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Publication numberUS2461071 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 8, 1949
Filing dateSep 25, 1946
Priority dateSep 25, 1946
Publication numberUS 2461071 A, US 2461071A, US-A-2461071, US2461071 A, US2461071A
InventorsMettenleiter Michael W
Original AssigneeMettenleiter Michael W
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Handbag holder or the like
US 2461071 A
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Application September 2s, m, Serial No. 699,162 1 Claim. (01. 248-227) This invention relates to table equipment and the like, and more particularly to holders. clamps or brackets designed to support handbags and the like underneath the top of a dining table, for example.

It is an object of the present invention to provide a novel holder for handbags or the like which supports the bag within easy reach of itsowner yet away from the surface of the table top so as to leave the same free for serving and similar purposes.

It is another provide a novel holder for handbags or the like which supports the bag in a concealed manner yet permits access to the contents of the bag without necessitating removal of the bag from the holder.

A further object of the present invention is to provide a novel holder for handbags or the like which includes a clamp or bracket portion whereby the holder is mounted on the side edge of a table top, and which permits this clamp or bracket portion, in addition to its function as support for the holder, to serve as clamp or fastening means for a table cloth covering the table top.

Still another object of the present invention is to provide a novel holder for handbags or the like which includes a clamp or bracket portion serving both for mounting the holder on a table top and for securing a table cloth to said table top, and which includes as the top part of said clamp or bracket portion a face portion adapted to carry advertising, nameplates or similar ornamentation.

Other objects, and the manner in which the same are attained, will become apparent as this specification proceeds.

Ladies handbags and similar small carrying cases are frequently in the way becauseof the dual requirement imposed on them that they must be within easy reach of the owner at all times, yet must not interfere with whatever the owner happens to be doing at the time. An umbrella is left in the check room, a hat is (usually) kept on, but handbags occupy the singular position of an accessory which accompanies the owner wherever she goes. In a theater, for example, the owner may hold the bag in her lap butin restaurants and similar establishments, where her hands should be free for eating, drinking, passing dishes and the like the presence of the bag is a source of discomfort and annoyance. If it is placed on the table it crowds the space available for serving purposes, held in the lap without manual support it usually ends up on the floor. Clearly, the situaobject of the present invention to 2 tion calls for a' remedy which the present invention tends to provide.

The novel handbag holder or the like according to the present invention is distinguished by what may be referred to as a twisted hook portion. This twisted hook portion comprises a flat piece of sheet metal or-plastic material, for example, which is designed to rest flat against the border or skirt of the table just underneath the table top, for part of the way that is; for allowing for a cer tain part of the flat piece of material to rest flat against the table skirt, the remainder of the piece is twisted so that this lower portion becomes perpendicular rather than parallel to the table skirt, and it is this lower portion which is formed into an open hook or bend which thus, does not project from underneath the table top as it would do were the flat, supporting portion simply bent outwardly instead of being twisted in the manner described. Accordingly, the hook extends underneaththe outer flange of the table top without projecting beyond the outer edge thereof, with the result that the bag suspended from the hook rests underneath the table top and concealed from view, the hook being in no position to tear clothing or cause other injury.

lin mounting the twisted hook portion described above on the table, the invention solves some additional problems. According to the invention there is provided, integral with the flat piece of material the lower part of which is formed intothe twisted hook portion, a clamp 0r bracket portion whereby to secure the holder to the flange of the table top. This arrangement has the decided advantage that the holder may be readily put on and removed from the table, the latter for purposes of cleaning both the table and the holder. Moreover, this arrangement results in investing the clamp 0r bracket portion with the additional important function of serving to clamp or secure a table cloth to the table top. Particularly in restaurants where table cloths are put on in a hurry, some means of quickly securing the table cloth to the table in an orderly manner is a prerequisite in avoiding the disarray and unseemly appearance of dinner tables, and the holders according to the present invention which are clamped on the flange of the table top with one simple motion. appeared to serve admirably the purpose of simultaneously securing the table cloth to the table top.

