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Publication numberUS2473086 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 14, 1949
Filing dateJan 12, 1949
Priority dateJan 12, 1949
Publication numberUS 2473086 A, US 2473086A, US-A-2473086, US2473086 A, US2473086A
InventorsMontero Ricardo Gonzalez
Original AssigneeMontero Ricardo Gonzalez
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US 2473086 A
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' Jun; 14, 1949.

R. s. MONTERQ I 2,473,086

) aowaa r11 Jan. 12, 1949 INVENTOR. .klcubo Gonna: Mom-Elm l ng ledge portion;

Patented June 14, 1949 nomnn w moconnilummmwrunmn' Application Janna-r112, 1949, Serial No; 19,481. g

. a 4 1- This invention relates .to an improvement in portableholdeis intended to be carried about and used, as occasion demands, for supporting ob- Jects, such as ladies han bags. from tables. counters, shelves, etc.

It is an object of this invention to provide .an improved holder-of the class described; which is 'collapsibleintoasmallerspacesoastobemoro convenient to carry; which may be more easily used; which will'snpport objects under conditions in-which the hook portion of the holder is fully extended and also when it is not fully extended; in which the the holder is in load carrying position: .and which is inexpensive to manufacture.

Still other objects and vention will be imderstood The features of novella characteristic of my invention are set forth in the appended claims. My invention itself, however, both as to its fundamental principles and as to its particular embodiments, will best be understood from the specification and accompanying drawing, in which- I Figurelisasideelevationof-animproved holder of my invention, shown in use on a shelf or table having a projecting ledge;

Fig. 2 is a'similar view of my holderin one position of use on a counter which has no pro- Fig.3isasimilarvicwoftheholderin another position of use on a counter which has no projecting ledge:

plan viewof the holder collapsed Fig. 4 is a top for a ying;

Fig. 5 is a detail section illustrating a joint and pivotal mounting between the hook and the supadvantages of my infrom the specification. which I believe to be p r plate;

Referring now more cularly to Figs. 1 to 5, l0 designates the suppo plate for the holder.

This may be made of any convenient size, shape and material. Generally, however, it will be found satisfactory to make it as a metal stamping. with a downtumed flange 42, i. e., in the form of an inverted, shallow cup, although it may be made satisfactorily of plastic.

Mounted near one end of the plate ill, in the embodiment of my invention now being described. I prefer to provide a post l2 which carries the supporting hook, indicated generally, at H. The post I2 is preferably made spherical with a depending extension 2! which extends into an opening in the supporting plate Iii and is staked or otherwise secured therein.

'I'hepostnisprovidedwithanopeningionu g.

hook element opens inwardly when BCla-fms. (01248-308) 'a-bearing for one end "of the hook, whi'chend 'maybeofsmallerdiameterthan theremainder of the hook to form a shoulder, and is headed over at its outer extremity ll to prevent the hook from slipp naout of-the supporting post. It will beunderstood' that thehook is free to rotate "onitsbearinginpost l2.

Adjacent to post I! thehook has a'horizontal portion extending beyond plate il in which is providedahinse ll.'- Alsointheembodimentof my invention now being hook element ll.-

thehookismak'eofrelativelythick "wire, although it may, of-oourse,-be-made of tubing. 'I'hchinge l5 issomade that itwill permit folding oi. hook I] only counter-clockwise from the 10m position shown'in Fig. 1,

but will not permit folding clockwise. Similarly,

W the'hinge llismadesothatthehookwillfoldinwardly but not outwardly at that point:

, of one form of hinge which may be used ares'howninFig.5. Atonesideofthehingetho wire is slotted,t .provide two fingers 3| and II, andattheothersidethewireiscutawaytoprovide a central interleaving finger 33. Pin 32 exs ring n ninssinfi sers 3|. 8| andflandactsasabearing. Theonterends ofthe fingers II and ii and the base of the cut outs formingflnger 88 one direction and permit to pport the load in folding in the other direction. Hinges are of course well known, and any other suitable form maybeused.

plate It will be provided with a The base of suitable friction surface 84, such as a rubber pad ofthehookwillnowbedesecured in cup 42.

