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Publication numberUS2475657 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 12, 1949
Filing dateFeb 17, 1948
Priority dateFeb 17, 1948
Publication numberUS 2475657 A, US 2475657A, US-A-2475657, US2475657 A, US2475657A
InventorsBraley William J
Original AssigneeColumbus Plastic Products Inc
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Receptacle for dispensing paper sheets
US 2475657 A
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W; J. BRALEY RECEPTACLE FOR DISPENSING PAPER SHEETS July 12, 19490 2 Shets-Sheet 1 Filed Feb. 17, 1948 gwuwwto'v h z'lliam J Braley W. J. BRALEY RECEPTACLE FOR DISPENSING PAPER SHEETS July 12, 1949.

Filed Feb. 17, 1948 2 Sheets--$heet 2 FIG. .3,

3mm William J fi raley.

Patented July 12, 1949 REQEPTACLE FOR DISPENSING PAPER SHEETS William J. Braley, Columbus, Ohio, assignor to Qolumbus Plastic Products, Inc., Columbus, @hio, a corporation of Ohio Application February 17, 1948, Serial No. 8,848

3 Claims.

This invention deals with paper-holding and dispensin apparatus, and has particular reference to an improved dispenser for facial or toilet tissues in sheet form.

It is the primary objective of the present invention to provide a mechanically efficicnt and structurally simple dispenser-holder for sheet tissue which may be economically produced from relatively inexpensive synthetic resinous materials, and which, when so produced, provides a com pact, lightweight, and attractive container adapted for attachment to a wall or other suitable stationary supporting structure within the bathroom or kitchen of a home.

It is another object or" this invention to provide an improved tissue paper dispenser which comprises a lower or base receptacle in which may be positioned a sheaf of tissue sheets in a folded condition, as normally obtained through the retail market, which base receptacle further provides means by Which the sheaf of tissues are loosely folded to reduce the normal size thereof. and an easily detachable cover section which substantially encloses the sheaf of tissues, but which is provided with an access slot through which single sheets of tissue may be manually withdrawn as needed; the dispenser being conveniently supported as a unit upon a bathroom or kitchen wallwithin easy reach of the user.

For a further and more detailed understanding of the present invention and the additional objects and advantages thereof, reference is made to the following description and the accompanying drawing wherein:

Fig. 1 is a perspective view of the present improved tissue dispenser;

Fig. 2 is an enlarged medial transverse vertical sectional view of the dispenser;

Fig. 3 is a vertical sectional view taken along the line 3-3 of Fig. 2;

Fig. 4 is a detailed horizontal sectional view taken along the line 4-4 of Fig. 2; and

Fig. 5 is an enlarged detailed vertical sectional View taken through one of the handle portions of the present dispenser.

Referring now to the drawings, it will be seen that the present dispenser makes use of a substantially rectangular open-topped base section or receptacle I ll which includes a bottom wall I I, side walls I2, a front wall It, and a rear wall M. Preferably, the base receptacle is formed from a suitable synthetic resin which may be molded to the desired shape. The front and side walls of the base receptacle iii are formed along their upper marginal edges with a continuous outward- 1y projecting shoulder or rib l5 which provides along the uppermost edges of the front and side walls a recessed ledge for mating engagement with complemental lower edges of a dome-like cover section I 6, to be hereinafter more fully described. The rear wall I4 of the base receptacle is provided with a centrally disposed recessed upwardly tapered socket I T which opens at its lower end and rear side to slidably receive a cooperatively tapered attaching bracket I 3 and its relatively reduced web I 9 of the type normally attached to a stationary wall or supporting structure 20, as by means of countersunk screws 21, and. when attached, providing a detachable support for the base receptacle of the dispenser. The rear wall I4 is further recessed along its upper marginal edge, as at 22, to provide a mating ledge for the complemental edge of the cover section 16.

Internally, the base receptacle I0 is provided along its bottom and side walls with a, slotted rib 23 which functions to removably support an intermediate and transversely extending upstanding Wall 24 which is headed, as at 25, along its upper edge. The wall 24, when supported within the base receptacle, serves to divide the latter into a pair of unequal value compartments, whereby a sheaf of tissues may be loosely folded. as indicated by broken lines in Fig. 2, with one end of the sheaf of tissues being carried within the forward compartment and the opposite end portion being doubled back upon itself to extend upwardly above the open top of the base recep tacle. In thus folding the sheaf of tissues, the transversely extending wall 24 serves to elevate the forward intermediate portions of the tissue sheets above the open top of the base receptacle and to maintain the same in a rounded curve toward the forward end thereof.

