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Publication numberUS2457858 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 4, 1949
Filing dateMar 29, 1945
Priority dateMar 29, 1945
Publication numberUS 2457858 A, US 2457858A, US-A-2457858, US2457858 A, US2457858A
InventorsJoseph Alexander
Original AssigneeJoseph Alexander
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Package carrier and cord cutting device
US 2457858 A
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Description  (OCR text may contain errors)

Jan. 4, 1949. J. ALEXANDER 2,457,858

PACKAGE CARRIER AND CQRD CUTTING DEVICE Filed Marh 29, 1945 INVENTOR. JOSEPH/7L EX/IA/OEE BY W W Patented Jan. 4, 11949 DEVICE Memes CARRIER AND on1) CUTTING .lljiriiil eat This invention relatesfto carrier'fievicesQ and parcels, articles and like structures."

It is one or the objectsfoff this invention"to provide means for securely engaging the binding strings of packagesor articlesfsdasfto maintain the latter always "in Substantially horizontalposition; p 1

It is another objectof this invention to provide a carrier deviceadapted'tdbe"graspedby the hand of a person carrying the package or article, said carrier device including afcentrally located hook member adapted-to" ektend' between adjacent fingers of saidg handand toengage the string or strings of the'packagetobe carried; i a

A still'further object' of thisfi'vention is to provide a novel carrier device iorpackages, pareels and the like," which device "includes means for impeding ready .disengagerneri o ffthe hook member from'the string'ofstririgis' oi hef package, said means takingir'it'o consideration various thicknesses of string material employed for tying said packager I I Still another object of thisinvention is to promore particularly ret ners- 01 packages,

avoidunwieldiness when packing'and storing a great number of said carrierldevic'es.

It is a further object'of this invention to provide means enabling the user toisever atwill the string or strings during disengagement of said carrier means from said packagathus facilitating ready unpacking of the package. I V

Still a further object of this. invention is to providev simple, inexpensive and eificient. carrier means for packages and-the like; whiclifmeans may be easily manipulated and;readily applied to various sizes of packageswhich may be closed by strings or cords.

Yet, another object of this invention is to provide a carrier device of a simplified construction which may be made of a suitable material, such as plastic, plastic composition, wood or metal, and manufactured in mass production.

These and other objects and advantages will become more apparent from the ensuing description of the invention, and will be further clearly understood by referring to the accompanying drawme.

In the drawing:

Fig. 1 illustrates in perspective a carrier device Aleirander, New York, NY. V

t me 29, 1945, SerialNo. 585,408

v1101mm. (ow/14.1 I i I as seen in Fig. 2 and as applied tothe strings of a package.

Fig. 2 is a front-elevational view of a carrier device embodying the present invention, and as seen in its app-lied position in Fig. 1.

Fig. 3 is a side-elevationalview of the carrier device illustrated in Fig. 2, partlyin section, taken along line 33 of Fig. 2'.

Figs. 4 and 5 show side-elevational views of carrier devices, both in modified form.

Fig. 6 illustrates acarriendevice made in accordance with this invention andshown in a still further modified form. l K

Fig. 7 is a fragmentary sectional view-taken alongline I-'-'I ofFig. 6. 1

Referring 'now in particular to the drawing, there isshown in Fig. 1 a package I 0; the wrapper II of whichis tiedby means of-string element I2 In order to facilis applied for engagement with string I2. Carrier device I3 comprises the handle proper I4 and hook member I5. Hook member I5 has an upper portior'i ltwhich enrbraces handle It in groove II which iscircular and centrally disposed with respect to elongated handle I I. Hook member I5may be preferablymade frompwire material,

but may 'also form a unit with handle I4. In such instance, handle "and hook I5 may be made from a single'piece of plastic material or plastic compositions e j Since groove I1 is of circular shape, hook member I5 canturn with itspart I6 about handle I4.

From part I6to hook member proper I5, thereextends a substantiallystraight portion I8 terminating in loop I9,,the free end 20 of which is turned inwardly and preferably contacts with its bend 2| said 'portion IBat 22. Since the material of which hook niember I5. ismanufactured is springy, it will be easily realized that upon sliding of string I2 between bend 2I and portion I8 at 22, loop I9 will give sidewardly and will allow string I2 to engage the lower end 23 of loop I9. Bend 2I comes then to lie against portion I8 at 22, thus preventing the string from unintentional disengagement with the hook member I5.

