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Publication numberUS2459992 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 25, 1949
Filing dateJun 6, 1946
Priority dateJun 6, 1946
Publication numberUS 2459992 A, US 2459992A, US-A-2459992, US2459992 A, US2459992A
InventorsThomas D Cimino
Original AssigneeThomas D Cimino
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Sleevelet purse
US 2459992 A
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T. D. QEMENQ SLEEVELET-PURSE Filed. Jun-e 6, 1946 INVENTOR THOMAS D. C/Mmo BY fi rrffiizi;

ATTORNEY Patented Jan. 25 1949 V I g SLEE VELE TPURSE' Thomas D. Qimino, "NewKe nsington, Pa.

AppfieationJu-ne 6, 1946, Serial No. 674,866

1 1 This invention relates to a sleevelet-purse adapted to be worn on the forearm. More particularly it relates to the combination in a sleevelet. of purse pockets for coins, cosmetics, pen or pencil, and the like, and to novel features of construction thereof to adapt the same to be slipped on and off the forearm of the wearer and to be worn or carried thereon when desired.

1 cl i (01. 224m The objects of my invention are to provide, as

a new wearing apparel accessory, a sleeveletpurse; and to provide a unique construction therefor incorporating purse pockets in a sleevelet adapted to fit the forearm of the wearer, without likelihood of the sleevelet-purse being unintentionally slipped off the forearm. More specific objects are to provide a sleevelet-purse having one end of the sleevelet larger than the other, but with provision for passing the smaller end thereof over the hand and then securing it at the wrist. Other objects and advantages of my invention will be apparent upon'a reading of the following detailed description and by. reference to the accompanying drawing.

The drawing illustrates one form of my new sleevelet-purse, in the position in which it would be seen by the wearer when his forearm is raised. In the drawing the smaller end of the sleeveletpurse is opened to reveal the construction of this new wearing apparel accessory.

My new sleevelet-purse I may be constructed with any suitable fabrics or materials, such as are used in similar wearing apparel accessories and the like. It may have a lining 2 of different material from the outside sleevelet 3, or of the same material, as desired.

At the larger hemmed end 4, the sleevelet 3 is a continuous closed band. The larger end 4 is of such size as will permit its being passed over the hand, and will usually fit the upper forearm comfortably.

At the smaller hemmed end 5, the sleevelet 3 is split, but fastening means are provided to close the same. In the form shown, the fastening means comprise a snap fastener 6 on one split portion of sleevelet 3 and a button snap 1 on a tab 8 on the other split portion of sleevelet 3. The smaller end 5, when fastened, is of such size as will not permit its being passed over the hand, but will usually fit the wrist comfortably. As will appear more fully hereinafter, the smaller end of sleevelet 3, when unfastened, can be passed over the hand.

In the form of sleevelet-purse I shown in the drawing, the split runs the greater length of the sleevelet3 from the smaller or wrist end 5 almost tothe larger or upper forearm end .4. I have found it convenient to provide a zipper fastener 9 and slide Ii) as means for closing the split opening and fastening the adjacent split portions together all along the length thereof, but other conventional forms of fastening means may be employed, such as buttons, button snap fasteners and the like.

The sleevelet 3 has several pockets therein shown with zipper fasteners for closing the openings therein. The pockets are all shown in the drawing on the inner forearm side of the sleevelet-purse, but additional pockets can be and usually should be provided on the other side of the sleevelet-purse not seen in the drawing. Pocket I I has its opening facing the zipper fastener 9 and may conveniently be used to carry cosmetics. Pocket I2 has its opening facing the smaller or wrist end 5 of the sleevelet 3 and may conveniently be used to carry coins or keys. Pocket I3 is an elongated pocket running lengthwise of the sleevelet 3 suitable for carrying a pen or pencil. Various other'arrangements and dispositions of pockets may be adopted to suit the tastes of various wearers, it being within the scope of the invention to employ one or more pockets, such as I I, I2, or I3 in the sleevelet 3 to produce the sleevelet-purse I.

The usefulness of my sleevelet-purse I will now be more particularly pointed out. It will be seen that the sleevelet 3 is proportioned in size, from larger end 4 to smaller end 5, to fit the forearm. It is not necessary that the sleevelet 3 be split its whole length, since the closed band at the larger end 4 will pass over the hand. It may be desirable to have the sleevelet 3 split the full length, however, and in such case the zipper fastener 9, or other fastening means, can be arranged to provide a closed band at the larger end 4, preliminarily to putting the article on the forearm.

It is desirable to have the larger end 4 closed when putting on my sleevelet-purse, since itis more easily adjusted to the forearm by the use of the opposite hand when such is the case. For example, the sleevelet 3 can be fastened with the free hand, first by engaging the fastening means 6 and I, and then by engaging the fastenings means 9. It is not always necessary to provide the first mentioned fastening means 6 and I, but such means will be seen to be desirable, since such means will prevent the sleevelet from sliding down over the wrist onto or over the hand while the fastening means 9 is being engaged.

Thus it will be seen that I have provided a I casions, where a simple but unique accessory for the forearm, or for carrying small articles is desired, whether the occasion be formal or informal. My sleevelet-purse can be tailored to most exacting specifications, but need conform only to the principles set forth above.

Iclaim: V b V A sleevelet-purse for the forearm comprising a sleevelet with one end larger than the other, said sleevelet being proportioned along its length to fit the forearm and provided with a plurality of pockets in said sleevelet for keys, coins, cosmetics and the like, the larger end of said sleevelet being a closed band, the smaller end of said'sleevelet being longitudinally split over substantially its entire length, means for first fastening together the split portions of said sleevelet at the smaller end thereof, and means for thereafter fastening together thesplit portionsof said sleevelet along Number 7 4 the length thereof and thereby closing the open ing therebetween, whereby the sleevelet-purse maybe passed over the hand when both fastening means are not engaged, secured at the wrist when the first fastening means are engaged, and finally secured on the forearm with the' split opening closed when the last-mentioned fastening means are engaged.


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International ClassificationA45C3/14
Cooperative ClassificationA45C1/04, A45C3/14
European ClassificationA45C3/14