of the deand the shallower step being for mountingiajs'trapp 25 therein. The shallow step 24 has. great'eridi; ameter than the deeper step and between steps is a cylindrical part constituting a 'riser zfii The" vice .i'n-iront of. such place of soldering. Only a verysmallportionof the effective anode surface is removed in making the stepped recess for acccmmoda'ting the: strap, the shallow step preferstrap 25 mentioned has portions thereof. resting on the shallow step 2 3 ofalternate partitions and other. portions bridging over, or otherwise avoidingfi contact" with intervening partitions by; pyer: lying" andbeing spaced fromthe' deeper step'23f Explained more in detailsaicl strap 25in' the present showing is a flat ring, the, innerdiamet'er of'iwliich is' preferably. equal to the diameter-of f the middle or" cathode cavity: The outer part ofthe: ring presents successive sections offdifie r ent" diameters such that each narrow section 21 i's'endwi'se betweenttwo wide sections 2 8*-'and"ea.0h wide section 28' is? endwise --between two narrow sections zli The diameter, of the circle defined by; theouter" arcuat'ei edges" of the narrow" secitibnsis'lessithan' the diameter of said riser 26 so. there will'be" spacingof the narrow sections fi'omsaid-ri'ser and'fromthe deeper'step'ZSi." The wider sections 2.8 may be considered'ast'abs or cars projecting froma: narrow ring" at spaced intervals'and in the plane-of th-e ring. The length" oft'liewider section or tab '28 is equal to the-widthof the. contiguous part, of the anode partitions; whereas narrow section 2 'l' exceeds thel'ength of? the wider section b'y awalue equal to-twicethe gap of ai radiating cavity i where it'mak-es-entry under-the ringlntot'ne" middle cavity. Thisconstruction results in aminimum amount of the ring, overlying or being oppositethe' ends of the radiating cavities l5. The outer'marg-irialpart of" the" under faceof 1 each wider section 'rest's uporrthecontiguousface-of shallow step 24', pref-- erablycompletely filling saidstep Without overlap at the-ends; and is soldered orotl'iervv-is'e secured; implace and given good electrical contact witht-lie partition to which applied.

Asempha-sized'by the'dotted line projection of; wider sections of each strap-upon-the'other, in- Figure 4; it will beclear 'that' the alternate partitions joined-bythe strap at one end of the anode are entirely out of contactfromthe strap at the' other" end of the anode and that". the partitions Bridged overor skipped by the strap at-oneend of tlie anodeare connected by thestrap:at the" other-endi If desired; thestraps may be con-- structed' with. a perpendicular lip'at thexoutenpe-zl riptieral "extremity ofthe' wider sections; as shown in=Figure 5 In that view; the-straps 25' are'sim ilar in-most'respeot's to the ones alcove-described; liavingnarrow sections 21f" and wider sections: 28* with the-outerrim 29pf the wider section bentperpendicular tothe plane of thestrap so it'may be introduced into" a corresponding: groove 3m in the anodebody HS After the strapis placed; an edge of 'the" anode-n'ext the'sa'id" groovemay birpeened; as at 3 I to hol'd 'theistrap assembledf Sol'c'l'erihgihi addition to orin pla'ce of the peenev ably being just the thickness of the strap material so the upper face of.the strapis in the same plane as the upper face of the anode body. Furt'liermore; capacity loading-between t'l'i'e-strapand thepartitions bridged over without connection" thereto can be accurately controlled in manufa 'c ture; and is not lef t' to jud'gment of the operator assembling-the device: These and other --advari-'- tagesa uses and structures will be understoodby those skilled in the art and as falling within the scope of the invention, which, through necessity, as specifically shownin the drawing, isto be con..- s'id'ered from its generic aspects under the terms employed and} description- 'given' 'herein.

I 1-. A strapped anode-fora magnetron" compris-- ing an anode -b'od'y* providing plurality of radiating partitions"the-longitudinal ends whereof are inoo'mmon planes and form the end plane of the anode; sai'd'anode having ai-circul'ar recess in the end thereof; said re'cess li'eing -steppedso as tobe deeper next one periphery oftlie recesstlfanithe other, and astrap overlying the deeper-fparti ofi said reeess outlof centactfit'h'ereat from the anode, said strap having projections in the loser deem part of the: recess andsin: contact:- with; and: sup portedtby selected? ones;of'csaidrpartitionse 2; A strappedi anode for: aimagnetron' comprise ing an anode body providing aipluraiity' ofi radi ating tpartitionsstheslongitudinal endsiwhere'ofare inzcommon planes: and format'he' endiplan'e ofTit-heanode; saidranodeinaviing a circulars-recessIinithe' end thereof and next the radially inwardemargin of'fsaid :partiti'ons; said-:recess being-i ,steppedtso/ as t'ozbe deeper;nextpnerp'eriphery'ofthe recess than: th'eother; andta strapi overly-ingsthe deeper part of said recess; out of contactsv thereat from the: anode; saidstrap havingprojections invt'he-lessi deep partidfi the" recess extending to the periphcryof" the reciess and: in contact with and: sup-- pontedby selectedlones of said partitions;

3. A strapped anode for a magnetron comprise ing anLa-nod'e body: providing aipluralityl offra'diatingpartitions the-longitudinal endsi'whereof are in common:planesiandiform .theendiplane of. the. anode, said anodehavingrar circular recessin:;.the end thereof-and nexttthe: radiallyainward margin:- of said partitions, said recess1being;stepped with a; deeper. part1; next the smaller periphery-of; the recesSLand'Zwless.deepkpantinextzthelarger.periphe cry" of the recess; and a stinap overlyingvthe deeper. part of'isaidjreccsseout of'contact thereati from the: anode; saith-strap. having. radially: cute-E ward: prcj ections imthe less. deeprpart; of the-- re? cess extendlngctoithe peniphery ofiithe recessiand: imcontactwith andfisupported:byrseleotednneszof said-partitions; v

4. A strapped anode :fon eta-magnetron comprise ing an anode body providing a plurality of radiating partitions the longitudinal ends whereof are in common planes and form the end planes of the anode, said anode having a circular recess in the end thereof, said recess being stepped so as to be deeper next one periphery of the recess than the other, and a substantially flat strap having thickness approximating the depth of the outermost part of said recess and an outer diameter less than the inner diameter of said outermost part and having radially outward projections projecting into and applied flatwise upon said outermost part, whereby said strap is in the said end plane of the anode overlying the deeper part of the said recess and making sole contact with the anode by support of said projections on the outermost part of selected ones of said partitions.

5. A magnetron comprising an anode having a longitudinal cylindrical cavity for the cathode, a cathode in said cavity, a ring-like strap having an inside diameter substantially equal to the diameter of the cylindrical cathode cavity, said anode providing partitions radiating from said cathode cavity, and said strap having half as many projections thereon as there are partitions, i

said projections making contact with an equal number of partitions and constituting the only contacting portions of the said strap with the anode.

6. A magnetron comprising an anode having a longitudinal cylindrical cavity for the cathode, a cathode in said cavity, a ring-like strap having an inside diameter substantially equal to the diameter of the cylindrical cathode cavity, said anode providing partitions radiating from said cathode cavity, and said strap having half as many projections thereon as there are partitions, said projections making contact with an equal number of partitions and constituting the only contacting portions of the said strap with the anode, and each said projection having a length in a direction circumferentially of the ring equal to the thickness of the part of the partition where said projection contacts said partition.


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