The cover section I6 is also preferably formed from molded synthetic resin, and provides a curved dome-like closure for the open-topped base receptacle Ill. The cover section is formed along its lower marginal edges with an outwardly projecting lip 26 for mating and flush engagement with the upper ledge provided by the outwardly projecting shoulders of the base receptacle. Additionally, the cover section it is formed at either side with a pair of outwardly projecting cupped handle devices 21 which are provided at either end with inwardly directed locking lips or flanges 28 which function to engage the underside of the shoulders I5 formed along the marginal edges of the side walls of the base receptacle Ill. The undersurfaces of the locking flanges 28 are rounded to permit the same when initially placed upon the base receptacle, t ride over the shoulders l5, and to exert a slight outward spreading movement to the sides of the cover section. Once the flanges 28 pass over the side shoulders, the same will resiliently snap into holding engagement with the underside of the shoulders to lock the cover section to the base receptacle. To remove the cover section from the base receptacle, the handle devices are pulled slightly outwardly to disengage the locking flanges, and the cover may at this time be lifted free of the base receptacle for refilling purposes.

The cover section I6 is further provided toward its rounded forward end with a transversely disposed open finger-receiving slot 29, which, when the two sections are joined, lies a-distance above and slightly forward of the wall 24, so as to register with the raised intermediate portions of the sheets of tissue positioned within the base receptacle. Thus, access may be had to the top or upper sheet of tissue which may easily be withdrawn through the slot 29 by grasping the rounded intermediate portion thereof and pulling outwardly thereon, at the same time leaving the remainder of the sheets of tissue'undisturbed in their loosely folded condition within the dis- 'penser.

For purposes :of versatility, the base receptacle may advantageously be provided at its four corners with depending leg flanges 38 upon which the dispenser may be supported when placed upon a cabinet or toilet top, and detached from its supporting bracket Iii.

In view of the foregoing, it will be seen that the present invention provides useful and eflicient dispenser-holders for sheet tissues. Such dispensers being primarily adapted to receive facial or toilet tissues of the prefolded type, as normally '-supplied through retain outlets. Further, by nature of the construction of such dispensers, the same may be operated and used with facility by the ordinary household user, and may be refilled with a minimum of effort on his part. The present improved dispenser provides a compact, attractive, and sanitary closure for sheet tissues, and permits of easy withdrawal of single sheets of tissuewithoutdisturbing the location of the remaining tissues within the dispenser.

While a present preferred form of dispenser has been disclosed in detail, it will be manifest that detail structural and design modifications are possible without departing from the spirit of the invention or the scope .of the following claims.

I claim:

1. A dispenser for facial tissue and the like comprising a substantially rectangular opentopped base receptacle for the reception of a multiplicity of folded tissues, an upstanding wall carried intermediately and transversely of said base receptacle for elevating the intermediate portions of tissues received within the base receptacle above the open top thereof, and a domelike cover detachably carried by said base receptacle for enclosing the body portions of tissues carried therein, said cover being formed with an open finger-receiving slot a distance above the upstanding wall, whereby the intermediate portion of tissues carried within said base receptacle may be grasped for withdrawal therefrom 2. A dispenser for sheets of tissue comprising an open-topped base compartment section for the folded reception of sheet tissue, said base section being provided with an intermediately disposed and transversely extending upstanding wall for elevating a portion of tissues received within said base section above the open top thereof, said base section being formed along the upper marginal edge thereof with a pair of outwardly directed shoulders, :and an open-bottomed cover section tor detachable connectionwith said base section, .said cover section being formed with a pair of depending inwardly turned locking flanges for engagement with the outwardly directed shoulders :of said base section and an-open fingerreceiving slot providing for thewit-hdrawal of tissues carried within said base section.

3. A dispenser :for sheet tissues comprisin an open-topped base compartment section formed along its up er marginal edge with outwardly disposed shoulders, said base section providing a oompartment'for the folded reiceptionof a multiplicity of sheets of tissue, a tissue-elevating member carried transversely of said-base section for elevating intermediate portions of sheet tissue carried within the base section above the open top thereof, and an open-bottomed domeiike cover section formed along the lower marginal edge thereof with outwardly disposed ridges for mating engagement with the outwardly disposed shoulders of said base section and a pair of side handle devices having inwardly turned looking flanges for holding engagement with the underside of the shoulders of said base section, said cover section being provided with an open finger-receiving slot providingfor the withdrawal of tissues from said base section.


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