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Publication numberUS2463993 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 8, 1949
Filing dateNov 9, 1946
Priority dateNov 9, 1946
Publication numberUS 2463993 A, US 2463993A, US-A-2463993, US2463993 A, US2463993A
InventorsHenry Meyers
Original AssigneeHenry Meyers
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Lady's handbag having upper and lower compartments and a removable drawer in the lower compartment
US 2463993 A
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Description  (OCR text may contain errors)


This invention relates to a ladys handbag having upper and lower compartments and a removable drawer in the lower compartment. It relates broadly to portable carrying bags and, more particularly, to ladies handbags, although the invention may be easily applied to a large variety of traveling bags, suitcases, and the like.

'It is a general object of my invention to provide a handbag having an upper and lower compartment arranged in such a manner as to be individually and separately accessible, the lower compartment being adapted to receive a receptacle or drawer for holding special articles to which immediate and easy access is afforded, particularly such articles of greater bulk as cannot conveniently be held in the upper compartment and which normally, because of their bulk, would work their way to the bottom of a conventional handbag, thereby eliminating the necessity for searching and fumbling through a large assortment of articles and the attendant inconvenience and loss of time arising from the inherent limitations of previously available handbags of conventional construction.

A further object of the invention is the provision of a handbag of the character indicated which will be durable, which can be easily and economically fabricated and which will present continuity of design in external appearance.

The above objects as well as additional objects and advantages will readily appear from the following description taken in connection with the accompanying drawing, wherein:

Fig. 1 is a side elevation, with parts broken away and in section to show internal structure, of a handbag embodying the features of my invention;

Fig. 2 is an end elevation of the handbag showing one of the end cover-flaps which afford access to the drawer in the lower compartment of the handbag in closed position;

Fig. 3 is a bottom plan view of the handbag showing both end cover-flaps for the lower compartment in closed position;

Fig. 4 is a fragmentary sectional view taken on line 44 of Fig. 1 showing the disposition of the drawer within the lower compartment of the handbag.

To illustrate a typical application of my invention, I have indicated in the accompanying drawing a ladys handbag fabricated of any suitable material, such as leather, fabric or the like, and having a body comprising a bottom wall I0, side walls II, and end walls I2 and I3. The handbag may be opened and closed at the top by means of a pair of hinged frame members I4 appropriately secured to the top ends of the side walls II and to the end walls I2 and I3 as shown in Figs. 1 and 2 or by means of any other conventional arrangement, such as a slide fastener means. Handles I5 may be provided for carrying the handbag.

The handbag has suitably secured therein a partition I6 of fiberboard, cardboard or any other suitable material, said partition being disposed between the side walls II at a spaced distance from bottom wall ID to define an upper compartment I1 and a lower compartment I8. Partition I6 is preferably covered with the same material with which upper compartment I I is lined.

Lower compartment I8 is preferably provided along its sides and bottom with inner reinforcing layers I9, to impart shape and rigidity thereto. Reinforcing layers I9 may be of the same material as partition l6, if desired, and may be secured to the sides and bottom of lower compartment I8 by stitching, adhesive, or in any other suitable manner. The top edges of the reinforcing layers I9 along the sides of lower compartment I8 serve additionally as a strengthening foundation for partition IS.

A receptacle or drawer 20 of relatively rigid material and having a bottom wall 2I, side walls 22 and end walls 23 is adapted to be received within the lower compartment I8. The bottom portion of each of the end walls I2 and I3 of the handbag extending downwardly from the region of partition I6 is free of engagement with the corresponding portions of side walls II and bottom wall II], thereby providing a cover flap I2 and I3 at each end of lower compartment I8. Thus, it is apparent that the drawer 20 may be entered into or withdrawn from lower compartment I8 at either end thereof. Fig. 1 shows in dot-and-dash outline drawer 20 partly withdrawn from lower compartment I8 to allow access to the articles held therein with cover flap I2 in raised position and also illustrated in dot-anddash outline.

In order to retain cover flaps I2 and I3 in closed position and prevent dislodgment of drawer 20 from lower compartment I8, each of said cover flaps and each of theend walls 23 of drawer 20 is provided with a cooperating pair of fastening elements 24 and 24a.

Of course, any other suitable means may be employed to retain the cover flaps I2 and I3 in closed position. One such alternative arrangement contemplates the use of a cooperating pair of conventional slide fastener tapes, one of which might be secured around the peripheral edges of cover flaps l2 and I3, the other fastener tape being secured to the corresponding portions of side walls H and bottom wall ill at each end of compartment I8.

Also, if desired, compartment [8 might have but one openeendrand-*one cover flap; either end wall IZLOIKIQII'OfZthG handbag-' opposite thisolien end being permanently secured to the respective side walls ll of the handbag for the full length .110, body below said partition, a drawer removably of said end wall from thentop ofthehandba to the bottom wall 10. Inithislcase,"avpullf tab (not shown) could easilybe afiixedxtoithegend wall of drawer 20 adjacent'its cover "flapfor withdrawing said drawer from the compartment l8.

In the modification of theoinventionillustrated in the drawings, however, withdrawal of 'drawer 20 may be easily effected by raising both -of-the cover flaps l2 and I3 from their closed positions and then pushing sgdrawer- (2 0 slightly sout- .wrardl-ywfrom' compartment1- l-B;at one Tend. thereof, rafterwwhich said; drawerwma y :be withdrawn fiurther from said s-icompartment to :any ;desired *zextent.

":To; achieve :a;-g ood visual tefiect, I, it might be considered desirable to cover partition |'-6,. reszinforcing ilayersl9 ';of.-1ower' compartment I8, drawer-Ml and? zthewinsides@of coverz flaps}! 2 hand RH with thesamesmaterial which forms the linx in :of upper compartment 4 l.

gsincei certain additional modificationssrnay be #zmadeiin the article of myi invention; Withouthdeimparting from the scope wthereof, it is intended that all :matter :conta-i-ned win the .ioregoingdescrliptions-and shown g-in Fthe aocompanying: draweingw'berinterpreted mnerelyaas illustrative zandlnot win a: limiting sense.

insertable within said second compartment, through theopen ends of said body, flaps integral '.,w', ith 1- the cend walls of said body which extend across the open erfds of said body and overlie the 15 corresponding end walls of the drawer, and

irseparab'leifastening elements secured to said end flaps and to the end walls of said drawer for releasably'attaching' said cover flaps to said end wailsjof the drawer for holding said drawer in 2 place in said second compartment.


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