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Publication numberUS2464323 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 15, 1949
Filing dateMar 13, 1946
Priority dateMar 13, 1946
Publication numberUS 2464323 A, US 2464323A, US-A-2464323, US2464323 A, US2464323A
InventorsLee John W
Original AssigneeGen Motors Corp
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Punch for fluting gun-barrel chambers
US 2464323 A
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March 15, 1949.

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U.S. Classification72/479, 42/78
International ClassificationB21J5/06, B21C37/15, B21J5/12
Cooperative ClassificationB21C37/153, B21J5/12
European ClassificationB21C37/15C1, B21J5/12