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Publication numberUS2477886 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 2, 1949
Filing dateNov 20, 1945
Priority dateNov 20, 1945
Publication numberUS 2477886 A, US 2477886A, US-A-2477886, US2477886 A, US2477886A
InventorsMccaskill Oscar E
Original AssigneeMccaskill Oscar E
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Stock sheet for postage stamps
US 2477886 A
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Inventor Aug. 2, 1949.

O. E. MCCASKILL STOCK SHEET FOR POSTAGE STAMPS Filed NOV. 20, 1945 lllllll! lllllllnlull. Irllllllllll.

Patented Aug. 2, 17949 UNITED STATES I l -viQlFFf-YI'CE Y p `aiutate; n i

STOCK SHEET Foa Postr-AoEsTAMPs Oscar E..McCaskill, Los AngelesfCalf. 'Application November 2051945; SerialiNdZQif'lO Y 3' Claims. (o1. Lio-1159) This.invention-.relates'to a-stock sheet Vfor holdfor holding .stamps which are vto be forwarded through *the .-mailfrom a dealer to a collector, or from one collector to another.

One object of the invention is to provide a A,stock sheet wherein strips are mounted along or across a main sheet andjrmly `secured at their ends to the main sheet, the strips having loose upper portions ysothat stamps may be insertedfunder the strips andgend portionsfof the vkstrips being so formed thatfaps formed'by the yloose upper portions of -the strips mayzbe-turned ldownwardly for insertion ,of .stamps without danger ofthe strips beingtorn. f

Another object of the invention is? A o provide za 'stamp-holding sheet of such vrformation that fwhilefstamps may be very'easily thrust under the strips and also easily removed, they will be firmly held and' prevented from accidentally slipping out of place. Another-object of the inven- Aztionsis to v:provide a sheet-carrying strips -of they improved viforrnation, :the :sheet being :either adapted to be yplaced in a ling cabinet or in an envelope for mailing and the strips being so arranged that a large'number of stamps may be held by the sheet.

The invention is illustrated in the accompanying drawings, wherein:

Figure l is a view looking atthe front face of the improved stamp holding sheet,

Figure 2 is a sectional View taken along the line 2 2 of Figure 1,

Figure 3 is a view showing a sheet adapted to he mounted in a loose-leaf binder and equipped with stamp-holding strips of the improved formation,

Figure 4 is a view looking at the front face of a portion of a sheet provided with strips of a slightly rnodiiied formation,

Figure 5 is a sectional view taken along the line 5-5 of Figure 1,

Figure 6 is a view looking at the front face of a stamp-holding sheet provided with strips of a modied construction, and

. 2 Kboard pieceIZ; openings E3? being punched through the .-main-gsheet. and the .reinforcing piece 2 in orderi'that {the sheet maybemounted in-,a looseleafv binder of `Vconventional .form-ation, .Strips l3 ywhichare formedof strongrpaperextend across Y,the lfront face of the main sheet and thesestrips are gluedito the Tmainsheet -along V.theirflower edge.portions i but Yhave .their upper portions yfree so that upper portions ofthe strips V.will form flaps vunder -r-Which stamps. are to -be thrust .when applying @they stamps jto the sheet. End -portions of-Y. the stripsare-.heldtolthe main sheet by binding tapes 4 and the strips :3 carried bya sheet, which is intendedtobeplacedin a lingcabinet -0r enclosed linf anenvelope yfor, mailing, extend .the -full length .or 4jwidth .of vthe.. sheet and .the ,binding tapes A `arei'oldedso that they extend about edgeportions. of the `Asheet and firmly adhere to the sheet and, alsoto end portionsof the strips. Thisis clearly. showndnFiguresl and 5. l f The strips 3 carriedby asheet-intended mounted xin a looseeleaf binder are secured at one end by a binding tape 4 which straddle the edge portion of thesheet-'and-over- I,lap lend ,portions of the strips .3, but the other tondi-portions of. the-strips terminate, in spaced relation'to the reinforcing strip Vv2 and aresecured by a binding tape 4 adhering to end portions of the strips and having its ends terminate flush with upper and lower edgesof the main sheet or folded across these edges of the main sheet and adhering to the rear face of the sheet for a short distance. The strips 3 have their end portions cut to provide reduced ear portions 5 and also provide top marginal flaps 6 which are of appreciably less length than the lower portions of the strips 3 and are disposed in inwardly spaced relation to the binding tapes 4. It should also be noted that while the marginal iiaps 6 overlap adjacent strips 3 mounted on the main card, the reduced ear portions of the strips 3 have their upper edges 1 in edge to edge contact with lower edges of the strips under which they are mounted and thus form spacing gages. The iiaps may have straight cut end edges 8 and arcuate indented portions 9 extend between lower ends of the straight cut edges 8 and inner ends of the upper edges 1 of the ears 5 or the flaps may have diagonally extending end edges i0 as shown in Figure 4. In either case, the flaps will have their end edges 8 or l0 spaced from the binding strips and a flap may be flexed outwardly and stamps thrust under it or stamps withdrawn from under a flap without likelihood of the aps being torn or the strips 3 themselves torn along inner edges of the binding strips. A stamp holding card so formed will be very convenient, since a dealer may use it for holding his stock or for mailing stamps to purchasers, and a purchaser may use the card as a holder for the stamps received, or remove the stamps received from the card and put the card away for future use when mailing stamps to another collector with whom he Wishes to exchange stamps.

Instead of forming the strips separate from each other and individually applying them to the main sheet and securing them by binding strips, the strips may be formed as shown in Figures 6 and 7. In this embodiment of the invention, the strips II and a border I2 are stamped from a single sheet of paper corresponding in size to the main sheet. The strips II are cut to provide flaps I3 corresponding to the flaps 6 and having straight cut end edges I4 merging into the arcuate indentations I of the end portions of the strips. The bordering portion I2 is gummed so that it will adhere to the front face of the main sheet I and lowery edge portions of the strips I I are also gummed so that they will adhere to the main sheet. It will also be seen that the strips I I do not have their flaps I3 overlapping strips above them but have their upper, free edges spaced downwardly from the lower edges of stripsabove them. The strips II are, however, of suiiicient depth to permit stamps to be thrust under them to such an extent that the stamps will be rmly held when applied to l tice, if desired.

What is claimed is: 1. A stock sheet ,for postage stamps comprising a backing sheet and a plurality of parallel,

nap-forming strips extending transversely of and attached at their bottom edges to said sheet to leave their top margins free as stamp flaps, each strip having end ear portions iixed to said backing sheet and of less height than the vertical height of the strips and having stop forming top edges for the next upper strip on the sheet and there being inverted arcuate edge indentations between the said top edges and the adjacent vertical ends of the upper, iiap part of a relative strip whereby to give increased service life to the strip ap.

2. In a postage stamp stock pocket device, a backing sheet and a plurality of strips xed on said sheet; each strip having a free flap-forming top marginal portion forming a stamp pocket in front of the sheet and Whose ends are set back inwardly from the ends of the lower portion of the strip so as to form projecting, end ears iixed to the sheet and which has top edges each reentrant adjacent to the inwardly set ends of the ap portion, the vertical spacing of each strip being gaged by the height of said ears.

3. The device of claim 2; the ears being covered in part by tapes which leave the re-entrant edge part exposed to facilitate out-bending of the flap portion of the respective strip.


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