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Publication numberUS2468934 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 3, 1949
Filing dateJan 8, 1946
Priority dateJan 8, 1946
Publication numberUS 2468934 A, US 2468934A, US-A-2468934, US2468934 A, US2468934A
InventorsKleyn Teunis P
Original AssigneeKleyn Teunis P
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Pneumatic cleaning device
US 2468934 A
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May 3, 1949. T. P. KLEYN PNEUMATIC CLEANING DEVICE Filed Jan. 8, 1946 Patented May 3, 1949 UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE- PNEUMATIC CLEANING DEVICE Teunis P. Kleyn, Muskegon, Mich.

Application January 8, 1946, Serial No. 639,833 2 Claims. (01. 261--123) 1 This invention relates to cleaning apparatus of the pneumatic type, and more particularly, to a pneumatic cleaning apparatus having a liquid filter element.

A main object of theinvention is to provide a novel and improved pneumatic cleaning device which is very simple in construction, easy to operate and readily adaptable for use either as.a vacuum cleaner or as a blower.

A further object of the invention is to provide an improved pneumatic cleaning apparatus which is very efficient in operation, said apparatus having a liquid filter device which efiectively strains all dirt from the intake air stream produced by the device and delivers clean air from its exhaust passage.

Further objects and advantages of the invention will become apparent from the following description and claims, and from the accompanying drawings, wherein:

Figure 1 is a vertical cross sectional view of a pneumatic cleaning device constructed in accordance with the present invention.

Figure 2 is a horizontal cross sectional view taken on line 2-2 of Figure 1.

Referring to the drawing, II designates the main housing for the cleaning device, said housing being circular in horizontal cross section and being more or less pear-shaped in contour, the section of greatest area being located in the lower portion thereof. The top of housing II is provided with a removable closure member I2 having a handle IS. The housing is supported on four wheels I4 for readily moving the housing to desired locations.

Positioned in housing I I is a vertical riser conduit I5 communicating with the outside atmosphere by an intake conduit I6 which passes through the side wall of housing II at its bottom portion. Mounted on the bottom wall of housing I I adjacent intake conduit I6 is an electric motor I! whose shaft projects into conduit I6 and carries an air impeller fan I8 adapted to create a strong suction efiect at the entrance to conduit IB when the motor is energized. Projecting through the side wall of housing I I above conduit I6 is a second conduit I9 provided with a flap valve 20 pivotally mounted at the junction between conduit IQ and riser I5, said flap valve 20 being manually controlled by a rotary rod member 2I extending outside of housing I I substantially at right angles to conduit I9. Normally the flap valve 20 is in its vertical position, as shown in Figure 1, whereby conduit I9 is blocked and the upper portion of riser I5 is in communication with intake conduit I6. Valve 20 may be rotated as indicated by the dotted arrow to a position indicated by the dotted line wherein conduit I9 is in communication with intake conduit I6 and the upper portion of riser I5 is blocked. In this position of valve 20 the apparatus operates as a blower and valve 26 is maintained closed by the air pressure developed below it by fan I8. As such the apparatus may be employed for spraying various materials such as insecticides and the like.

Removably supported in the upper portion of housing II is a cylindrical container 22 of light material, such as sheet metal, said container having an upper annular flange 23 which rests on a plurality of radial lugs 24 formed in the upper wall portion of housing II. Container 22 is provided with a handle 25 for lifting it out of and replacing it inside of housing II. Positioned inside container 22 is a removable cylindrical sleeve member 26 having a funnel-shaped top wall 21 formed with a depending central spout portion 28. A handle 29 is provided on top wall 21 for lifting or carrying sleeve member 26.

Sleeve member 26 is provided internally thereof with a series of spaced horizontal bafiies 30, each portion having a semi-circular screen portion 3|. The screen portions 3| of adjacent horizontal baflles 3d are oppositely disposed to provide a tortuous passage for air circulating upwardly through sleeve member 26. The lower portion of container 22 contains water or other suitable fluid for washing dust or dirt out of the air as it circulates upwardly through the sleeve member. A removable conduit 32 which is inverted V-shape connects the top end of riser conduit I5 to the lower internal portion of container 22, the depending portion of conduit 32 passing through suitable vertically aligned openings provided therefor in the horizontal partitions 30. A full screen 3 I is provided above the topmost partition 30, a suitable opening for conduit 32 being also provided in said full screen 3 I.

