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Publication numberUS2465096 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 22, 1949
Filing dateSep 6, 1946
Priority dateSep 6, 1946
Publication numberUS 2465096 A, US 2465096A, US-A-2465096, US2465096 A, US2465096A
InventorsJohn Hunt Gilbert
Original AssigneeJohn Hunt Gilbert
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Golf club supporting device
US 2465096 A
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March 22, 1949. G. J. HUNT 2,465,096

GOLF CLUB SUPPORTING DEVICE Filed Sept. 6, 1946 2 Sheets-Sheet 1 March 22, 1949. G. J. HUNT 2,465,096


' -EIIIIIIIEII Patented Mar. 22, 1949 Uhli'iED STATES FATQENT GOLF ,CLUB SUPPORTING DEVICE Gilbert John Hunt, Richmond, Va.

Application September 6, 1946, Serial No. 695,105

(Cl. ISO-1.5)

2 Claims. 1 This invention relates to supporting devices, and-more particularly to such devices as are used in connection with golf equipment, and especially the shaft like golf clubs used in the usual golf game.

One of the objects of this invention is the provision of means for assembling a plurality of A further object of this invention is the provision of means for carrying a number of golf clubs in a balanced manner.

A still further object is the provision of means for assembling clubs in an orderly manner, in a holder, so that each club will be in full view of the player, and may be removed for use from such holding apparatus without resorting to excessive lifting; such as now practiced by a player when a club has to be removed from the usual golf bag.

Other objects and,features will more fully ap-- pear from the following description and accompanying drawings, in which: Fig. l is a front elevational view of the invention; Fig. 2 is a side view thereof; Fig. 3 is a longitudinal sectional View taken aicng line of Fig. 1, looking in direction of the arrows; Fig. 4 is a perspective view of the support or holder having parts removed therefrom; Fig. 5 is a perspective view of one of the spring clips or looking members; Fig. 6 is a perspective view of a brace; Fig. '7 is a front side elevational view of the rack or holder illustrating the manner in which the clubs are carried in balanced position; Fig. 8 is a view similar to Fig. 2 showing the substitution of a club for the brace; Fig. 9 is a front elevational front view of a modification of the holder, and Fig. 10 is a longitudinal sectional top plan view taken along line lfll0 of Fig. 9 looking in the direction of the arrows.

It is to be understood that this invention is not to be limited as to the number of shafts or clubs carried in the supporting means, nor is it intended to be restricted to the use of golf clubs; but may be applied to any shaft-like article desired to be supported in an upright position.

Referring to the drawings a holder or supporting rack l, is preferably rectangular in shape and is formed by a top elongate bar member .2 .and bottom elongate bar member 3; which are joined together by a bar 4 and a tube or container 5. A handle grip 6 is secured to said bar; while the tube has respectively connected thereto, in pivotal fashion, a cover 1 and base ,8. The cover and base are respectively secured to the tube by latches 9. It is obvious from the foregoing that .the tube with its cover and base form a container or compartment into which golf balls '56 and tees il may be housed and thus made easily accessible to the golf player. A shoulder strap 12 may be attached or latched to the tube so that the holder and clubs may be carried by the player by placin the strap upon his shoulder. Of course, when the strap is not used it is disconnected from the rack and the latter carried by the handle made and provided therefor.

The top of the rack has formed therein a plurality of angular stops or detents it; while the bottom member has therein a plurality of similar angular detents l4. Respectively secured to the top and bottom members, and extending over each detent, is a spring l5 which is bent inwardly and upon itself to form a lip it that terminates in angular fashion over said detent. For each detent in the top member there is a companion .01 corresponding detent in the bottom member,

and the bottom member detents are so spaced as to cause golf clubs ll, disposed therein, to spread or fan out at their basal portions, as clearly disclosed in Fig, 1. The clubs are racked or inserted in the holder by passing the shafts of the clubs under lips of the springs and into the detents, and the angular portions at the end of the lips are forced against the shafts by the springs, and thus the clubs are firmly held in the angular detents.

