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Publication numberUS2473226 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 14, 1949
Filing dateAug 22, 1946
Priority dateAug 22, 1946
Publication numberUS 2473226 A, US 2473226A, US-A-2473226, US2473226 A, US2473226A
InventorsLillian Sheldon
Original AssigneeLillian Sheldon
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Wrist band
US 2473226 A
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June 14, 1949. L, SHELDON 2,473,226

wRVIsT BAND Filed Aug. 22, 1946 Patented June 14, 1949 UNITED STATESZPATENT OFFICE WRIST BAND Lillian Sheldon, Chicago, Ill.

Application August 22, 1946, Serial No. 692,275

v 7 Claims. 1

This invention relates to a wrist band or bracelet of novel character and construction.

It is an object of the present invention to p-rovide a novel wrist band or bracelet of the iiexible split-ring type, having a cuplike receptacle, which may be closed by a suitable cover and which provides a convenient and readily accessible holder, container or chamber for cosmetics, or for other or like purposes or articles.

It is a particular object of this invention to provide a combined article of the class described wherein the wrist band and receptacle are of unitary integral construction, so that the two may be made of a single piece of material, for example, in the form of a metallic stamping.

Another object relates to the provision of a cover for said receptacle having a concealed hinge.

Further objects relate to other details of construction and arrangement of parts, and to the economies thereof, as will be apparent from a consideration of the following specication and drawings, wherein;

Fig. 1 is a top or plan view of my novel combination wrist band.

Fig. 2 is a longitudinal section on the line 2 2 of Fig. 1.

Fig. 3 is a sectional View similar to Fig. 2 but with the hinged cover in elevated position.

Fig. 4 is a transverse section on the line I-l of Fig. 1.

Referring to the drawings, the reference numerals Il-I indicate the opposed arcuate portions of a split-ring type wrist band or bracelet, preferably composed of iiexible resilient metal, precious or otherwise. Between these two portions is the cup or receptacle portion comprising the cylindrical Wall II and the base I2. If desired, the outer face of the base I2 may be slightly concave to conform to the wrist curvature oi the wearer. Enclosing the container wall II and the lateral portions thereof are the inclined bezel-like anges IS-IS of a height substantially equal to the cylindrical wall Il, these inclined side walls extending integrally from the lip oi the cup wall l! and inclining downwardly, and outwardly therefrom in the transverse direction of the unit and in the longitudinal direction thereof, converging towards and merging with the wrist band portions l-IQ. All of the aforedescribed component portions may suitably be stamped as a unit from a single piece of metal to provide an economical compact and sturdy composite unit.

For the purpose of cover or closure engagement and retention, may provide the foregoing f' described unit, in the same operation, with an aperture Ill through the lip of wall II for reception of the coveil hinge I5, and a projection I6 for snap engagement with the ange Il of the cover I8. y

The hinge I5 may be fixed at one end l 9 to the under side of the cover I8 and pivotally engaged at its opposed end 2t tothe under side of one of the wrist band portions I0. Thus, the hinge by extending through the cup at its convergence with the unitary band portions, and being pivoted at the under face of the latter, and further aided by the inclined side flanges I3 is fully concealed from view when the cover I8 is closed, and substantially concealed when open.

As en example of use, the container portion may be employed for holding caked or loose powder together with a pui, and the cover may hold a mirror.

In addition to the economy of construction and compact arrangement of parts, the unit as a whole, by reason of its construction is of light weight and pleasing construction and readily adapted for ornamental, as well as functional,


It will be understood by those skilled in the art that modifications may be made without departing from the spirit of my invention and within the scope of the appended claims.

For example, as not fully equivalent alternatives, and although not illustrated, the cover for the chamber or container may be separate or hinged in hitherto conventional manner. Likewise, the composite article might be made of molded plastic material, again not full equivalent to a metallic article of the class described.

Although I have generally described and illustrated my device as suitable for containing cosmetics, it will be understood that it has fully equivalent advantages for other uses. As one other example, the container portion may suitably be employed as a casing portion vfor a wrist watch movement, with suitable provision for a lateral notch or aperture to receive the watch stem and separate or hinged closure bezel.

It will further be understood that other reasonable modifications may be made from the illustrated configuration, such as the provision of a rectangular or otherwise shaped depression or container and, if desired, the band portion may be substantially as wide as the greatest width at the receptacle portion of the unit.

I claim as my invention:

1. A wrist band or bracelet of the split-ring type, the medial portion thereof being formed with a cuplike depressed portion integral therewith comprising a base and continuous side wall and providing a container section and inclined lateral flange portions integral with and extending downwardly from the upper edge of said cuplike portion to approximately the base thereof and integrally merging with the wrist embracing portions of said band.

2. In combination, a. receptacle comprising a base and fan ,integral continuous side wall, an inclined bezel-like flange surrounding said receptacle extending integrally from the upper edge of said side wall and a pair of opposed arcuate wrist band portions extending integrally from said inclined flange portion.

3. In combination, a receptacle comprising a. base and an integral continuous side Wall, an inclined bezel-like ange surrounding said receptacle extending integrally from the lip lof said side wall and a :pair of opposed arcuate y.wrist 'band portions extending integrally from said inclined Ilange portion, the whole .being ,composed 4of a unitary strip of `flexible metal.

A. in combination, a receptacle comprising a base and an integral continuous side wall, :a pair `of .opposed ,arcuate Wrist band portions ,extending integrally from the upper edge of said receptacle, and yflanges extending .integrally .from the upper .edge of said receptacle and integrally :with .and zbetween said wrist `band portions Vembracing #the receptacle therewith.

'5. In combination, a receptacle comprising `a base and an integral .continuous side wall, .a lpair of opposed arcuate wrist band portions extending integrally from the .upper edge of said receptacle, 4and lflanges extending integrally 'from `lthe lupper -edge of said receptacle and integrally with and between said wrist .band portions Aernbracing the receptacle therewith, the whole 'being composed of a, relatively rigid, but Aflexible and resilient strip of metal.

6. In combination, a receptacle comprising a base and a-n integral continuous side wall, a pair of opposed arcuate wrist band portions extending integrally from the upper edge of said receptacle, and flanges extending integrally from the upper edge of said receptacle and integrally with and between said wrist band portions embracing the receptacle therewith, and a separable coyer for said receptacle including means yieldably engageable with means fon vsaid receptacle vand concealed 'hinge Vmeans therefor.

7. In combination, a receptacle comprising a `hase and an integral continuous side Wall, a pair yof (opposed arcuate wrist band portions extend- REFERENCES ,CITED The :following referenlces are of .record in Lthe ville of :this patent:

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International ClassificationG04B37/00, G04B37/12
Cooperative ClassificationG04B37/12
European ClassificationG04B37/12