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Publication numberUS2471169 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 24, 1949
Filing dateMar 25, 1947
Priority dateMar 25, 1947
Publication numberUS 2471169 A, US 2471169A, US-A-2471169, US2471169 A, US2471169A
InventorsHughes Jr Edwin J, Louis Salzberg
Original AssigneeHughes Jr Edwin J, Louis Salzberg
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Golf bag
US 2471169 A
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May 24 1949- y L. sALzBERG E-rAl. 2,471,169

v GOLF BAG Filed March 25. 1947 l ATTORNEY.

Patented May 24, 1949 UNITED STATES PATENT GFFICE GOLF BAG Louis Salzberg, Newark, N. J., and Edwin J. Hughes, Jr., Larchmont, N. Y.

Application March 25, 1947, Serial No. 736,916

(Cl. G- 1.5)

5 Claims. 1

This invention relates to golf bags.

One object of the invention is to provide a gol-i bag having individual tubular compartments or pockets for protectively housing the golf sticks against damage by rubbing or by impact against other golf sticks, these compartments further including sections shaped to t the wooden heads of certain of the clubs.

Another object of the invention is the provision o a golf bag having different rows or series oi' such tubular compartments disposed internally and externally of the golf bag, and certain o the compartments being removable, or means being provided to furnish additional compartments for the golf sticks.

Another object of the invention is to furnish a golf bag having improved means for mounting a hood so as to permit any of the rows oi goli sticks to be conveniently exposed While covering other rows of golf sticks, and the hood being also removable when desired.

Another object of the invention is to construct a golf bag having a main club receiving section and cooperating removable section adapted to contain a series of golf sticks, the removable section being adapted to be conveniently independently carried or to be operatively mounted on the main section of the golf bag.

Another object of the invention is to furnish a golf bag comprising separable portions adapted to house diierent sets of golf clubs, with the provision of a common hood which may be independently used with either section.

Other objects and advantages of the invention will .become apparent as the specification proceeds.

With the aforesaid objects in View, the invention comprises the novel features, combinations and arrangements of parts hereinafter described in their preferred embodiments, pointed out in the subjoined claims, and illustrated in the annexed drawing, wherein like parts are designated by the same reference characters throughout the several views.

In the drawing:

Figure 1 is a perspective view of a golf bag embodying the invention with the hood in open position.

Fig. 2 is a Vertical longitudinal sectional view of the same with the hood in closed position.

Fig. 3 is an edge view in elevation showing the removable section of the golf bag with the hood in section, detached from the bag member and connected to the removable section.

Fig. 4 is a section onthe line lof Fig. l.

The advantages of the invention as here out lined are best realized when all of its features and instrumentalities are combined, but useful embodiments may be produced involving less than the whole.

It will be obvious to those skilled in the art to which the invention appertains, that the same may be incorporated in several different constructions. The accompanying drawing, therefore, is submitted merely as showing a preferred exemplilication of the invention.

Referring in detail to the drawing, l@ denotes a golf bag embodying the invention. The same includes a bag member Il open at the top and having a closed bottom l2 and a longitudinal opening along the edge thereof controlled. by a slide fastener i3. The bag member may be made of any suitable flexible material reeniorced by a metal frame including ring or loop members l5 and I5 at the rim and at the bottom i2, these loop members being rigidly interconnected by vertical rods IB, thus imparting a suitable degree of stiffness to the bag member ll. strap I9 of any suitable type may be connected to the bag member Il and the latter may also carry a ball pocket 2Q closed by a slide fastener 2|. A handle 22 may be connected to the bag member. It will be understood that as thus far described, the structure is conventional.

The bag member ll comprises side walls 23 and 24 which are relatively plane or slightly curved. To the wall 24 is connected a sheet of fabric 25 extending substantially throughout the length of the bag, the connection beingf by means of a longitudinal series of spaced lines of stitching 2E, and the arrangement being such as to provide a series of vertical tubular pockets 2l which are permanently open at the top and are closed at the bottom in any suitable manner.

