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Publication numberUS247039 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 13, 1881
Publication numberUS 247039 A, US 247039A, US-A-247039, US247039 A, US247039A
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Dan gebow
US 247039 A
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(No Model.)



No. 247,039. Patented Sept.,13,1881.1


v lNVENTOR WlTNESES DAN ennow, (in Macon CITY, nissouei, ns srenonononn-nntn roj .rnAnc s'M; TAYLOR, onsniun PLACE.

i ure/me and Beecher sheen nj' ij" SPECIFICATION forrning part or Pet-tern ratentwo. 247,039, datedis eptember 113, 1381i l Application filed May 19,:1E81. (No model.)

To all whom it'may concern:

Be it known that 1, DA Gnnovnla citizen of the United States, resident of Macon City, in the county of Macon and State of Missouri,

have invented a new and valuable Improvementin Shelving and Bracket Supports; and

Lt do herehyn ,eclare that the following is a full,- cIea-r, andj'exaci, description of the construction and operahoncf the same, reference being had to the annexed drawings, making aipart ot-this specification, and to the letters and. figures of reference marked thereon.

Figure l of the drawings is a representation or am rtical section of mydevice, and Figs. 2 and3 are detail views.

'lhisinvention has relation to means of supporting shelving; and it consists in the con-' struction and novel arran gementof the recessed and slotted uprights, the braeket-arrns, and their hooked projections and studs or nibs, all

. as hereinafter shown and described.

In the accompanying drawings, the letters A A designate one of the uprights, which aremade of cast 011 wrought iron or other metah These uprights are formed with arecess orrecesses in the back, as indicated at a, so that they have side walls, I) I), and front walls, 0. Transverse strengthening-ties d are usually added when the uprights or supports are of considerabl ,metal, and 2 foot, 0, is provided at the lower wall or paneling of the apartment, and which are designed to hold the uprights iii-position.

These slots h are therefore key-slots, but may serve also for the connecting projections of the ln'acl-ze't-arms. The foot e of the upright is usually provided with a hole, I, to receive the end of a stud or pin secured in the hoof at a proper distance from the wall of theapartlncnt, the stud or pin used'being preferably signed to engage a peetegition, 8, made in the height and when made of cast without a head to facilitate the removal'ot'f the 5o upright. This upright is put in place by bring-f" ing its key-slots IL over the wall screws or nails and then letting it down to the fioor, so that said wallscrews will become engaged in their seats at the upper ends of the key-slots, and the hole in the foot will ease over the pin in the floor.

The bracketarms B are of, different size. When short, being designed then to support narrow shelvingytlmy will require each both single hooked nib or projection, in, which is turned downward, as shown in the drawings, beyond the rear or broad end, 10, of thebrachet arm. This broad end p extends downward vertically and forms a brace-bearing for i said arm against the front 'wall of the upright sup? port. A pin or stud, r, is prcyzided'on theupper or horizontal bearing edge of the bracketarm, nearer its outer end usually and is 110 3'6 shelf, serving to secure t 'e latter in'position'.; When the bracket-arm is intended forehelvesofgreater breadth, it is made longer and has a deeper rear en d or brace-bearing, p,and is provided near the lower end of this brace-bearing 7 5 with a rearwardly-projecting nib, m, ata proper distance below the upper hook, it, to enter to engage one of the slots of the upright below that one with which said hook is engagedylnfl this manner a double bearing is provided,' which materially assists in supporting the arm 1 and in preventing any lateral deviation. The bracket-arms are secured to the uprights simply by placing the rear projections of the bracts-fr et-arms int'ne slots of the uprights, and then pressing said 'arms downward until the en.- gagement between the proiectionsand their slot-bearings is efl'ected. By a. reverse movementthese bracket1 arms may be detached, and the uprights may be readily removed from '9" the wall and floorfastenin gs by raising said up-' movable bracket having a pawl and elaspin-gjaws, and is also old. Neither of these constructions, however, is claimed herein, as I desire protection only for whatI have herein- 5 after specifically claimed.

Having described this invention, what I elaim, and desire t -i secure by Letters Patent, 1s-

1. The upright A for shelving, recessed in its IO back and having the front slot-bearings, g, the key-slots h, and the foot a, substantially as sgecified.

2. The detachable shelving-support consistin g of the recessed upright A, having the perforated foot 6, slots 1 and key-slotsh,am1 the 15 removable bracket-arms ll, having the rear brace-bearings, p, hooks n, projeet-ionsm, and the shelf-studs r, substantially as specified.

In testimony that I claim the above I have hereunto subscribed my name in the presence 20 of two witnesses.

DAN enn'o'w.


'JAS. W. 000K,

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