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Publication numberUS2461682 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 15, 1949
Filing dateNov 6, 1944
Priority dateNov 6, 1944
Publication numberUS 2461682 A, US 2461682A, US-A-2461682, US2461682 A, US2461682A
InventorsDe Ferrari Edmond
Original AssigneeDe Ferrari Edmond
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Exerciser and amusement device for infants
US 2461682 A
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Filed Nov. 6, 1944 a. m m 2 om k M E nMB Patented Feb. 15, 1949 NUNITED STATES AT'ENT OF EXERGISER AND AMUSEMENT DEVICE FOR INFANTS Edmond de Ferrari, San Francisco, Calif. Application November 6, 1944, Serial No. 562,178

1 Claim. (01. 27257) The invention, in general, relates to meansfor strengthening the limbs of infants and children, and more particularly rela'tes'to a kicking device which affords instant attraction to a child thus avoiding, to a large extent, the necessity of persuading the child or infant to utilize the device.

Heretofore, numerous exercising units have been devised for strengthening the limbs, or correcting limb ailmentsyof invalids, as well as of infants and small children. These units'or devices, in the main, are of somewhat cumbersome and complex construction, and require the presence and assistance of an attendant to fasten the device in operative position or to place the user ina predetermined position for utilizing the .same.

Aprimary object of the present invention is to provide an improved exerciser for infants which is relatively simple in operability and which does not require the assistance of an attendant for utilization by the infant.

Another important object of the invention is to provide an improved exerciser device for strengthening the limbs of an infant which is relatively simple and inexpensive to manufacture and a minimum of expense to maintain.

A still further object of the invention is to provide a device of the indicated nature which is additionally characterized by its capacity to attract the infant instantly and which provokes instant use by the infant without persuasion or advice as to its use.

Another object of my invention is to provide an improved infant exerciser which is adaptable for installation and use readily in any one of a plurality of different environments.

The fore-going and other objects are attained in a preferred embodiment of the present invention which is illustrated in the accompanying drawings. It is to be understood that while a preferred embodiment of the invention is shown in the drawings, I am not to be limited to the precise embodiment depicted, nor to the precise arrangement of the several parts thereof, as my invention, as defined in the appended claims, can be embodied in a plurality and variety of. forms.

Referring to the drawings:

Figure l is a front'elevational view of a preferred embodiment of the invention as installed in a crib, a play-pen or the like, the latter being illustrated in fragmentary view.

Figure 2 is a perspective view of the preferred embodiment-of the invention in operative position within a crib, this view being fragmentary as to iii . 2 the crib and showing the infant lying in a position for .kicking the device.

In its preferred form, the infant exerciser andv amusement device of my invention preferably comprises a sheet or panel of rigid or semi-rigid or inflexible materiahsuch as plywood or the like, together with means for freely and adjustably suspending the sheet or panel within a crib or a play-pen or similar environment.

As illustrated in Figures 1 and 2 of the drawings, I provide. a rigid or semi-rigid or inflexible sheet or panel H fabricated of either plywood, Masonite, relatively stiif cardboard or relatively stiif rubber or the like, and preferably provided with at least one smooth surface 12 for receiving thrusts from the feet l3 of an infant, designated by the reference numeral I5, while lying in a crib E6 or in play-pen, not shown. If desired, the surface I! of the sheet or panel II can be faced with padding, or a slip cover, not shown, can be fastened over the panel to soften the impact on the limbs of the infant when striking the panel. While I have illustrated the sheet or panel II as cut to a rectangular configuration, it is to be understood that the panel can be formed to a circular, ellipse or other shape, as desired.

In accordance with my invention, I provide means for freely and adjustably suspending the sheet H in a position readily reached by the limbs of an infant while disposed on its back in a crib or play-pen. Preferably, such means comprises a series of holes or openings I! provided in the four corners of the sheet, together with four resilient straps l8 which preferably are fabricated of rubber or other elastic material, and which are looped through the holes I! of the panel and fastened, as shown, to the upper and lower horizontal bars [9 and 20, respectively, on opposite sides of the crib H3, or the play-pen as the case may be. In the preferred embodiment of the invention illustrated, the straps l8 are provided adjacent their extremities closest to the sheet H with suitable buckles 2|, affixed thereto by means of stitching or other suitable fastening means, and at their opposite extremities are provided with suitable hooks or clasps 22 which can be aflixed to the straps by first looping the end-of each strap through a link 23 on the clasp 22 and then stitching the end of the strap to the adjacent portion of the strap. To suspend the panel H in any desired position within the crib is, or play-pen, it is only necessary, with respect to each of the four straps I8 in turn, to loop the outer extremity of the strap, as indicated by the reference numeral '24, around the upper and lower horizontal bars on each side of the crib and engage the strap with its corresponding hook or clasp 22. The provision of a buckle 2| on each strap enables adjustment thereof to any desired length by shortening or lengthening the same, and thus enables centering the panel within the crib H6 or play-pen as the case may be and at the proper height above the mattress 26 on which the infant may be lying. The straps thus freely and adjustably suspend the panel or sheet H so that when struck by the feet of the infant the sheet will swing freely to and fro but, nevertheless, will not recurrently strike against the sides of the crib or play-pen and be unduly deflected. Moreover, the panel obviously is suspended at a distance remote from the base-board 2? of the crib so as to avoid any deflection of the panel when thesame is struck by the infant.

In accordance with my invention, the sheet II is provided with a decalcomania, or is delineated by other means or indicia to present an animated creature or figure 3| which is amusing as well as attractive to the infant so that its attention is almost instantly aroused. Of course, if a padding is applied or a slip-cover is fitted over the panel H, the padding or slipcover can be delineated with such animated figure or figures 3|. In addition, I preferably provide a plurality of noise-emitting devices, such as rattles or bells 32, on the panel H which can readily be attached thereto or thereon by means of eye-screws or staples, not shown, through which rings, also not shown, normally carried by the rattles or bells may be passed to mount 4 emitting means attached thereto, the infants attention is instantly attracted and its desire to kick the panel on its own volition immediately and irresistably arises. In other words, the infant need not and does not have to be persuaded constantly by a nurse, mother or other attendant to kick the panel and, moreover, it does not require an attendant to stand by for fastening the device to the child or re-currently to position the same for use. The infant will kick the panel almost automatically, as in play. As a result, the infants limbs Will be given the requisite exercise for strengthening the same. The device, of course, is as readily taken down as set up, and, as indicated above, can be suspended l a crib, a play-pen or in a nursery on a suitable sta d or other support.

I claim:

An exerciser and amusement device for infants comprising a panel; said panel being adapted to be vertically suspended in a crib or play-pen,

resilient means for connecting said panel to the sides of a crib or play-pen to hold said panel in said. position, and means on said panel inducing an infant to move the same.


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