Positioned above blower conduit I9 in the side wall of housing II at the Widest portion thereof is an exhaust conduit 33 through which the filtered air passing through the apparatus leaves housing II.

When the device is employed as a vacuum cleaner valve 20 is in its normal position as shown in Figure 1. Motor I1 is energized, producing suction at intake conduit I6. Dirt-laden air picked up by a suitable cleaning tool connected to conduit IE is drawn up through riser I5 and passes through conduit 3! into the lower portion of container 22% The air passes upwardly through the fluid and the staggered screen portions 3i of the respective horizontal baffles 33 and passes out of sleeve member 26 through depending spout 28, said air having been cleansed by the fluid of all dirt and dust initially carried thereby. The clean air then leaves housing I I through exhaust conduit 33.

When sleeve member 26 and container 22 require cleaning they may be readily removed, conduit 32 being fiistdisengaged and: removed from housing H to thereby free sleeve member 26 and container 22 for removal.

While a specific embodiment of a pneumatic cleaning device has been disclosed in tlie fore:- going description, it Will be understood that various modifications within the spirit "cine-"invention may occur to those skilled i'n tli'e art There' inlet c'onnectiom'an air duct extending "from said' inlet connection and blower upward to a point adjacent the upper end of the housing; a' cylin qnearfiuie container with a circumferential angeesnenamg outward from the upper end thereof) mean's" reifiovably suspending said fluid containerby the"fiange thereof in'said housing w th; the" vvlilsthr'eo'f" spaced min the walls 01*- the'housing, an invertedcylindrical eler'neri't' openat" the"'lower" end and substantially closed at the upper end" freelypositioned' iri said fluid co'n'-' ta'iner" with" the walls thereof spaced from the" wane of "the fconta'iner', said inverted element hav iii'g outlet opening'i the upon-end thereof; apl'ur'a'lity of spaced horizont'a'l baffle" elements" ii'lsaid inverted container," said bafile elements comprising solid semi-circular secnons ndeo'rn: plenieritary" semi-circular sections fo'rin'ed of sci'eemele'riiei'its; the" solid sections and screen" eleiri'e'rits" alternately positioned in said baffles 'to" interrupr'direet assa e of airthe'rethrough a'nd anmvertedju-shaped a'irduct with one leg thelre' emanated for sliding Contact with the air duct extending upward from'the inlet connection} and die other leg ther or extending ownward. thiouglfthe bafil'es' f Said inverted element to a point in the lower part thereof below the level of a liquid in the liquid container and removable with said inverted element.

2. In a, portable pneumatic cleaner, the combination, which comprises, a housing having inlet and outlet connections through a wall thereof, a removable closure for the upper ends of the housing, a blower in said housing associated with said inlet connections, an air duct extending from saidinlet connection and blower upward to a point adjacent'the upper'end of the housing, a cylindrical fluid container with a circumferentiil flange at the upper end, means removably susp'fidiii'g -seiid fluid container in said housing with the walls thereof spaced from the walls of the'ho'usirigjan inverted cylindrical element open at' -the-lower endand substantially closed at the upper end freely positioned in said fluid container withtlie 'walls thereof spaced from the wall of the container, said invrted element having an oiitit o'peniiig the upper end thereof; aplurdlit saidfinvrted contairieri said baffle "elementsco'm-' prising solid semi-circular section'sari'd coin-- pleirien'tary senii ci-i'ciilar sectidn's formed of screen" elements, the :said sena secnens and-s men elements eiternateiy positioned said baifi s to intrriipt 'dirct' pass to be removed with said inverted elements} said abusing having an aiiiiiliary outleficonnection efiten'ding' through the wallthereof associated witlfth'e 'said-inlet connections; an af-valve ele-' ment adapted to direct air fror'r'i'the' blowr'out ward through saidauxiliary outl et coiinection,


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