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Publication numberUS2463916 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 8, 1949
Filing dateMar 8, 1946
Priority dateMar 8, 1946
Publication numberUS 2463916 A, US 2463916A, US-A-2463916, US2463916 A, US2463916A
InventorsRobert Smola
Original AssigneeRobert Smola
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Bottle carrier
US 2463916 A
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Filed March 8, 1946 Patented Mar. 8, 1949 UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE 2,463,916` BOTTLE CARRIER Robert SmolajAto'n, Mo;

Application March 8, 1946, Serial No. 652,969

1 Claim. l

My invention relates to new and useful improvements in bottle carriers and has for its principal object the provision of a device of the character described which is relatively simple and inexpensive in construction.

A further object of my invention resides in the provision of a device of the character described having a frame, a handle rigidly attached to said frame, bottle holding means and a lever for releasing said bottle holding means.

A further object oi my device is to provide a bottle carrier comprising bottle holding or retaining means locked in position to hold bottles by the weight of said bottles themselves, thereby producing a device which is positive in its action.

With the above and other objects in view, which will appear as the description proceeds, my invention consists in the novel details of construction and arrangement of parts, described in the following specifications and illustrated in the accompanying drawings, and while I have illustrated and described the preferred embodiment of the invention it will be understood that changes in the arrangement and construction of parts may be made such as will fall, nevertheless, within the scope of the appended claim.

In the drawings- Figure l is a view in elevation of my improved bottle holder, with bottles inserted, and in bottle retaining condition.

Figure 2 represents my novel bottle holder in plan view, and serves to complement the elevational view of Figure 1.

Figure 3 is an end View of my device, illustrating the relative positions of the various parts when adjusted for insertion or release of bottles.

In the past it has been the usual custom to carry bottles of liquid, such as milk or soda water, in paper bags. Such bottles are often wet and furthermore are bulky and difficult to handle in quantity. The combination of circumstances above set out has often resulted in breakage of bottles or considerable discomfort and diiculty to the purchaser of said bottles. My invention is intended to provide a cheap and convenient means for obviating the diiculties above referred t0.

In the drawings numerals I and 2 represent wood, plastic or metal frame members for my device, between which is rigidly clamped a handle 3, as by means of wood screws or the like. The frame members I, 2 when taken in conjunction with handle 3 must be sufficiently strong, rigid and durable to bear the weight of the remainder of my device and also the weight of any bottles that may be inserted therein to be carried.

Rigidly xed to frame members I, 2 at each end thereof and extending through holes in said frame members are dowels 4, 5, preferably of circular cross section.

Hingedly secured to the horizontal dowels 4, 5 by means of U-shaped staples, generally denominated by the numeral 6 in all positions where found, are carrier plates l, 8 and 9, I0 arranged in complementary pairs, l, 8 comprising one pair and 9, I0 another.

The two pairs of plates l, 8 and 9, I0 comprise a series of cut away portions, shaped after the manner of semi-circles in each carrier plate, and so constructed and arranged as to form, when taken in pairs, circular holes having the same diameters as the outer diameters of the necks of bottles that are to be carried by means of my device.

Pivoted on the dowel 4 and riding between frame members I, 2 is a lever II. Pivotal movement of the lever II is adapted to carry with it a transverse horizontal rod I2, to which are attached two dependent clips I3. Said clips extend one under carrier plates l, 8 and another under carrier plates 9, I0, there to act as lifting members for said carrier plates.

Upon causing lever Il to pivot in a counterclockwise direction about dowel 4, the rod I2 and consequently clips I3 are raised from the position shown in full lines in Fig. 3 to. the raised position illustrated in broken lines and denominated, I2', I3', in Fig. 3. In this raised position of the clips I3 the cut-away portions of carrier plates are suiciently separated, as illustrated at l', 8', 9', IIJ', to enable insertion of bottles in or removal of bottles from between the carrier plates. Upon depression of the lever II, the rod I2 is lowered from its position, as illustrated in broken lines in Fig. 5 and denominated I2', to the position illustrated in full lines, and in so being lowered the rod I2 forces plates 'I, 8 and 9, I0 into coplanar relation to lock about the necks of the bottles.

When my novel bottle carrier is loaded with bottles and lifted to support the bottles, the lips of the said bottles, which have usually a greater diameter than the necks, rest upon plates l, 8 and/or upon plates 9, I0 adjacent to cut-away portions thereof, and by the weight of the said bottles securely retain plates l, 8 and/or 9, I0 in coplanar relation.

What I claim is:

A carrier for bottles, comprising a longitudinal frame, a handle fixed thereto and extending upwardly therefrom, a plurality of bottle sections mounted on the frame on both sides of the handle, each section comprising a pair of adjacent plates pivoted to the frame on horizontal axes so as to be movable upwardly about their far sides, each pair of plates having complementary circular recesses adapted to hold the neck of a bottle when the plates are closed and to release the neck when they are opened, a lever pivoted to the frame above the plates and underneath the handle, a portion of the lever extending between and below the bottle sections, a transverse rod underneath the sections and connected to the lower portion of the lever, and a clip carried by REFERENCES CITED The following references are of record in the file of this patent:

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International ClassificationB65D67/00, B65D67/02
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