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Publication numberUS2475236 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 5, 1949
Filing dateJan 10, 1945
Priority dateJan 10, 1945
Publication numberUS 2475236 A, US 2475236A, US-A-2475236, US2475236 A, US2475236A
InventorsMatthew Gollub
Original AssigneeMatthew Gollub
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Bag closure having pressure sensitive adhesive
US 2475236 A
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Jhmfiy 5,. 1949., M. GOLLUB BAG CLOSURE HAVING PRESSURE SENSITIVE ADHESIVE Filed Jan. 10, 1945 l l i l l t l l l lildilldill Patented July 5, 1949 mrao STATES mmorrics AG CLGSURE HAVING PRESSURE SENSITIVE ADHESIVE Matthew Gollub, Philadelphia, Pa. Application January 10, 1945, Serial No. 572,182

1 Claim i This invention relates to paper containers or bags, and more particularly to paper containers or bags provided with means for scaling up said containers or bags after merchandise has been deposited therein.

'A main object of this invention is to provide a simple and effective sealing structure for sealing up paper containers or bags, said structure comprising adhesive elements of the live adhesive type, normally protected by parts of the structure but readily made available to seal the containers or bags by a simple preliminary operation.

A further object of this invention is to provide a simple and effective sealing structure for sealing up containers or bags made of paper or similar thin material, wherein the container or bag is formed with several folds at the portion to. be sealed, and wherein the sealing operation may be accomplished by a simple procedure without requiring the moistening of any parts.

Further objects of this invention will appear from the following description and claims, and from the accompanying drawings, wherein:

Figure 1 is a perspective view of the top of a container disclosing an embodiment according to this invention, shown in unsealed condition immediately prior to sealing.

Figure 2 is a perspective view of the container of Figure 1 with the container sealed but immediately prior to the final sealing step.

Figure 3 is a top view of the container of Figure l in final sealed condition.

Figure 4 is a vertical cross-sectional view of the container of Figure 1 in sealed condition, taken on line t-t of Figure 3.

Referring to the drawings, Figure l. discloses the top portion of a container made of paper or the like, such as a paper bag, wherein there is provided front and rear walls i and 2, and pleated side walls t and t. The rear portions of the pleated side walls 3 and t of the container are cut away .at the top and an adhesive bearing flap dd ex tending above the horizontal plane of the top edge of front wall 9 of the container is hinged to the rear wall 2 at the lower plane of the cut away portions of pleated side walls 3 and t. The said adhesive hearing flap carries, a live adhesive such as is used on Scotch tape or surgical adhesive tape. The adhesive is normally protected by a cover portion 3i which is provided with three tab elements, 38, 39 and it for manually disengaging the cover portion from the adhesive when the container is to be sealed. The center tab 2 ing the sealed container on a hook. Side adhesive bearing wings ill extend from adhesive bearing portion dd. The residual top portion of pleated side walls 3 and t in Figure 1 are provided with diamond-shaped openings it to provide passage therethrough a localized areas of the adhesivebearing portion t8 so as to contact the inner surface of front wall I. The intermediate area of the adhesive-bearing portion 48 between the pleated side walls t and t also contacts the inner surface of the front wall I, resultingin a seal of substantial strength and tightness. In sealing the container, the tabs 38, 39 and 60 are pulled, disen-- gaging the cover portion 31 from adhesive-bearing portion M after which adhesive bearing portion 46 is pressed into adhesive relation to the in-- ner surface of front wall I, then is folded over the top edges of walls I, I and 4, then is pressed into adhesive relation with the outer surface of front wall i, at the top portion thereof, and finally side wings 41 are folded around the side edges of the container into adhesive relation to the outer surface of the lower portion of adhesive bearing portion 45, as shown by Figures 2, 3 and 4.

What is claimed is:

Sealing means for containers such as paper bags of the type having a front wall, a rear wall and pleated side walls. said pleated side walls each comprising a front portion and a rear portion, said rear wall being vertically extended above the level of the top edge of the front and side walls and being provided with side wings at the portion thereof above said level, live adhesive provided on the inner surface of the rear wall extending substantially across the width of the top portion thereof including the side wings and also across a portion of said inner surface below said level, an opening provided adjacent the top edge of each front portion, the top section of each rear portion being cut away so that when the front wall and rear wall are pressed together, said live adhesive will cooperate adhesively with the inner surface of said front wall at its intermediate portion and through the openings in said front portions, the vertically extended part of said rear wall being adapted. to be then folded over the top edges of said front and side walls into adhesive relationship to the outer surface of said front wall, said side wings being adapted to be then folded around the side edges of the container into adhesive relationship to the outer surface of the rear wall, and a protective covering element normally covering said live adhesive and being provided with memb r 3 is Provided w an p r f r han means for raising said covering element out of 3 protective relationship to said live adhesive when Number the container is to be sealed.. 2,066,495 MATTHEW GOLLUB. 2,074,949 2,099,303 REFERENCES CITED 5 2,152,323 The following referemces are of record in the 211851401 file of this patent: 21330-666 2,384,223 UNITED STATES PATENTS 2 391 93 Number Name Date 10 460,397 Morgan Sept. 29, 1891 714,816 McMullan Dec.2, 1902 Number 1,981,440 Swift Nov. 20, 1934 785,649

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International ClassificationB65D33/18, B65D33/20
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European ClassificationB65D33/20