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Publication numberUS2468368 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 26, 1949
Filing dateJul 25, 1946
Priority dateMay 31, 1945
Publication numberUS 2468368 A, US 2468368A, US-A-2468368, US2468368 A, US2468368A
InventorsDonald Jackson
Original AssigneePye Ltd
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Radio tube socket
US 2468368 A
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April 26, l949( ACKSON' 2,468,368

RADo TUBE SOCKET Said laSt-mentioned portions forming a wiring tag for the contact element 3] contact elen1ent blank con1prising a I!leta(l strip stanlping having two lateral e]ongated limb portions united internlediate their ends by a brid e ortion, the width of said 1ix11b ortions din1inishing along their inner longitudina1 edges at the region of their union with said bridge por tion by an an10unt substantially equal 0 the thickness of the Inetal strip Inateria1 of the blank, Said limb portions being of Substantia1ly equal length at one Side of the bndge portion and being of unequa11engths at the other side of said brid e portion DoNAD JACKSON EEFEBENGES CITED The fonowin references are of record in the nle o this patent;

UNITED STATES PATENTS Number Name Date 1 51 548 I reishe1d A r. 10 1923 1 553 952 Nero Sept. 15 1925 10 1,841,736 Jones Jan 19, 1932 FOREIGN PATNTs Nun1be Country ]ate 559 562 Great Britain Feb. 24, 194

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U.S. Classification439/857, 439/747, 439/872
International ClassificationH01R33/76
Cooperative ClassificationH01R33/7628
European ClassificationH01R33/76B2B