The manner ofus scribed. -To collapsethehooksothatitmaybe or in the pocket, or the like, will be folded to the position carried in a handbag. the hinges II and I! of Fig. 4, and the plate I I will be turned side-wise.

quickly put into position for use. For example, awomancancarrythehookinherhandbag and, whenplaying bridge or on other occasions can quickly open up the hook and place it beside her on the table 2!, substantially in the position shown in Fig. 1, so as to support her handbag where it is accessible and yet out of the way and protected.

Or, for use at a counter which has no overhanging edge portion, the hook-may be used in the position of Fig. 2, with part of the plate il overhanging the edge, of the countenand with hinge i Slightly bent; or in the position of Fig. 3, with the hinge is bent to a greater extent.

In both these instances the supporting portion it engages the side of the counter or the like, the hinge l5 permitting; the further tilting of the hook as necessary, without taking the hook element out of load carrying position.

In the specification, I have explained the principles of my invention and the best mode in which I have contemplated applying those principles, so

as to distinguish my invention from other inven-. tions; and I have particularly pointed out and distinctly claimed the part. improvement or combination which I claim'as myinvention or discovery. ,While I have shown and described certain preferred embodiments of my invention, it will-be understood that modifications and changes may be made withoutdeparting from the splritand scope thereof. as will be clear to those skilled in the art.

" I claim:

1. A new article of manufacture consisting of a s pporting plate and a hook swingably mount-. ed in said supporting plate, said hook in load supporting position having a portion extending said parallel-extending portion permitting rotation of said parallel extending portion from loadcarrying position only away from said supporting plate and havinga second hinge between said first hinge and the open end of said hook, said second hinge permitting folding of the open end of said hook from load-carrying position only toward the parallel extending portion thereof.

tion but not in the opposite direction, and such complementary portions being in engagement when the hook is in load carrying position.

5. A new article of manufacture consisting of a supporting portion adapted to rest upon a table or the like, a load carrying hook portion depending in one position a substantial distance below parallel to said supporting plate and a hinge in 2. Anew article of manufacture consisting of a supporting plate and 'a hook carried by said supporting plate, said hook being mounted for swinging movement in said plate about an axis parallel to said plate. and being hinged at a pluraliiy of points between its'ends; the hinge adjacent the supported end of the hook permitting folding of said book from load-car yi po tion only in a direction away-from said supporting plate. and the other hinge permitting folding of the open end ,of said hook from load-carrying podtion only in a direction toward said supportin p t 3. A new article of manufacture consisting of a supporting plate and a hook pivotally mounted thereon for swingin movement about an axis parallel to said plate, said hook being hinged at a pair of points intermediate its ends, said hinges permitting folding of said hook to and from loadcarrying position.

4. A new article of manufacture consisting of a supporting portion adapted to rest upon a table said supporting portion, anda hinge. connection between the hook portion and the supporting portion.v permitting the hook and supporting per-- tions' to move relatively toone another about two axes, one in which there is relative movement of the two portions to bring the supporting portion into anon-supporting position and the other in which the hook is movable upwardly with respect to saidsupport while leaving the support and the hook in'load carrying position.

6. A new article of manufacture consisting of a supporting portion adapted to rest upon a table or the like, a load carrying hook portion extending in one position a substantial distance below said supporting portionand-terminating at its lower end in a hook element normally located beneath the supporting portion, a pivot mounting for the hook portion on the "supporting portion permitting relative movement of the two portions in which the supporting portion occupies two different positions, and a second pivot mounting for the hook portion on the supporting portion permitting upward movement of the hook portion wherein the hook element is not beneath the supporting portion but remains in load carrying position with the supporting portion resting upon the table.


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International ClassificationA47G29/08, A47J47/16
Cooperative ClassificationA47G29/083, Y10S248/914, A47J47/16
European ClassificationA47J47/16, A47G29/08P
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Feb 16, 2001ASAssignment
Effective date: 20010207