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Publication numberUS2460427 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 1, 1949
Filing dateJan 26, 1946
Priority dateJan 26, 1946
Publication numberUS 2460427 A, US 2460427A, US-A-2460427, US2460427 A, US2460427A
InventorsBuck William H, Musselman Henry E
Original AssigneeBuck William H, Musselman Henry E
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Combined cigarette case and lighter
US 2460427 A
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Feb. 1, 1949.


Patented Feb. 1, 1949 UNITED STATES frlfTE-,Nfi oFFice coMBINED cIGAnETTEcAsE f AND LIGHTERv Y Hem-y E. Miisslmn and William H. Buck,

Kalamazoo, Mich;

lsanitation"Jammie 26, 1946, serial No. 643,564

f Objects relating to details and economies of the inventionwill appear from the description to follow. Theinvention is dened and pointed out in the claims. 'Y Y f A preferred embodiment of the invention is illustrated in the' accompanying drawing, in

which: Y

Fig. 1 is a side, elevation gofastructure embodying my invention. Vf

Fig. 2 is a view mainly in vertical section from iront torear with the cover open and a package of cigarettes arranged in the case. l

Fig. 3 is an enlarged plan vview sectioned through the cover hinge ears. i

Fig. 4 is an enlarged fragmentary view in section on lined-4 of Figs. 1 and 2.

Fig. 5 is anV enlargedfragmentary view in sec tion on line 54-5 'of"Fig's. j1`and 3 showing the details 'of the cover retainingmeans.

Fig. 6 is aY perspective view .of the parts of the igniter.

The embodiment of our invention illustrated comprises a body member I formed integrally of molded plastic and having a cigarette compartment 2 of substantially rectangular cross section and desirably of such dimensions as to receive a complete package of cigarettes with the upper end A ofthe package projecting from the compartment,

2 claims., (c1. 2o6f41-4) means Vdesignated generally by the vnumeral II projecting from the compartment. Y

The shell 9 is supported by the longitudinal ribs I2 formed on the inner wall of the chamber 8 to coact withthe front Wall 4 in supporting the shell. The inner faces of these ribs are curved to t the shell. i

The lighter body member I!) is provided with an angular guard member I3, one arm of which embraces the body member I0, the other arm projecting upwardly vat the side of the lcigarette 'l package 3 t'o constitute a shield I4.

the package being indicated at 3 in Fig. 2. The

- front wall of the compartment has internal 1ongitudinal laterally spaced ribs 5,` the ribs having outwardly inclined inner edge portions 6 adapted v A to guide the cigarette package Vintowedging en-Y gagement with the lower portions of the ribs soY that the carton of cigarettes maybe pushed into the compartment without likelihood of crushing the cigarettes and at the same time the package is eiectively retained.

The body member also has an integral longitudinal boss-like enlargementl chambered at 8 to removably receive the lighter which in this case comprises thevtubular shell 9 closed at its inner end and the lighter proper I 0 having ignition The .body member is provided with a peripheral rib I5 inispaced relation to its upper edge and constituting a cover supporting ledge I6. The cover I'I. is also desirably formed of plastic and is providedcwith'pivot ears I8 receiving the pin or pintle I9 carried by the boss-like enlargement 20 on the rear Walllof the body member.

The cover has a compartment 2I complemental tothe compartment 2 of the body member and radapted to receive the projecting end of the cigarettey package. The cover member is provided Withfa boss-like enlargement 22 on its swinging end chambered at 23 to receive the metal snufler cap 24 Which closes over the ignition means of the igniter.

A gasket I3I is provided on the outer side of the'guard memberand the cap'24 closes against this gasket, resulting in a quick snung action. This gasket alsoprevents the escape and evaporation of the fluid. f

Y YThe cover is provided with a flange portion 25 adapted to close over the body member so that the edge of the cover rests upon the ledge Io as shown in Fig. 5. The compartment 2I closes over the shield I4.

The cover is provided with integral lug-like latch members 26 on the side portions of its iiange adapted to engage the integral keepers 21 on the body member, the sides of the cover being springable or springing sumciently to allow a snap engagement of the latch members with the cover.

'The shield I4 protects the cigarette package from the flame of the igniter.