Fig. 3 shows a side-elevational view of hook member I5 on handle I4, hook member I5 being swingable about handle I4 (as indicated by dotdash lines so as to afiord adjustment of the position of the package I0 when the same is being carried.

Fig. 4 illustrates an end view of a carrier device 30, shown in modified form, the hook member 3| having a lower loop 32, whose leg portion 33 is corrugated at 34 and 35 in order to prevent unintentional disengagement of the string or cord from hook member 3|, as can be easily seen. The free end 36 of hook member 3| is turned inwardly providing between straight portion 31 and bend 38 an extremely small passageway to further prevent accidental disengagement of the string from carrier hook 3|. The remaining part 39 of hook member I andthe handle 40gare otherwise con;- structed-in .a similar manner to the construction shown in Figs. 1 to 3, inclusive.

Fig. 5 shows a further modified form of a car; rier device havin an elongated .hook ,member 5| Whose upper free end 52 'sp'rin'gedly contacts I straight portion 53 of the hook member, whereas" a knee-shaped or corrugated portion 54Tpositioned substantially intermediate the lower end 55 and bend 56 of hook member 51 leavesa narrow passageway or gap 51 between said knee.-

shaped portion 54 and the substantiall straight hee s Pes 1 Figs. 6 and '7 represent another improved :and modified form of a carrier device 0, whose hook member BI- terminates into a loop 5; having a bent portion 63 in contact with a substantially downw rd exten n st ai h o k l po t 51.

' 'Ben'd 63 is further provided with a knife portion 64 which is .directed inwardly and-towards the lower end 65 of h K -mernber 5|. This knife portion 64 may bemade integral with hook meml-bs 6 a d i p e erab y obt ed b flattening O tapering hook member 6| at ,lidwhereby a knife .PI-Piection .64 is .ereated.

From Figs/6 and "'7 it isguite obvious that upon pass n t i rs tring betw en end d po tion' .lila of'the hook'member 1. the string will be normally received ,on the lower end '65 of the hook member iii for engagement therewith. Loop 5.21s Pro id w h an .iete ed te' t h c te min e inthe' tre nd 5. nd ext n i ei d form t on be wee st aight le ort on 611; and leg portion 58 with w o sa d int r in diet ar fo ms twp passageway r threat re- -b e ve y first a a ewa tween .1" a d 1a are a s ondsa e ay w en1 an 68. or er to isen age he st n f om 1 mem e .61 th r n e the be m d pwa dl and intac t rou t sas a ewey bet e Por ons 5 filo i may en e erene. as a eway formed between the free end 6'! and leg portion 51?; s a tt efieptuat rem v l o the acka str 12 m the oek membe 51 by s e in t e string mate ial at i e or o with is dire e t ward said se ond r ss eewav- Thu t e a er e ice 0 will be d seose ed'from the st ng in W9 ways de end n on he p e whe her he ne ka t b k p c e d e lo ed s a ft r o omm cial' w oh reguir'es that the package and wra per is to be n d an unpacked- "forthfiitis tOEbeqgnderstQodthat "all matters here- -:inbe'fore disclosed or shown'inthe-accompanying drawing are to be interpreted as illustrative and "511013 in a limiting sense.

Having thus .described the invention, what is claimed as' newand desired to be secured by Letters Patent, is:

Acarrierdor parcels, packages and like articles, {tied by means of a string element and comprising an elongated handle having a centrally disposed circular groove, a hook member engaging said groove and adapted to move-in said groove about al horizontaljaxis ofsaidhandle, said hook member including a loopportion depending -from said handle and terminating in a lower end for normallyflengaging said string element, said loop portion being provided with a substantially straight portion and witha leg portion substantially parallel to and spaced ,from said straight portion, a substantially S-shapecl intermediate part integral with said loop portion extending in the spaee between said-straight portion and said leg portion and providing with said latter :portions two .constricted passag ways, firstand second passageway,- respectivel and a knife blade integral with said loop portion anddirected toward said second passageway. which is defined by said S-shaped intermediate part and said ,leg portion, whereby saidstring element-when ,moved through said first'passageway disengages intact from said loop Portion and when .guided'through said second passageway will first be severed and then disengaged from said loop portion.


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