A hinge i3 is secured to the rear portion of the top member; which hinge has secured thereto, in pivotal fashion, a brace l9. Pivotally mounted upon the hinge is a bracket 20 adapted to accommodate a golf club when the brace is not being used, as clearly illustrated in Figs. 1 and 8.

Referring to the modification (Figs. 9-10) the device is constructed similar to that hereinbefore specified, except that only a portion of each of the top and bottom members is provided with detents, and springs 2l2| are respectively secured to the top and bottom members to accommodate two clubs. The flat portion of the top and bottom members has springs 22-22 respectively connected thereto so that a club may be forced into their lips and held firmly therein. Springs 2323 are similar to springs 2 I2l and are adapted to hold two clubs against a fiat surface; all of the foregoing modifications being clearly illustrated in Figs. 9 and 10.

It is obvious from the foregoing that when the clubs are secured in the holder their ends rest upon the ground and are supported by said holder in an upright fashion; while the prop or brace or club is disposed in angular fashion to said holder and clubs and the assembly is thus held in upright position. When the prop or brace is used it may be inserted in the ground to more securely maintain the upright position of the assembly. By grasping the handle of the holder the clubs may be carried thereon in a substantial horizontal manner; with respect to the earth, and by placing the rack a certain distance from the heads of the clubs, a substantial balance may be obtained with respect to the players hand and holder. The strap may be used over the shoulder of a player for carrying the holder and clubs in this manner, and if it is not desired, then, of course, the same may be disconnected, and the handle used.

It can now be readily understood that I have produced a rectangular or generally oblong holder having a plurality of pairs of companion holding means for golf clubs or the like on one side of the holder. These holding means are arranged transversely of the holder and serve to detachably support elongate articles, such as golf clubs, in an upright position preferably with the ends of the golf club handles, or at least some of them, resting on the ground of a golf links when in use. Each individual holding means is preferably structurally like its companion. Each one of a pair of holding means is arranged in spaced relation to its companion in axial alignment with it. The axial lines defined by each pair are divergent downwardly whereby the golf clubs in combination with the prop are adapted to maintain the holder in an upright position for the convenience of the player in selecting and replacing clubs, etc. It is to be understood that the foregoing detailed description of the holding means is not intended to restrict this invention, and so long as equivalent means are utilized with the device, then such may be applicable.

It has now become apparent that the foregoing invention provides a light, durable and simple article for the golf player, and far superior to the bulky, heavy and cumbersome bag type golf club holder. As hereinbefore mentioned, the assembled device completely eliminates stooping over to pick up the clubs or golf bag; and also eliminates the necessity of the player having to draw the club from a golf bag. These operations require a considerable unnecessary and non-com- 4 pensating exertion on the part of the player, and may even defeat the players ambition to make an excellent score.

Having described this claimed is:

1. In golf clubs supporting device, said device comprising a generally elongate rectangular holder, said holder having a plurality of spaced companion pairs of holding means on one side thereof, each pair of companion holding means being in substantial axial alignment and arranged transversely of said holder, each holding means being structurally like its companion means and being in spaced relation from its companion holding means, whereby each companion pair of holding means is adapted to detachably support a golf club on one side of the holder, the clubs on both sides of the transverse center line diverging in opposite directions toward the ends of the said side, in combination with an elongate bracing member articulately connected to the opposite side of said holder substantially centrally thereof, the free end of said bracing member extending transversely from said holder at an acute angle thereto, the said member being of a length to reach a supporting surface whereby said holder may be maintained in an upright position by the projecting ends of the golf clubs cooperating with said bracing member.

2. In golf clubs supporting device, said device comprising a generally elongate holder provided with a plurality of holding means connected to one side thereof; said holding means being in spaced relation to each other and respectively adapted to detachably support golf clubs; the greater portion of said golf clubs depending downwardly to a supporting base; in combination with an elongatebrace articulately connected to the other side of said holder substantially centrally thereof, the free end of said brace extending downwardly from said holder at an acute angle thereto, the said brace being of a length to reach said base, whereby said holder may be maintained in an upright position by the projecting ends of said golf clubs cooperating with said brace.

invention, what is GILBERT JOHN HUNT.

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