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Publication numberUS2459558 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 18, 1949
Filing dateMar 9, 1945
Priority dateJan 19, 1945
Publication numberUS 2459558 A, US 2459558A, US-A-2459558, US2459558 A, US2459558A
InventorsDe Oribe Maruja Gonzalez Ville
Original AssigneeDe Oribe Maruja Gonzalez Ville
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Hygienic protector applicable to drinking vessels for avoiding contamination by the mouth
US 2459558 A
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Jan. 18, 1949. M


Uruguay Application March 9, In Uruguay J 1 Claim. (oi. c 13) The present invention relates to a hygienic protector which may be applied to glasses, cups or any other vessel used for drinking any liquid, in order to avoid contamination by the mouth.

It may be used at places where drinks are sold to the public, such as bars, eating-houses, confectionery shops, etc., as Well as in hospitals, sanatoriums and the like. Even in ones own home its use will result beneficially, especially if there is any ill person among the members of a family or among people that live in the same house. Generally the protector may also be used, where a guaranty is wanted against any contamination or the propagation of any illness through labial contact with the vessels of any kind used for drinking.

It consists essentially of a sheet of paper or another adequate material, preferably disk shaped, which shows on one edge a notch which is defined on the disk by two lappings or flaps which are folded in one direction, whereas another fold is provided in the other direction and on such a spot that it follows the same curve of the brim of the vessel to which the protector is applied. The subject matter of the invention is thus adapted to the brim of the vessel so as to put thereupon the lips and isolate them from all contact with the vessel; a proceeding which will produce the desired effect.

The stated shape of the protector may be obtained by stamping or in any other suitable way.

In order that the invention may be understood and realized with every ease, it has been shown by way of example in several illustrative figures, wherein:

Fig. l-shows the protector unfolded, viz. in its original shape;

Fig. 2 is a perspective View, showing how the protector is adapted to a glass.

In the different figures of the drawing the same or corresponding parts are indicated with the same reference number.

In accordance with the model illustrated in the accompanying drawings the structure consists of sheet I, made of paper or of any other adequate material, preferably of a circular shape, having on one of its edges notch 2 which may be V-shaped and provided with the enlargement 3, in shape more or less similar to a triangle, immediately after the apex of said notch 2.

In this Way plate I shows the two flaps 4 upon the adjacent parts of notch 2.

On both lines of folding a, which lines more or less limit the extension of said flaps 4, the sheet I is folded to one side, until forming ap- 1945, Serial No. 581,846 anuary 19, 1945 i proximately twoacute angles. On another line of folding b that passes near the centre of sheet 1, in a curved line, the sheet is folded approximately at 360 and in an opposed direction to the first two foldings, viz. to the opposite side. In this Way sheet 1 acquires the shape shown by the model of figure 2, ready to be put on the brim c of a glass, cup or any other vessel adequate for the purpose.

For better attachment of the protector the adhesive substances 5 may be applied to the surface brought into contact with the vessel, or instead thereof cuppings or other similar means.

Evidently, the shape given to the protector may be obtained by a stamping process or by any other method which industrial art counsels.

The line of folding b will agree, as the size of the sheet, with the shape and diameter of the mouth of the vessel to which the protector will be applied.

When drinking, the lips then will be put upon this object instead of putting them directly upon the brim of the vessel, wherewith the desired hygiene will be obtained. It also can be avoided that the rouge used by female persons upon the lips remains on the vessel, thus facilitating cleaning it.

The material to be used may be, as said above, the one that is most suitable in practice, such as cardboard paper, glazed paper, crepe paper, Cellophane and others, the invention not being lessened in value for it.

In the sale of these protectors it is advisable, to provide them with a wrapper which keeps them free of dust and manual contact before reaching the consumer.

Finally, it must be mentioned that the two flaps 4 will prevent the liquid from spilling over the brim, as it will be led in direction of the mouth when drinking the liquid contained.

It is evident that certain modifications of constructive details may be made, without abandoning therefor the reach of the present invention, as clearly determined by the claim that follows hereafter.

Having thus described and specified the nature of the present invention and the manner in which it can be carried into practice I declare that what I claim as my exclusive right and property is as follows:

A hygienic protector applicable to drinking vessels for avoiding contamination of the mouth, comprising, a disc of deformable relatively stiff water resistant material, an arcuate fold line provided on said sheet for substantially registering with'the brim of a drinking vessel after foldin said sheet at an angle 01 at least 90 along said fold line over said brim and into said vessel, said disc fhaving a notch opening through the edge thereof facing the concave side of said fold line and extending toward the same, said notch'consisting or an outer portion laterally bounded by a paiir oi inwardly converging edges of said sheet, an' d :also bounded by a pair of inwardly diverging edgesfof said sheet and terminating in an arcuate edgefs paced from and conforming substantially to the aforesaid fold line, and a pair of straight i nld lines on said sheet leading outwardly at right angles: from the edges of the inwardly diverging edges of the notch to the outer edge of the disc and defining flaps adapted to be bent upwardly ,from' the portion of the disc lying within the ves- Sehthereby to engage the cheeks of the user to assist in holding the protector in use on the vessel and also to direct the contents of the vessel through the bottom of the notch to the lips of the user.


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