. The tubular shell 9 prevents the uid from coming into Contact with the plastic material of the casing. The case is'well adapted for carrying in the pocket and may be made in attractive colors and is very attractive in design.

While the structure is designed to receive a complete package of cigarettes, it will of course be understood that cigarettes may be placed loosely in the cigarettecompartment although they are better protected and less exposed when the case is opened if the entire package is inserted. Standard types of packages may be inserted Without injury to the cigarettes Which are conventionally illustrated at 28.

We Vhave illustrated and described our invention in a highly attractive and practical embodiment thereof. We have not attempted to illustrate or describe,Y certain modifications and adaptations as it is believed thaty this disclosure will enable those skilled in the art to embody or adapt our invention as may be desired.

Having thus described our invention, what vte 1 body member and abut the said cover ledge thereon, and a snuiier cap arranged in said cornplernental lighter chamber of said cover to enclose the projecting end of the lighter and the ignition means thereof.V

2. A combined cigarette case and igniter comprising an integral body member of molded plastic material having a comnartmentof substantially rectangular Gross section and of such dimensions as to receive a package of cigarettes with the upper end of the package projecting therefrom,

Y the fr-ont, `wall of the compartment having inclaim as new and desire to secureby @letters Patent is:

l. A combined cigarette case and lighter-comprising an integral body member of molded plastic material having a compartment of;,antiallyV rectangular cross section and of such dimensions y as to receive a package of cigarettes withthe upper end of the package projecting therefrom, the. iront.. Wall of. theoolnoertment. .having internal longitudinally, extending and laterally spaced ribs with outwardly inclined inner edge portions, said ribs acting to. wedgingly engage a cigarette package wi. n. the compartment, said body member also. having a longitudinal. enlargement on the iront Wall thereof-v ehambered to provide a. .lighter compartment andhaving internallongitudinally extending `ritos with curved `inner eidgescoacting. with .theinner Wall of.; the receive andremovably support a cylindrical lighter, the bodmembel hailing a 'peripheral rib spaced from its upper. edge. providing d Cover ledgaa. cylindrical lightergarranged l in said lighter chamber to. project therefrom and provided with ignition meansY at itsproiecting end and having thereon an angular guard member with one arm thereofv retainingly engaged with the lighter at 'the inner. side, of its ignition means and supported 'upon the. end edge ofztheignition chamber wall, the other arm projectingupwardly and constituting a shield `between thelrigniter meansA and thecigarette. package, acover member of: moldedplastic. material hinged tothel rear Awall of said body member and having a comparte 1 ment therein complemental to. said cigarette. compartment of said body member and adaptedtoreceive the. projecting "end off a cigarette.' package therein and said shield,said cover member having a' boss-like extension on its swinging end chambered to. complement said lightere'cham'ber,

said cover member having a ange portion in itsV edge'adapted to close over the. upper. end of. the

'ter-nal' longitudinally extending and laterally spaced ribs with outwardly inclined inner edge r portions, said kribs, acting to wedgingly engage a cigarette package Within the compartment, said bodyA member Valsoljlaving a longitudinal bosslike enlargementon'the front wall thereof chamvel() bered to provide a lighter compartment adapted to receive a lighter, a, lighter arranged in said lighter .Chamber to .ptoieot thereirorn orovided with ignition means. at its Rloie ng end, e coter-.member oi molded; plaotio, material hinged to the-rear. weilfofisaidnodyf member' and having commit-m t.. therein comptent .Said Qigarette Comp. tment of said. bode mem r and adapted. to. reoeivethe-oloieoting endet ga.- rette. package. therein, .said @over me. leer rtiaviiig a boss-like extension on its'swinginggv4 end .chanibored. tooeomolement. Said .lighter and a Soulier Cep arr. nged. in. Said. .Comeiomeatal lighter chamber.- oi Saidtooverto enclosothe projecting end. of the lighter. and. the. .ignition meensthereot Willi/.IAM H. Bite entgegnete. einen The following references are c1" record the Great. Britain June. 2e, 192s

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U.S. Classification206/89
International ClassificationF23Q2/06, F23Q2/00
Cooperative ClassificationF23Q2/06
European ClassificationF23Q2/06