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Publication numberUS2457195 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 28, 1948
Filing dateMar 10, 1947
Priority dateMar 10, 1947
Publication numberUS 2457195 A, US 2457195A, US-A-2457195, US2457195 A, US2457195A
InventorsBagnall Jr Joseph Carlton
Original AssigneeSwank Inc
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Extension key chain
US 2457195 A
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ec. 28, 319480 J. c. BAGNALL, JR 9 9 9 EXTENS ION KEY CHAIN Filed March 10, 1947 ATTORNEYS.

Patented Dec. 28, 1948 EXTENSION KEY CHAIN Joseph Carlton Bagnall, Jr., Attleboro, Mass, assignorto Swank, Inc., a corporation of Bela- .ware

Application March 10, 1947, Serial No. 733,488

-.4 Claims.

This invention relates to a key chain of the type which has a clip to attach to the garment of the user and an end to attach to some device such as a key holder.

Key chains have usually been provided of a certain definite length and in some cases the chain has been doubled-back upon itself so as to provide for an adjustment as to the length of the chain from the clip to the key holder. Some device may be utilized for retaining the doubled back portion in a set position along the length of the chain.

One of the objects of this invention is to provide a device for retaining the double-back portion of the key chain in set position to provide for the adjustment of the over-all length from the clip to the key holder.

Another object of this invention is to provide a very simple and yet effective device for retaining one end of the key chain double-backed upon the other part of the key chain and which may be released by one hand of the user.

More specifically, an object of this invention is to provide two telescoping parts which are resiliently urged in one direction to grip a part of the chain which passes between them.

A further object of this invention is to provide two relatively movable parts which will grip the chain, but which may be released by pressing upon these parts between the thumb and finger.

Another object of this invention is to provide a retaining device along one part of the key chain, which may be attractive in appearance and which will be of small and compact dimension.

With these and other objects in view invention consists of certain novel features of construction as will be fully described and particularly pointed out in the appended claims.

In the accompanying drawing:

Figure l is an elevational view illustrating the key chain with a clip at one end and a key holder at the other end.

Figure 2 is a sectional view through the adjusting and holding device which provides the loop in the chain, illustrating the parts of the unit in released position upon the chain.

Figure 3 is a sectional view similar to Figure 2, but illustrating the parts in gripping position on the chain.

Figure 4 is a top plan view of the unit with the chain removed therefrom.

Figure 5 is a perspective view of the unit with the chain as it is associated with the unit.

In proceeding with this invention I double a part of the flexible member or chain upon itself through some "sort of a ring or eye which is attached .to a clip, and provide a unit consisting of two telescope cylindrical parts which are forced apart by a spring. Each of the parts has a hole through it, through which one part of the chain, or flexible member, extends, the relationship being such that as the telescoping parts are forced away from each other the edges of these telescoping parts will grip the chain, or flexible member and hold it firmly in position so that the chain cannot pass therethrough.

With reference to the drawings, It designates a key holder which may be utilized for holding several keys such as H thereon. A ring i2 has a chain or flexible member is attached to it which extends through an eye or ring it on a clip [5, which may be secured to the upper edge of the trousers. The chain is then doubled back upon itself to pass downwardly as at it, to provide a loop designated generally ll. The end 18 of this flexible member or chain is adjustably secured to the portion l3 so that the distance between the clip f5 and the key holder It! may be varied. For this adjustment I utilized a unit designated generally Is.

This unit 19 consists of two telescoping cylindrical tubes 20 and 2|, which are closed at their outer ends 22 and 23 by material of the same piece of stock as the cylindrical side walls of the members 20 and 2!. Member 2! is of a diameter to slidably receive and guide the member 26. The inner end of the member 20 has its edges turned inwardly as at 24 so as to provide an abutting surface 25 to be engaged by a helically coiled spring 26, which engages the end 25 and also the end coil 23 of the larger tubular member 2!, and which acts to force these members apart as shown in Figures 2, 3 and 4. The outer member 2| has aligned elliptical holes 2'! and 28 through it, while the inner cylindrical member 20 has similar aligned holes 29 and 36. These holes 21, 28, 29 and 3E3, may register one with the other as shown in Figure 2, so that the section of chain [3 may pass freely through these holes. In order, however, that the holes may be aligned the members 20 and 2! must be forced inwardly against the action of the spring 26 and be held in this position by pressure on the opposite ends 22 and 23. When this pressure is released the two members .20 and 2! will move to the position shown in Figure 3 and the edges of these holes 21, 29, 28 and 30 will grip the section of chain 13 which passes therethrough and securely hold the unit l9 at an adjusted position along the section of chain [3.

The end of the chain I8 is secured to the outer tubular member 2| by an eye 3|, which is formed as an integral part of the stock of the outei tubular member 21.

It will be readily apparent that when it is desired to adjust the length of the chain the thumb and finger will be used to slide the tube 20 into the tube 2| so as to release the chain and then by moving the unit I9 in one direction or the other the chain may be shortened or lengthened as directed.

I claim:

1. A device of the type described comprising an article holding element, a flexible member having one end secured to said element, another portion extending back upon itself to provide a loop, a unit comprising two tubular parts in axial telescoping relation, each having a lateral opening therethrough, through which said member extends, means to relatively move said parts to cause them to bind on said member passing through said openings, and the end of said flex- 4 ible member being attached to said unit at a point spaced from the bind of said parts.

2. A device as in claim 1 wherein said tubes are moved apart by the means to relatively move them.

3. A device as in claim 1 wherein said tubes are closed at their outer ends.

4. A device as in claim 1 wherein said means is a spring.



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