Associated with the other side wall 23 is a plurality of series of golf stick pockets 29 and 3D which are of narrow elongated form, like the pockets 21. However, the pockets 29 which are disposed internally of the bag member Il are formed with upper sections 3l which extend A shoulder 3 above the mouth of the bag member II, these sections 3| being enlarged and shaped to readily receive and snugly fit the wooden heads of golf sticks. Each of these sections may have an opening closed by a slide fastener 32 to facilitate removal of a golf club. The pockets 29 may be formed of separate strips of fabric or of a single sheet of canvas 33, undulated and connected to a companion flat sheet of fabric 34 by a plurality of spaced vertical lines of stitching 35 to thus produce the tubular pockets 33 which are closed in any suitable manner at their lower ends. While the member 33 may be thus directly secured to the bag W'all 23, itis preferred that it be connected to a separatey member 3d for reasons hereinafter apparent. The tubular pockets 36 are formed in a similar manner by a pair of companion fabric sheet members 36, 37 interconnected by vertical"y spaced lines of stitching 33, and while the member` 36 may be thus secured directly'to the bagwwajll 23, it is preferred that its companionwall"3'T be independent of such wall for reasons hereinafter described.

Either or both of the sections 2Q and 313' are removable with respect to the bag member ll. Accordingly', the purchaser may acquire only the bagl member Il' and subsequently a'dd either or both of these'cti'ons Eiland 3S as may be neces= sary. Similarly, other' pockets or vsections for additional golf sticks may be added' from time to time. Y

Preferably sections 2S and 33 are'l intercorre' nected to form a unit @Elias sho-wn in Fig; 3; Such interconnection is preferably by' means' of afsuit'-I able flexible portion or strip such as el: I'rtei"- connecting' means may further provide for the separation of these sections so that one caribe usedfwithout the other. A buckle yor other de`' tachable fastener means'd' desirably provides an1 adjustable connection'vvith the section 30 whereby the strap 4l may forni a loop of any'desir'edlength. This Will permit the operator toreadilycarryy the urlitlll, utilizing the strap as a handle or as a` shoulder st'rap. If desired,y a detachable fastener' m'eans'r453' of any suitable nature may connect the strap tothe-section 29: A portion of this fasten# ing means 42? may be utilized to directly connect the section 29' to the golf bag yin any desired psii tion. Similarly a section ofthe fastening meansv i12-may be utilized'to separately connect the section 39 to the bag member Il'. A eornpanionfasltening element of anysuitable type is indicated-, generally at M for'such complemental useslvvith the'devices 42 and 43",- The preferred dse offvthe' sections 29 and' Seis as a unit llblandto facilitate'Y such use, a detachable fastening connection- 4 55 may be provided to interconnectthefseetion 3G' with the set-tion 243!AY against undulyfreelater'al movement'. Generally` the fastening-dmaybe inthe nature ofA a strap detachably"connectedi at 46 to' the section 291 This-strap-mayfalsofbe del' tachablyv connected at el tothe bag member" lil to prevent frees'vvinging of theseetionfili When thev ul'llt 4U' iS' assembled'with th bag member l I, the strap Minayl be suitably adjusted to pass over the rim loop lf'iancl engag'ethefa's' tening means 42" and thus t'o suspendthe section 29 internally of the bag memberI andthe'sec'tin 3B externally thereof; Ifthe'weightof'thefse'c' tions be u'hed'uaL-the strip 45wi1l-asisistfin-suitably anchoringA the unit' A hood 50 may comprie two-'sections 5 l aiid52" sea'med-4 ,together at 53 intol which' seam" is' con# nected: a-4 freelyf depending strip member' 54" ene` gagedrby anyk detachable fastener 55iwith ia" flap"= Iii' 4 member 56 that is suitably connected to the bag' member Il. The parts 54, 56 are thus internal of the head and are adjacent to the center thereof and they permit free lateral relative movement of the walls or sections 5| and 52 to expose any of the series of pockets 2l, 29, and 30. lThis may be facilitated by a longitudinal opening in the hood closed by a solid fastener 57. It is understood that the hood is flexible and the showing in the drawing in which it is above its normal resting position is employed for clarity in the drawing. The hood may enclose the entire upper portion of the ldevice I0 crit may only cover any desired section thereof. The hood may be interchangeabi'y Connected to" the finit 4u shown in Fig. 3 by opening the fastening 55 and connecting a'portion thereof to the section 2e by detachable fastening means indicated at 58. Thus the hood may be employed either with the bag member Il orjwitiitii'e unit' it; or with both joinny.

