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Publication numberUS2478983 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 16, 1949
Filing dateOct 9, 1947
Priority dateJul 1, 1946
Publication numberUS 2478983 A, US 2478983A, US-A-2478983, US2478983 A, US2478983A
InventorsHenry Runbaken Julian, William Torrance
Original AssigneeHenry Runbaken Julian, William Torrance
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Electrical apparatus
US 2478983 A
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Aug. 1949. J. H. RUNBAKEN ETAL 2,478,983


Patented Aug. 16, 1949 ELECTRICAL APPARATUS Julian Henry Runbaken, Wilmslow, and William Torrance, Manchester, England Application October 9, 1947, Serial No. 778,778 In Great Britain July 1, 1946 Section 1, Public Law .690, August 8, 1946 Patent expires July 1, 1966 1 Claim.

This invention relates to electrical apparatus of the kind having one or more coils mounted on a core and enclosed within an oil container, such as transformers and chokes.

In apparatus of this kind, particularly in the case of auto-transformers having one winding connected to the core and having the windings held between the body and the cover of the container, difliculties have been encountered owing to displacement of the coils with respect to one another or to the core, resulting in breakage of the connecting wires, during the assembly of the device in the container.

It is an object of the present invention to avoid these difficulties and to provide an arrangement in which there is no tendency for the coils to be displaced during assembly.

In the arrangement according to the invention, the core is held between a spacing member at the bottom of the container and a spring in the cover of the container, and the coil or coils mounted on the core is or are supported by the spacing member on the bottom of the container, but are free at their upper ends to expand against a resilient member bearing against the cover.

The invention further comprises an arrangement in which the spacing member consists of a frustro-conical upper part with a central aperture taking the end of the core, and a lower part in the form of an arched disc, slotted around its periphery.

Referring to the accompanyin explanatory drawing.

Figure 1 is a vertical section through an autotransformer in accordance with the invention.

Figure 2 is an elevation and Figure 3 is a plan of the spacing member.

The auto-transformer is mounted in a glass jar a filled with oil. At the bottom of the jar is a spacing member I) of neoprene or cork, the lower part c of which is arched and is slotted around its periphery so that when put under pressure it can fit tightly in the jar, without havin to be made to fit exactly therein. The upper part (1 of the spacer is frustro-conical in shape and has a central aperture e which receives the end of the transformer core 1, and on the spacer rests a disc g of synthetic resin which carries the primary and secondary windings h.

The upper end of the core 1, which projects beyond the windings h, is acted upon by a spring 1', the other end of which is fixed to a brass terminal is embedded in the cover m of the jar a, the spring being located in a bore in the cover. A resilient washer n of neoprene or cork is placed between the disc g above the top of the winding h and the under surface of the cover m. Flexible leads 0 provide the electrical connections to the windings.

When the cover m is placed in position and secured b the screw cap 2?, the core 1 (consisting of iron wires in a resinimpregnated paper tube) is held between the spring 2' and the spacer b, and the windings h, resting on the disc 9 are free to expand against the washer n. The disc g may be perforated to allow circulation of oil through the windings.

What We claim is:

An electrical appliance comprising an oil c0ntainer, a cover for the container, a spring mounted in a recess in the cover, a core of magnetic material, at least one windin surrounding the core, a spacing member located in the bottom of the container having an upper part recessed to receive the core and adapted to support the winding independently of the core and a lower portion in the form of an arched disc slotted around its periphery, the core being held between the spring and the upper part of the spacing member, a resilient washer between the upper end of the winding and the cover, and connecting wires from the winding led out to the exterior of the device.


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European ClassificationH01F38/12