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Publication numberUS2460193 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 25, 1949
Filing dateJul 23, 1947
Priority dateJul 23, 1947
Publication numberUS 2460193 A, US 2460193A, US-A-2460193, US2460193 A, US2460193A
InventorsTheodor Raudenkolb
Original AssigneeTheodor Raudenkolb
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Curtain rod bracket
US 2460193 A
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Jan. 25, 1949. RAUDENKQLB 2,460,193

CURTAIN ROD BRACKET Filed July 23, 1947 JNVEN TOR. 7//00 0 A34 uoz/wroz. B

Patented Jan. 25, 1949 his! STATES ATENT OFFICE CURTAIN ROD BRACKET Theodor Raudenkolb, New York, N. Y.

Application July-23, 1947, Serial No. 762,995

2 Claims.

The present invention relates to curtain rod brackets, and particularly to brackets which have adjustable supporting plates for the curtain rods.

The main object of my invention is to provide a bracket for curtain rods which may be readily applied and secured in place by a single screw.

Another important object is to have such a bracket which has an adjustable curtain supporting plate for supporting the curtain rod at one end, two such brackets being used together.

A further object is to provide curtain rod brackets which employ the combination of a screw and a suction cup for retaining the brackets in position, the brackets being further provided with suspension hooks adapted to rest upon a picture moulding and take the weight of the curtain rod when attached to the supporting plates or members on the brackets.

It is also an object to make curtain rod brackets which are simple in construction and very convenient to use in various conditions and places, and which are reasonable in cost.

Other objects and the advantages of my invention will appear in greater detail as the specification proceeds.

In the accompanying drawing forming part hereof,

Figure 1 is a perspective view of the upper portion of a window as seen from the inside and equipped with curtain rod brackets made according to the invention and embodying the salient features thereof in a practical form, a curtain rod being also shown in position upon the brackets;

Figure 2 is an enlarged front elevation of one of the two brackets of Figure 1;

Figure 3 is a side elevation of the same bracket;

Figure 4 is a transverse section taken on line a d in Figure 2;

Figure 5 is another section taken on line 55 in the same Figure 2;

Figure 6 is a further section taken on line 6- 6 in said Figure 2; and

Figure '7 is a fragmentary view of a modification of the securing means for the supporting plate on the bracket.

Throughout the views, the same reference numerals indicate the same or like parts.

Brackets for supporting curtain rods have conventionally been nailed or screwed in place by 2 several nails or screws, this circumstance often causing the woodwork to be disfigured and even cracked about the window frames where the brackets have been applied, not to mention that all too often the brackets have loosened because they could not be firmly secured.

It is now proposed to use a combination of means for securing curtain rod brackets in place so that they may be readily applied and yet be firmly held in place to form a secure attachment for the curtain rods to be mounted thereon.

Hence, in the practice of my invention, and referring now again to the drawing, above the window frame 9 is a picture moulding It which usually runs right around the room and is secured to the wall in conventional manner. Upon this moulding is hung a pair of pendent plate members II, II which form the main portions of the brackets and are bent at the top to form suspension hooks l2, l2 adapted to hang directly on the moulding, as best shown in Figure 3. A screw l3 passes through a hole H! in the upper part of each bracket plate upon the back of the hook thereof and extends into the moulding to prevent accidental displacement from the same, so that the hook will positively retain the bracket suspended. Upon the rear face of each of the bracket plates II is fixed a suction cup l5 by means of a rivet or screw it, a washer I! being interposed between the cup and bracket to space the latter in parallelism with the wall l8 to which the suction cup is attached by suction.

In the intermediate portion of each bracket plate is a series of holes I9 which may be countersunk from the rear for receiving forwardly directed screws 20 extending through a movable or adjustable plate 2! held against the bracket in each case by a wing nut 22. This nut may be unscrewed from screw 20 and the screw removed from one hole to another, as desired, and then passed through supporting plate 2| and the wing nut thereafter replaced on the screw to provide the plate with any adjustment found necessary for obtaining the correct height of attachment for the curtains-to be supported in front of the window. The supporting plate has two projecting studs 23', 24 for engaging in the ends 25, 26 ofthecurtain rod 27, these studs being preferably riveted in place on each supporting plate.

In Figure 7 is shown a form in which the 3 bracket i has a series of threaded holes 29 into which a wing screw 38 may be screwed from the front to clamp plate 2i against the bracket, in contrast with the form in which the head of screw 28 engages the rear countersunk portion of holes [9.

Ma'nifestly, variations may be resorted to and parts may be modified or replaced by others or even used without others, within the scope of the appended claims.

Having now fully described my invention, I claim:

1. Brackets for supporting a curtain rod including in each bracket a plate member terminating in -atheolztatthe top for-suspending said plate member from a picture moulding or the like, said plate member having a plurality of holes arranged in a vertical series, a suction cup mounted upon the rear portion of the lower end of the same plate member, and a supportingplate having means for supporting amend of.a cur.tain rod and adjustably secured to sai plate member by a manually releasable screw extend-ing through said supporting plate into one of the holes in the vertical series in said plate member.

2. Brackets for supporting a curtain rod, including in each bracket 2. plate member terminating in a hook at the top for suspending the plate member from a picture moulding or the like, an adjustably mounted supporting plate having a manually releasable screw extending through the upper portion thereof into a corresponding hole in said plate member, a suction cup mounted upon the rear portion of the lower end of the latter plate member, and a pair of projecting stud members disposed upon the front portion ofsaid supporting plate below the releasable screw and constituting means for supporting a curtain rod.


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