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Publication numberUS2460481 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 1, 1949
Filing dateMay 27, 1947
Priority dateMay 27, 1947
Publication numberUS 2460481 A, US 2460481A, US-A-2460481, US2460481 A, US2460481A
InventorsAbel Logan F
Original AssigneeCharles P Mckinney, J C Barnard
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Drill pipe cleaner
US 2460481 A
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Feb. 1, 1949.` F, ABEL 2,460,481

. DRILL PIPE CLEANER Filed May 27, 1947 vPatented Feb. 1, 1949 DRILL PIPE CLEANER Logan F. Abel, Marlow,

third to Charles P. McKi Okla., assignor of onenney and one-third to Ca Barnard, both of Marlow, Okla.

. Application May 27, 1947, serial No. 750,747

This invention relates to drill pipe cleaning devices, and more particularly to a device for cleaning mud and other debris from the inside of a string of drill pipe when the pipe is to be withdrawn from a drill hole.

A main object of the invention is to provide a novel and improved drill pipe cleaner which is very simple in construction, easy to use and efficient in operation.

A further object of the invention is to provide an improved cleaning device for drill pipes which is adapted to be inserted in the upper end yof the pipe string and which is arranged to force mud and debris downwardly out of the pipe so that the pipe may be readily withdrawn from the drill hole, said device involving only a few simple and inexpensive parts which are easy to assemble and are rugged in construction.

Further objects and advantages of they invention will become apparent from the following description and claims, and from the accompanying drawings, wherein:

Figure 1 is a vertical cross-sectional view of a drill pipe in which is positioned a cleaning device according to the present invention.

Figure 2 is an enlarged cross-sectional view of an inilatable bag member employed in the cleaning device of Figure l.

Figure 3 is a cross-sectional View taken on line 3-3 of Figure 1.

Referring to the drawings, Ildesignates a drill pipe of conventional construction employed in earth boring or drilling by the rotary method. In order to facilitate the withdrawal of the pipe and to prevent mud from spilling outon the drill rig floor when the drill pipe is disconnected adjacent said floor or drawn out of the drill hole, a cleaning device is inserted in the pipe com prising a series of weighted plungers I2, I3 and I4 of lead or other heavy material, connected together by links I5 and I6. Threaded axially into the top end of the top plunger I4 is an eye bolt I'I. Secured on said top end by a nut I8 threaded on bolt I 'l is an upwardly concave cup-shaped re silient member I9 of rubber or similar material which engages the inner wall surface of pipe `II with squeegee action. Secured on Vsaid bolt above cup member I9 by nuts 2li and ZI is a downwardly concave resilient cup member 22 of rubber or the like of somewhat heavier construction than'cup member IS. A rigid cone-shaped member 24 is supported on bolt I'I below cup member 2,2 in inverted position and its rimis pressed against the bottom rim of cup member 22 by an adjusting nut 23, whereby cup-shaped 3 claims. (cl. 1664-18) 2 member`22 is squeezed outwardly and engages the inner, surface of pipe II with adjustable squeegee action.

Secured to eye bolt ll by a link 25 is a rod member 26 formed with eye loops at both ends. vSecured to the top eye loop of rod member 26 is a flexible cable, not shown. Rod member 26 carries an inatable bag member 2l of rubber or similar resilient material. Secured to the top Wall portion of bag member 2l is an air intake fitting 28 connected by a flexible hose 29 to a suitable air pump or source of air pressure. Also mounted in said top wall portion of the bag member is a relief valve 39 which opens and allows air to escape from the bag when the pressure therein exceeds a predetermined value. The air in bag 21 expands said bag so that the bag ex erts substantial lateral pressure on the inner wall surface of pipe II over-a substantial area, and provides a thorough cleaning action on said inner surface as the bag descends in the pipe responsive to the gravitational bias exerted thereon by the weighted plungers I2, i3 and III. The combined action of squeegee members I9, 22 and bag 2l serves to clear'the interior of pipe II of substantially all solidand liquid material as the pipe Vis withdrawn from the drill hole.

The lower cup member I9 is substantially yieldable so that it may freely pass the pipe joints as the device descends in the pipe. Cone member 24 serves as a guide means and protective guard for the rim of the upper cup member 22 in passing the pipe joints. The bottom of bag member 2l is sharply tapered downwardly so that the bag may pass downwardly with respect to said pipe joints in a smooth and unobstructed manner.

While a specific embodiment of a cleaning device for drill pipe has been disclosed in the foregoing description it will be understood that various modifications within the spirit of the invention may occur to those skilled in the art. Therefore it lis intended that no limitations be placed on the invention other than as deiined by the scope of the appended claims. Y

What is claimed is:

l. A drill pipe cleaning device comprising a weightedv plunger member adapted to be' inserted in a drill pipe, an inatable bag member, means for securing the bottom end of the bag member to the top end of the plunger member substantially axially of both members, means in the top wall of said bag member for inating the bag member, and a relief valve in said bag member for preventing the pressure in the bag member from rising above a predetermined value,

the bottom end of the bag member being downwardly tapered.

2. A drill pipe cleaning device comprising a weighted plunger adapted to be inserted in a drill pipe, a downwardly concave resilient cup member adaptedvto engage the inner surface of the pipe, means for securing said cup member to tlie top end of said plunger, said means including an in verted rigid cone member pressing upwardly at its rim on the ybottom rim of the cup member, an inilatable bag member, means for securing said bag member to the cup member in upwardly spaced relation thereto, and means for'maim taining the pressure in said bag member below a predetermined value.

3. A drill pipe cleaning device comprising a Weighted plunger adapted to be inserted in a drill pipe, a downwardly concave resilient cup member adapted to engage the inner surface of the pipe, means for axially `securing said cup member to: the topv end of said plunger, `saidl means comprising an axialeye bolt secured to said top end, means for fastening the cup member to said eye bolt and an inverted rigid cone carried by said eye bolt and pressing upwardly at its rim on the bottom rim of the cup member, an inflatable bag, means for axially securing the bottom end of said bag to the top end of said eye bolt,

' the bottom end of the bag'being downwardly tapered, means for inflat-ing 'the bag, and a relief valve in the bag ior preventing a rise in pressure therein beyond a predetermined value.


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