It' will` now be perceived that the invention provides` a golf bag having means for holding clubs in a series of different rows so as to afford individual' protection for the clubs against marring each other, and with a special provision for protection of thewoodenleadV oftli rlhe invention also providesang improve which furnishes twocarrying structures sticks, that may be combinedintof one device'or golf bag. Accordinglysuc'lana ment will permit the golf bag tobestoiedatthe Club house, with the seiec'tedciub's piace-diente removable section and carried about1 witii`-entireV convenience particularlyy as' thevveight willbe considerably less. Two persons slich` as" husband and wife may us trifgo1fbagijbir1tiyone carrying the bag member Il andfthothif the unit ai, with miscellaneous' articles-stemt? in die bag member il, the space" i'or' vihieiis substantially increased by the removall'of the section 23. The unitl 4G may bei dnverliently carried in any well-knownrr'iannerv at the strald 'l l' and may be quickly swung oritotli'e b'agyrnerni ber It to formacom'plete device" ill.' S'uli'de" vice may function as a` completeiunitary"'stre'' ture as if all of its parts wereiperrnaertlyfinte' Connected. The hood' se can' be* i'rite'eiii'rieably connected tothe bagmemberv Il ofrwtdthe'l unit"l lill in operative position, andwlenf the iinit l0 is 'assembled with the bag membe'il l -tlfemay remain attached-to eithergwitiins siii l"fi and-'52' adapted' tojbe' iiitedlt'o-expdsefay' red? row of clubs. Thdhood-n'i'enbei' m'ayi also'bwe' completely detached" andl stuffed into tl'fhbag IlenbIll.

We claim:

1. A golf bag having a'reiativeiyistifrbagfifiii# ber, removableur'iita'ry means-compis'ingsp cedj golf club holding tubular eieiiientsfonof-wh'ih is in the bag reenterI andftiie other oiltfsieoil the same, an elongated flexible portioni' e`l" connecting the elements at theiriupperportions, the lbag member having a top"openingihai/'ing'fa'z stiff rim, and thev elngateder'iblerfpotii e551:- tending over and restiiig dii'l tiferiingvlivi'fiiefby the removable means' can besep'aiatedfrffitl'e bag? member' and-femmes with'-tiie'fiefiibiepoliiij over ones'shoulderiy 2. A golf bag according to claimilii'cli'i'ding'f means detachably interconnecting?theieleneits adjacentto the lowenendsfther'eof. r I

3. A golf-bag accordiii'g'ftorclairn" 1 includiii'gi a fastener portion on the external eleme'ri'tf'iadi' tions of the-bag member' and)offtliefinternalfele ment having respective fastener means complemental to the fastener portion for releasably engaging the same.

4. A golf bag according to claim 1 including a removable hood, and means for selectively connecting the hood to the removable means and to the bag member, whereby the hood can cover either, the hood being of sufficient size to cover both the removable means and the bag member when the removable means is mounted on the bag member.

5. A golf bag according to claim 1 including a removable hood for the bag member, a fastener element connected to the hood internally of the hood and adjacent to the center thereof, and means cooperating with the fastener element to selectively connect the hood to the bag member or to the removable means.


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