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Publication numberUS2468668 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 26, 1949
Filing dateOct 9, 1946
Priority dateOct 19, 1945
Publication numberUS 2468668 A, US 2468668A, US-A-2468668, US2468668 A, US2468668A
InventorsHolmes Henry Harold
Original AssigneeWildt & Co Ltd
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Knitted fabric
US 2468668 A
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Filed Oct. 9, 1946 April 26, 1949. H. H. HQLME'S KNITTED FABRIC 2 Sheets-Sheet 2 Filed Oct. 9, 1946 47W 7W' fw B @M wy A Harney,

Patented Apr. 26, 1949 KNITTED FABRIC Henry Harold Holmes, Leicester, England, as-

signor to Wildt and C England, a British c Application October 9, 1946, Serial No.

ompany Limited, Leicester, ompany In Great Britain October 19, 1945 Claims.

This invention relates to knitted fabric and has for its object to provide an improved terry loop fabric, as will be hereinafter described.

The expression knitted fabric is to be regarded generically as including not only fabric knitted in lengths, such as for manufacture subsequently into garments, but also knitted articles and garment lengths knitted separately, or in string formation, where the context so admits, as will be recognised by those skilled in the art.

As is well known, terry loops are formed from a thread or threads fed to the needles of a knitting machine conjointly with a yarn or yarns, for example in plating relation, by sinker loops of the thread or threads so that such loops project from one surface of the fabric and provide a soft feel, or plush or pile effect, which may be enhanced by combing or brushing the loops.

For the purpose of conciseness and distinction in the following further description and in the appended claims the expression thread will be used with reference to the terry loops and the term yarn will be employed in respect of regularly knitted primary stitches.

In order that the invention may be more clearly understood and readily carried into practical effect examples of the improved knitted fabric will now be described with reference to the accompanying drawings, wherein:

,Figure 1 is a face view, drawn to a greatly magnified scale, of a portion of knitted fabric incorporating terry looping.

Figure 2 is a sock knitted in accordance With this invention.

Figure 1 illustrates, by way of example, the inside of a piece of knitted fabric incorporating features of the invention. As will be seen, the fabric thread T. The portion M is intended to represent heel, toe or foot bottom fabric of a knitted article of hosiery, the adjoining portion O rep- The entire portion M half-round terry. The reference letter N indicates needle loops and the letter S sinker loops of the ground yarn G, the terry loops TL being constituted by elongated sinker loops of the thread T formed over the sinker loops S.

The instep portion O is divided into three adjoining panels, viz., a rib panel P of three ribs R, R2 and R3, a panel Q of links-link fabric with loops knitted in both rib and plain directions, and

2 a panel S of plain ground fabric interspersed with ected terry loops such as TL1 constituting a pattern effect or design.

The invention also includes as a featureas produced on a circular seamless hose machine with co-axial needle cylinders including doublesock comprising a welt, a 1 x 1 or other rib top, a leg withbroaderrib orrib and/or links-links pattern interspersed with selected terry loop effects in the plain stitch portions or effects the same is reversed after knitting to expose the terry pattern effect or design. A specie example of a sock made i`n accordance with the invention is depicted in Figure 2. This sock comprises a welt w followed by a 1 x 1 rib top rt, a leg l composed of spaced rib panels rp, intervening panels ZZ of selective transfer (links-links) and panel st of selective terry, a high heel hh a terry heel h, reinforced or otherwise, and a foot comprising an instep i patterned in the same manner as the leg l, a terry foot bottom fb, a terry ring toe t and a terry toe tl, reinforced or otherwise, according to requirements. lc represents the linking courses.

What I claim then is:

1. Knitted fabric with pattern effects constituted by terry looping in at least one desired area, said pattern effects being interspersed with both rib stitch and also links-links stitch effects, and with terry loops throughout at least one selected section of the fabric.

2. A knitted article of hosiery comprising a Welt, a rib top, a leg with rib and links-links patterns interspersed with selected terry loop effects in plain stitch panels, and a terry heel, sole and toe.

3. A knitted article of hosiery according to claim 2, which includes a terry high heel portion and a terry ring toe.

4. A knitted article of hosiery comprising a welt, a rib top, a leg and instep with spaced rib panels and intervening panels of links-links patterns and plain stitch panels patterned with selected terry loop effects, a terry high heel, a terry heel, a terry foot bottom, a terry ring toe and a terry toe.

5. A knitted article of hosiery comprising a welt, a rib top, a ribbed leg and instep of a broader rib than the said top and having pattern effects 4 constituted by terry looping in the plain stitch UNITED STATES PATENTS panels, and a terry heel, sole and toe. Number Name Date 2,098,446 Agulnek Nov. 9, 1937 HENRY HAROLD HOLMES' i 2,183,862 Davis Dec. 19, 1939 0 2,231,399 Thurston Feb. 11, 1941 REFERENCES CITED 2,241,901 Davis May 13, 1941 The following references are of record in the 2,244,153 Hanisch 1 June 3, 1941 le of this patent: 2,370,449 Clarke Feb. 27, 194.5

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