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Publication numberUS2457038 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 21, 1948
Filing dateJun 25, 1945
Priority dateJun 25, 1945
Publication numberUS 2457038 A, US 2457038A, US-A-2457038, US2457038 A, US2457038A
InventorsGaronis Tom A
Original AssigneeGaronis Tom A
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Sanitary sink strainer
US 2457038 A
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Dec. 21,- 1948. T. A. GARONIS SANITARY SINK STRAINER 2 Sheets-Sheet 1 Filed June 25, 1945 INVENTOR. Tom A; Garonis IIIIIIIIIIIII fl- ATTORNEY 21, 19.48. T. A. GARONIS 2,457,038

SANITARY SINK STRAINER Filed June 25, 1945 r 2 Sheets-Sheet 2 11 12 1o A INVENTOR' 7 0m A Ga ronz's ATTDRN EY Patented Dec. 21, 1948 ii] N l TED S TAT E S F Fit C E 2,457,038 a SANITARY SINK. STRAIN'ER Tom -A.-Garonis, Santa Barbara, Calif.

Application June 25', 1945, Serial No: 6%,394"

2 Claims.

This invention relates to filters and strainers.

and more particularly sink strainers The primary object of this invention resides in the provision of a strainer for restaurant and hotel sinks adapted to catch particles of food from dishes and the like being washed in the sinks and thereby prevent stoppage of the sink drains.

Another object of this invention resides in the particular construction of the drain tray supporting unit.

A further object of this invention resides in the particular construction of the drain trays.

A still further object of this invention resides in the construction and manner of disposing the covers over the drain trays.

Another important object of this invention resides in the particular construction and arrange ment of the sink stopper relative to the sink drain and drain tray thereover.

Among the many objects of this invention is the particular manner of removably disposing the drain trays within their supporting unit.

With these and other objects in view this invention resides in certain novel features of con struction and arrangement of elements to be hereinafter more particularly set forth in the specification, illustrated 1111 the accompanying drawings and pointed out in the appended claims and, while this disclosure depicts my present con-- ception of the invention, the right is reserved to resort to such changes'in construction and arrangement of elements as come within the spirit of the invention.

In the accompanying drawings forming a part of this application:

Fig. 1 is a plan view of a conventional hotel sink showing a strainer as constructed in accordance with this invention disposed therein.

Fig. 2 is a similar view with the drain tray covers removed.

Fig. 3 is a side View of the supporting unit [or the drain trays.

Fig. 4 is a longitudinal sectional View taken approximately on line 4l of Fig. 1.

Fig. 5 is a cross sectional view taken approxb mately on line 5-5 of Fig. 1.

In the present illustration of this invention the letter A designates a sink preferably of the res taurant or hotel style wherein dishes and kitchen utensils are washed, the same being provided with the usual water drain herein indicated by the letter B.

Disposed within and preferably sup-ported on the bottom of the aforesaid sink is a substantially rectangular unit 5 having an offset outwardly extending ledge with an upstanding flange i adapted to bear against the inner surface of the side walls of the sink so as to prevent particles of food and the like from passing therebetween.

Removably disposed within the aforesaid unit 5 and suspended from the ledge 6, as by flanges 3 or the like formed thereon, are drain trays 9 and Hi having their bottoms it provided with drain apertures 42 of sufficient sizes to prevent food and the like from passing thereby with free flow of water ther-ethrough. The aforesaid drain trays 9 and iii are disposed in approximate abutting relation within the unit 5 and provided with apertured cover plates #3 and M hinged as at E5 to opposite ends of the unit 5. The cover plate is is of less length than the cover plate l4 and also that drain tray thereunder while the cover plate I4 is of greater length than the drain tray thereunder so as to extend over the opposed walls of the drain trays with their free ends disposed over the drain tray e and thereby prevent particles of food from passing between the drain trays. The free ends of the aforesaid cover plates are provided with downwardly or inwardly extending flanges it and have their medial or other suitable portions crimped or otherwise strengthened as indicated by the numeral H.

The drain tray i0 is provided with an inwardly extending neck l8 disposed in register with the sink drain B to receive a drain stopper [9 provided with an elongated stem 28 on the upper end of which is formed a knob or handle 2| adapted to remain beneath the cover plate l4 when sealing the sink drain where it can be readily removed for draining the sink by simply lifting the cover plate 14.

In order to permit the drain trays to be easily lifted from within the unit 5 inturned flanges 22 or other suitable means of conventional construction are found thereon. Although the present disclosure embodies but two of the drain trays constructed from sheet metal or the like, it is to be understood any number of drain trays may be substituted therefor and also with the same being constructed from woven wire or other suitable material capable of practicing the invention as claimed.

Having thus described my invention, what I claim and desire to protect by Letters Patent is:

1. The combination with a sink, a drain tray supporting unit resting on the bottom of the sink, a ledge formed around the tray supporting unit in spaced relation to the bottom of the sink, a flange formed on the ledge and having its free it therearound provided= edge bearing against the inner side walls of the sink, drain trays having apertured bottoms suspended from the aforesaid ledge of the tray supporting unit, an inwardly extending neck formed on the bottom of one of the drain trays in regand the other of which having its free end opposed to the free end of the first mentioned drain tray and remote to the space between the opposed walls of the drain trays, and hand grips formed on the trays.

2. In a sink strainer comprising, a substantially 1 rectangular drain tray supporting unit having its top and bottom open, spaced drain trays having apertured bottoms removably disposed within the aforesaid unit, means suspending the drain trays from certain walls of the unit, and apertured cover plates of different lengths hingedly connected at certain points of the unit with the outer end of the longer one extending over the space between the drain trays and the outer end of the shorter one terminating in close proximity to the outer end of the longer one inwardly of the adjacent wall of that drain tray over which it lies.


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