The only part of the clamp holder according to the invention which is exposed on the table top is the flat, narrow strip of material which forms the top of the clamp or bracket portion.

According to the present invention, this part too is utilized for a purpose additional to its primary, i. e. supporting function, namely for serving to carry an advertising message, or a name plate, or any other printed or ornamental material. With this purpose in mind, the top portion of the clamp is provided with guides into which a correspondingly shaped strip of material carrying the advertising, name or ornamentation may be conveniently and replaceably inserted. A cover of transparent material may be placed over the strip inserted into the guides if desired, or, in case the top of the clamp itself should be made of transparent material such' as plastic, a slot may be provided in this top or face portion parallel to the table top to accommodate a thin strip of material carrying the advertising, name or the like ornamentation. Thus, the invention also involves an entirely new type of advertising medium which, since it is placed in front of the patron of a restaurant, cafe, bar, lunch counter etc. while the meal is being ordered, pnomisesto be particularly eifective in advertising soft drinks, liquor and the like.

In the drawing attached to this specification and forming part thereof some embodiments of the invention are illustrated diagrammatically by way of example, but I wish it to be understood that various modifications may be made within the scope of the appended claim, in the construction, design and operation of the invention without departing from its spirit or sacrificing any advantages thereof.

In the drawing.

Fig. 1 is a perspective view of a handbag holder according to the invention as applied to a table top. and

F18. 2 is a similar view of a modification of the handbag holder shown in Fig. 1.

Referring now to the drawing wherein like elements are denoted by identical reference numerals, and first to Fig. 1, the handbag holder according to the invention is seen to comprise. generally, a twisted hook portion A and a clamp portion B. Preferably though not necessarily, the entire holder according to Fig. 1 may be made from a single fairly narrow strip of material such as metal or plastic, for example, so the portions A and B are integral parts of the same piece of material. Starting from the top, the clamp portion comprises a top or face plate I, a side or connecting plate 2, and a bottom plate 3. In the embodiment of the invention shown in Fig. 1, the top and bottom plates 1 and 3, respectively, are so spaced as to tightly grip or fit the flange l of a table top I, the fit being sumciently elastic or resilient as to accommodate different thicknesses of table tops, as well as table tops with and without table cloths.

Merging into the free edge of the bottom plate '3 of the clamp portion and at right angles to the latter, is a flat portion 8 which rests against the skirt 1 of the table. This fiat portion I, in turn,

Number merges into the twisted portion 8 which terminates in the hook portion I. The handbag It is suspended from the hook I as indicated in the drawing.

The top or face plate I of the clamp portion is providedwith guides ll into which a strip 12 carrying advertising is inserted.

In the embodiment of the invention according to Fig. 2, the clamp and hookportions are separate parts which are joined together by a screw or rivet member Ii. In this embodiment of the invention, the twisted hook member assumes the shape of the letter S as indicated at 12 in Fig. 2.

The guide members (3 and the insertable strip portion ,shown in Fig. 1, are omitted in Fig. 2 but may, of course, abe incorporated in this embodiment of the invention if desired. In special cases, however, advertising or similar ornamental matter may be provided on the top surface of clamp portion i so as to eliminate the necessity of the guide and insert members I! and II, respectively.

The handbag holder according to this invention is extremely simple to make and therefore, lends itself to mass-manufacture and large volume sales. In utilizing various parts of the clamp portion not only for supporting the holder portion proper, but for securing the table cloth to the table top and moreover, providing an entirely new advertising medium, the invention arrives at a number of results which are surprising considering the simplicity and low cost of the new adget. v

I claim:

As an article of manufacture, a handbag holding device comprising a section of resilient sheet material bent to form a C clamp having a top and bottom portion adapted to receive a projecting table edge between them, said bottom portion having a portion continuous with the end thereof, said continuous portion bent downwardly and rearwardly with respect to the end of the said bottom portion and twisted and bent to form a hook member set at right angles to the said O clamp.


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European ClassificationA47G29/08P